Legend of Talon and Hero of Numbani: Doomfist and Orisa’s tank overhauls

I wish we could also see some video of how things work.

As for the changes:
-It is a very bad idea to allow bad teammates to feed Doom. It is just going to create more steamrolling as if it isn’t enough already.

-all this slowing down effects are only going to punish the enemy tanks who are already slow rather than the enemy dps.

-idk if orisa will even be able to survive without the shield.


I cannot wait to test these new reworks!

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garbage. they call doom a high mobility lethal hero and say they wanna keep the ‘fighting game character spirit’ while also completely changing how he plays. i hate this

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i disagree completely. literally removing the high-mobility lethal combo from his kit. he’s not a fighting game character because he gets to stand still. the power fantasy behind playing doom is essentially gutted. the only way you even get a ‘real’ rocket punch is by standing still? how does this build on doom’s existing playstyle at all? why even make him a tank if you’re altering how he plays this much. i don’t even need to see the gameplay, i’d rather have old doom. not to mention it’s a sigma type ability where you ENTIRELY RELY on the enemy team to give it to you, but sigma doesn’t need to charge his black hole to throw rocks at people. im so disappointed man

No. this is so wrong it makes me believe you’ve either never played fighting games or never played doomfist. doomfist is a fighting game character because of his ability to juggle enemies and DELIVER COMBOS. PARRYING IS NOT A COMBO. STANDING STILL IS NOT A COMBO YOU NEED PRECISE INPUTS FOR. not to mention you CAN’T JUGGLE ENEMIES ANYMORE. they have REMOVED ‘FIGHTING GAME CHARACTER’ FROM HIS KIT.

fighting games has been removed from his identity. ov2 he’s a punchbot. you are now forced to play doom like people who are bad at doom play doom in ov1. the fun has been removed. ‘power block’ is almost as bad as making echo a DPS instead of a support


The new defense ability for doomfist is something i was expecting him to have from the start when watching his cinematic and before he was out.
Im scared that i want to test out doom, im not supposed to want to play doom, its not part of my character. I might have to play some OW1 to remember why i hate him.

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Based on what we’ve seen in Alpha (and sharing my own anecdotal experience of playing him), he should have solid peel potential. With the reduction in damage, and increase in survivability, he’s able to focus more on displacement and making space for his team, including peeling for the backline when needed.

When you consider the increased CC on abilities like Seismic Slam, improved stun duration on a charged Rocket Punch (from the Power Block ability), and the rather large area slow on Meteor Strike, Doom’s potential to peel for his team is there.

Orisa is definitely a more aggressive tank with her rework, however abilities like Energy Javelin and Javelin Spin are great space making abilities, and can be used effectively both offensively and defensively.

Of course, all of this is based on Alpha and OWL feedback. We will continue to monitor and adjust as needed throughout the beta


AndyB, I have wanted to know for so long now… Will Genji have a skin or option to have his hoodie on like he is shown in the trailer? Could you tell me this please??? is it something i can look forward to?

Peeling is DPS responsibility now. Tanks need to be frontline only.

Symmetra mains says hello and welcome to the club.


I really wish they would have given cooldowns and damage for Seismic Slam and Rocket Punch after Power Punch. I fear he will be too similar to the “Get in, get out” Style he has now which as a tank wont work that well.

On a side note, that redesign tho, the guantlet looks sick.

He technically didn’t even have combos though because his opponents could act out of them.

combos are a matter of skill, they don’t need to be guaranteed to be fun. i enjoy counterplay

If you’re interested in preserving that fighting game feel with Doomfist and his new Power Block, maybe add a Perfect Defense mechanic to it. For some technical fighting games, they have a mechanic where if you execute a frame perfect block at the last possible second, you perform a perfect defense, which negates chip damage.

A similar effect could be included here when Doomfist activates his Power Block perfectly, where it negates 100% of damage from his forward arc instead of 90%. If the timing is tight enough, it should be something only the best Doomfist players can do.


Still having trouble imagining how the new slam is animated without it looking weird


Sorry, I’m too busy OTP’ing symm in the dps category to peel.

Well, besides having my teleport, turrets, damage and wall ofc.

But throw a doomfist at me and I’m definitely not gonna be able to peel him off.

Tanks have all the responsibilities still with half the players and will still have to do all the jobs when they’re the only ones with stun, but they can’t be everywhere at once, blocking for dps and making space so your dps can kill theirs, peeling for backline and holding objectives.

Some looks have been unceremoniously revealed like Brig, Zen, Ashe, Wrecking Ball… Are those finished? Could we get official images like some of the other new look reveals?


Seems like Meteor Strike is going from a subpar dps ultimate to a pretty bad tank ultimate. Good thing I already got his cute spray I guess.

The slow is nice (Would’ve liked a piledriver effect more) but with how dps characters will be moving much faster with their new passive it’ll be hard to land on them. All while it does less damage then it’s ever done before.

Not to mention your Brawler dipping on you to fend for yourself while he becomes Satellitefist, even though Bastion can get a triple shot artillery strike that does more damage with only a slight risk to his safety.

Gonna miss his uppercut though. Along with Orisa’s supercharger.

Like most combo breakers in modern fighting games.

Besides he used to be able to hold people in place with his combos more consistently but people dislike that and had his uppercut nerfed along with his slam.

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I gotta say, as a Doom main that is a tank main, I’m glad to see him come to the tank category so that I have the best of both worlds now without the DPS wait. But I can’t help but say that I miss that his Uppercut is gone now. Aside from this new Seismic Slam, it makes me feel like Doom is much more grounded now with where he can go.

Then again, a video of the new slam and the faster charging Rocket Punch might change that, so I will remain optimistic till then

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You can’t be serious…I though it’s just gonna be the slow thing and you’re keeping all his CC? xD

yeah im out this is a joke at this point. OW2 is gonna be nothing but a generic DM. Rip

Also great job on reducing CCs in the game…

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if they’re interested in preserving the fighting game character archetype maybe they shouldn’t destroy his fighting game character combo kit flow lmao. this is so dumb

same here. i’ve literally always wanted doom to be a tank. talk about monkeys paw, this is awful

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