Will Sym be continued to be ignored to Beta 3?

Well her TP is basically a slightly delayed Reaper Teleport that stays on the field for your team to use. And I pretty much use it that way too.
It also blocks a few things like enemy Rein charges or grenades.
So you can pickaboo back and forth and just give people a mouth full of fully charged balls point blank.
The TP has crazy utility, I always cry a little inside when people merely use it at spawn, because using the TP to prevent deaths and gain kills is far more valuable than to get people to the front faster after dying. People just not using any logic.

And ye her ult is great value and you can charge is pretty fast too.
Sym works best on control maps like Oasis, but you can play her on any map really.
Hanamura on attack is always surprising how quickly my teammates catch on how you can just skip the entire enemy line and go straight to the bell with my TP.
Works 2/3 times lol

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Literally nothing of this allows her to compete in the DPS role, or any role really.

I asked you what is amazing about Sym outside team TP. Nothing you have said is amazing and is in fact bootleg imitations of what other heroes do, and do better.

And no, you cant play her on any map. If you dont get mass reported for picking Sym in a non-TP abusable map, her kit is so nerfed around team TP that you will fail to perform compared to picking literally any other DPS role hero.

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There’s like 20 DPS heroes that all deal DPS in different ways. Just consider Sym as another very unique choice for people that like to play something more magy.
Sym brings plenty of value, but ye if u really wanna play tip top competitive then you can only play like 8 heroes in the whole game anyway. A lot of heroes are obsolete in that sense, the no fun what-so-ever sense.

What can I say, I never get reported. I get results. ha


My whole point is that the can’t just buff her because she will destroy lower ranks, it’s not about X or Y, quit trying to change the point.

No, you specifically, again quit trying to change the point, all trying to change points does is show you have no real point or argument.

Press “F” to doubt. You can’t even take in someones point without trying to mutate it to how you want it to be, i know silvers with basic reading comprehension.

Also if your a sym main, and in diamond, you literally just desroyed your own point.


She was ignored today. Looks good so far.

Symm has some balance changes in the upcoming beta.

To manage expectations, we’re not talking about a full rework (that would require new vfx, anim, etc), however they are some rather meaty adjustments that will both require some adjustments in playstyle and some time to acclimate

As always, we’ll be closely monitoring feedback and performance data


Sym fights with ham shanks…confirmed!!!


Good, I was scratching my head a lot on what to do with Symm.

Was even looking at the IFG grenade last night in deep rock Galactic and thinking “What if flying turrets could give a speed aura”.

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OMG! Andy tysm for this info. Even more excited for the next beta


I know this is a dumb question, but will all this be talked about during the ow2 event thing?


sty-- i mean jester, we got confirmation, now go and make videos!

Overwatch 2 PVP going F2P on Steam with a developer updates video, guest starring Jeff Kaplan, of course.

If I’m here talking about it, it’s highly unlikely :slight_smile:


I’m hoping we will get to see some more D.Va changes, if these are coming.

I would love to see if my girl is getting anymore changes, (defense matrix range, defense matrix duration, baby d.va changes)>

Oh? so… does this mean… everytime your on here, it’s explaining stuff that really wouldn’t be said by them in a major event later on…?

Rock and stone until you go home!

I guess we should take that as its pretty insignificant relative to what we will get on june 16?

Then can we get some info on what we can expect? If you’re not holding info back for the event…why hold it back?


If they aren’t going to discuss it please can we have some hints PLEASE
Im so excited to discuss whats changed

Probably because there are dozens of people who are working their butts off in preparation for the announcement

Me leaking or giving any sort of indicator on what to expect is incredibly disrespectful of their time, efforts, and energy


(lol I only saw first 2 seconds of this and rest is just odd)

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