Extremely worried for OW2!

1. Supports being too weak / no new support heroes

This role has been left in the dust to die. Literally they just gave supports Mercy passive and that’s it. I’m concerned of how are they planning on making supports more fun specially with the DPS damage increase and Sombras hacking the backline every 3 seconds. How are supports going to survive a full dive or coordinated attack now?

2. Tanks not feeling tanky / just FAT DPS / lack of new tank heroes

What I like of playing tank is using my head and knowing when to engage, disengage, when to play a different tank, when to peel and kite off, and all of this seems to go with tanks being more “brawly”. Also, tanks getting deleted in less than a few seconds is a big problem that still remains and CC chains are abhorrent.

Some tank ultimates like Winston are just too hard to get value with

3. New visual effects look plain, ugly and unpolished

Obviously this is my personal opinion but based on what we saw yesterday at the showcase, things like for example Nano Boost and Damage Boost look horrific in comparison to the original designs. Mercy damage boost looks like a bunch of floating PNGs and Nano Boost doesn’t show anymore the lightning / thunder effects making it more plain and ugly. I can stand the new sleek UI, even the new Mercy icon at the left instead of the old icons, but this new visual effects look HORRIBLE.

4. Hack simulator / things taking up too much space on the screen

Okay, Sombra’s hack only lasts 1 second now. But she can spam it WHILE INVISIBLE each 3 seconds. So technically you can spend 1 / 4 seconds hacked if she focuses you.
And the hack “visual effect” lasts for 8 full seconds on your screen and that’s too much imo. Takes a a little of screen size and we’ll be seeing it too much till we end up hating it even more. Same for Echo sticky bombs where I feel I’m just playing Mario Watch Kart

5. QoL updates that they ignore / things remain the same

I made a huge post whinning about minor QoL updates for the main game that should be at least considered for OW2 and it worries me deeply that they don’t even consider any of those. In case you have any QoL ideas yourself, please feel free to drop them at:

Additionally, I made my own “balance patch” with my own ideas for OW2. If you wanna read it and perhaps share your opinions and your own ideas, here’s the patch:

That’s about it. Have a nice day everyone :wink:

Edit: They’ve finally done it. They’ve burnt all the last remaining good will I could of have for this game, and as a result, I’m uninstalling this game for the first time since release.


I like as long as they do not f up Roadhog.


Support players need to be more whiny. Clearly they see us as a push over demographic that will just take it up the tail pipe while they cater to the DPS crowd.


I can say the same for my favourite Hamster but this things still worry me. A lot.

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you know this meme with that small girl siting and crying while draw something? That’s how I feel playin support for the last 2y, some changes turn out good, some is just… to make hero die in corner.
Bliz make hero to counter mobile hero (genji, doomfist, tracer), dps player whining on forum, dev revork, hero kind of works but it’s hard to do anything but owl players just play her just becouze.

When bliz says theres gonna be a new hero (echo) it’s all was showing that its a new support, even dev say’s that it would work like that… but we make a dps * middle finger to support players

For past year it’s all damage, damage, damage. It shouldnt be like that.

I think dev’s never play other games with roles (other than wow). It’s paintfull to play, now tanks turn to mindless dps players. Shiled stand few secounds coze thay got dps is too high… and you got tank like hoge who can just one shot you… tank shouldnt work like that!!

I like changes but this one are in bad direction, ow is turning to cod

few visual changes are ok, Im not fan of mercy nudle beem but eh… better that than nothing but I love zen reloding now… my sweet sweet metal boi, now when sombra hack him she just melt my boi :’(


I think the one thing I would NOT say about OW2 is it looks unpolished.

They have done a REALLY good job of making the things you need to know more obvious, and the things you need to know about less, less obvious.

I like the new look and feel of the game.

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To each their own I guess.
The new nano boost effect looks ugly AF to me.
I can stand the new “clean HUD” but damage boost and nano boost effects look unfinished to my eyes, specially when you compare them to the current ones.
Edit: I also like how the game aesthetically looks (the characters, the maps, the scenery…) I love that. It’s what keeps me loving the game. What I’m complaining about is some of the new visual effects, like nano boost.


I think its gonna change before realise. look at player icon and ult, they all looks thesame like when ow1 was in development. Ba! even in game theres video from old version, just go to hero gallery and idk what’s on pc but on console is “start” button".


Yeah I’ve also complained about that, on my QoL thread. You’re talking about the videos from the “tutorials” (when you press F1 on PC) for each hero right? They all look outdated.

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yuup… at least we have compare old to new.

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New feature, now nano boost makes u look like widow

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Where have they said that there will be no new support heroes? I seem to have missed that.

What I meant with that isn’t that there won’t be any new support heroes, but that they have yet not showned any, and that’s why I’m concerned. In fact, they have just showned Soujorn since 2019 and she’s another DPS.

2 months later lmao.

Yeah I just read it lmao

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To my theory, if OW2 solved all of these issues. By the time the sequel releases, there are not going to be many players than before comparing to first OW. Or they might play bits but overall just neglected together.

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