Bringing charity skins back?

Blizzard recently said that they’d be looking forward to possibly bringing charity skins back or making new ones! I’m really excited for this idea, but I do wanna know what charity skins you either want back or want them to make! please do not make this just about pink mercy!!! I understand how much people want it back, but I’m hoping we could discuss other skins


Pink mercy and at $200 to keep it rare


never understood this obsession to keep pink mercy rare. as a pink mercy owner, i could care less if other people have the same skin as me. it doesn’t change my, your, or anyone else’s day. pink mercy was never advertised as this rare super exclusive skin. it was advertised as a bonus for donating to charity. i’d love any opportunity or reason for people to donate to the cause once again. i’m all for pink mercy coming back.


Some people just want to feel special or rare idk. But I understand why people want it in the first place, I do too<3


The Pink Mercy skin was not meant to be bought for people to feel special because they have a rare skin. It was a skin you bought and the money were going to a charity. It’s just good that Blizzard would sell it again because then more money will go to a good cause.

I’ve never understood the craze for skins to be limited time only. Why wouldn’t it be better if more people can get cosmetics that they want? I have almost every single limited time skins in the game other than the 2016/2017/2019 Blizzcon skins and Pink Mercy. I don’t feel more special than anyone else for having every other limited time skins and would just be happy if more people could get a chance to get cosmetics that they want.
Blizzard has already re-released Widowmaker Noire, the OWL skins, the OWL gray, hero event and weekly event skins. All of these skins were once limited time only so it would make sense for Pink Mercy to return too sometime in the future if Blizzard are willing to collab again with BCRF.


Honestly, I’d love to see a Climate Activist Mei skin, Doctors Without Borders Baptiste, something along those lines would be interesting! (sorry about all the people talking about pink when u said not to ._.)


I think those are great ideas for skins especially the mei one! And I’m ok talking about pink mercy, but I don’t want this to become a pink mercy thread.

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I also like the idea of mental health awareness skins, especially considering a lot of heroes have PTSD and such. Another idea I’ve had is an Amputee Coalition skin for a few heroes lol.

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Some kind of autism awareness skin for Sym would fit perfectly

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People are totally going to make it about Pink Mercy.




I’m betting that whenever a charity skin comes out someone in the vast nothingness of space will cry at the top of their lungs “P1nK M3rCeEeEeE wH3nN… WaAaAaAH!”.

stop asking

It’s never happening

Heh… Just going to link this every time someone quotes that…



I’m aware like I already said🙂

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