𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓴 Mercy (you can get it)


this statement in essence says that you are a Blizzard employee who knows the details of their day to day operations

would you care to enlighten us all, and provide credentials proving that you have means to know the day to day operations of Blizzard?


can there just be a point where posts self delete if they’re totally not going to lead anywhere



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are you speaking of posts where a forum member declares they have knowledge that they dont actually have?

They’re probably speaking of posts where certain forum members named dodo put words into other forum members mouths such as here:

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Even better proof for this:


Thanks. I’ll bookmark that too.

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No problem. Sadly they never address it.

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I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume that you want a genuine, civil exchange then. So returning to the discussion…

Sure I can try to dig these up. Might take me a while.

Kindly explain the relevance of this?

Okay let’s try to find some of the quotes… It’s hard to Google for this because so much of the info shows stuff from OW2 since that’s all over the headlines now. Also the fact that the old forums were deleted. There are probably more recent examples of things that were planned or not in the plans, that they later went back on that aren’t coming to my mind right now.

“Right now there are some technical challenges,” Blizzard game director Jeff Kaplan told me in a recent interview. “The tech specs [on Switch] aren’t quite there. It would be a non-trivial undertaking for us to make the game on Switch.”
“We’re huge Nintendo fans,” Kaplan told me. “We would absolutely love to see the game on something like Switch, it’s just not feasible currently.”
“One of Nintendo’s most successful platforms is 3DS,” Kaplan said. “And watch how many times they upgraded that over time. You don’t want to snap judge, you want to have the conversation, because we don’t know what’s in the plans. We want to understand what their plans are, because just because something might not be feasible now doesn’t mean that at some point in the future it might be an option for us.”

Regarding crossplay:

Regarding locking heroes not being in the plans originally:

While there was rampant pre-release speculation that Overwatch would be a free-to-play title, the game launches this week as a standard, pay-once-play-forever multiplayer shooter. “The reason we ended up going that way was that it’s so important to have access to every hero in the game, and in the middle of the match to swap to any other hero they think is necessary,” Keller explained. “It was actually a game design decision, a balance thing. Sometimes you need a different hero on your team. Like if you really need a Widowmaker right now, you don’t want everybody saying ‘I don’t have Widowmaker!’”

That same basic reasoning explains why Blizzard doesn’t plan to charge for additional heroes and maps that will be released as DLC in the future. “We want everybody to always be in the big same player pool and we don’t want other players to feel like they’re locked out of playing with their friends because they haven’t bought a particular set of maps [or characters].”

This is a quote from then Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller in 2016.


Game was originally planned to be 6v6. Philosophy changed. Geoff Goodman answers question from Super on stream.

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Overwatch 2 originally planned to release with both PvE and PvP together, plan later changed with “decoupling”:


OW2 skins originally planned to be exclusive to OW2 owners, with OW2 originally planned to be a separate purchase. I’ll need to go back and look this one up. I believe it was stated somewhere around 2019 Blizzcon.

Now: all OW2 all hero redesigns free to all players.

i mean technically they can’t be mad bc it’s A pink mercy skin, because yk it’s pink LMFAO

aand apparently this was flagged? LOL


Easily. With changes to gamemodes and such Blizzard does need to consult with an outside party. It’s all internal because it is their game.

However things like Pink Mercy and Lego Bastion are collaborative efforts. This means that it’s not just Blizzard’s word to bring them back-it needs to be approved by the other party that was involved in the collaboration.

That’s the biggest difference to the examples of “they said no death match”-because there was no other party that would prevent them, it was all internal.

Even the Switch example you gave was them not outright saying a port wouldn’t go to it. It clearly states they wanted to wait to see where it goes. It would be pointless to port something to a system that either becomes obsolete or goes through any massive software updates.

They even admitted to making compromises to make it work. So again it wasn’t flat out refusal just software limitations.

Again the others all are internal issues. There’s been no outside collaboration for these changes. It’s why the weight of “no plans for Pink Mercy to return” holds more weight. It’s not just a creation from Blizzard only.

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So if I understand correctly you believe that they need to have BCRF’s permission to re release the skin?

Why wouldn’t they approve?

Even if they didn’t approve the assets belong to Blizzard. Blizzard has the final say over whether they bring back the skin.

It’s a collaboration-meaning both parts would need to agree. It’s simple to understand. Again it’s why say if Lego Bastion would return both parties would need to approve it.

Same with the BCRF. Sure the model and character are Blizzard but the design and design elements for the skin maybe not be fully under their ownership for re-release.

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So you’re assuming that BCRF haven’t agreed. That’s speculative, we don’t know that do we?

By the way Andy never actually said that the skin would never return. All he said was that there are no plans for it to return, and it was in a thread about the anniversary remix event. He was talking about that event, he wasn’t talking about it never returning ever.

Not even that, it all what that contract stipulates.

I’ve done freelance work and advertising work for charities and the contract for design assets can range from full rights, to limited rights (like the re-release argument), to shared rights.

That’s more than likely the reason for it not coming back.


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This, once again is speculation.

blizzard said this year they have no plans to bring it back