Bring back Pink Mercy with Overwatch 2

They said no, stop forcing it!

I…understand I do I totally do and while this is a hot topic
can we also like bring back Medusa, like resurrect her? I want to try out these cool gaze blocker sunglasses on her piercing gaze

the mercy thing is done for like that dude on the xPole

Actually, they said that they will not return it ONLY FOR REMIX EVENTS. Andy B didn’t say that they will NEVER bring it back. :open_mouth: Moreover, Overwatch 2 - is another game (not just Overwatch). So, BCRF will bring it back with pleasure, as they like our attitude to this action. :wink: The only barrier is Overwatch Developing team with Je… Aaron Keller :sob:

Keep up on hopium my friend, one day you’ll see pink mercy back!

I don’t even have the skin and i donated, if that’s not what you do then your goal is the skin

This is in a thread about the remix events, but AndyB didn’t say “for these events.” There are NO plans to bring it back. WyomingMyst is the one who said it won’t come back for remix. AndyB said no, its not coming back, but he said it without any qualifiers.

It might come back once Microsoft takes over if they want to renegotiate, but I’m not holding my breath.

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actually, the skin will come back when and if Blizzard/Microsoft says it will come back regardless of how many forum members vociferously declare it can never come back

as far as moving on? there is no need to do so. This is a valid Overwatch topic being discussed on a forum specifically dedicated to the discussion of Overwatch-related topics. Further, continued discussion of this topic is very important, to keep it in front of the decision makers at Blizzard/Microsoft

not at all

this is not what was said


not at all

this was not what was said

He said there are no plans.

They’ve already confirmed that the content schedule is planned out pretty far in advance (it sounds like content through the end of 2023 is relatively planned out).

So, what part am I missing where he said it’s coming back?

Listen, I want Pink Mercy as much as the next guy, but Blizzard have already said they have no plans to bring it back. And honestly, I accepted this fate years ago. It sucks, but there’s nothing we can do.

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there is a big difference between “there are no plans to bring it back” and “its never coming back”

very big

thank you for providing this correction to the original statement

it would be nice if the original statement was edited to add (at the bottom) a notice of correction after the fact, as well

actually, there is

what one can do is to continue to ask for it, which in turn demonstrates that there is a marketable demand for this and other similar products

threads like this one are the perfect avenue to do st exactly that

People have been asking for years and it hasnt happened. Like people need to just get over it and not bring charity into it

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not yet, but tomorrow is another day, and each day brings the possibility of its return

this in turn means that it is immensely important for those who wish for it to return to speak to this on forum topics like this one - to ensure that the decision makers can see that there is and continues to be strong interest in this product

not at all, on either count

it is a valid Overwatch topic being discussed on a forum specifically intended for discussion of Overwatch topics. As long as interest remains in this item, there’s absolutely no need whatsoever to “get over it”

and charity will always be brought up because this is a charity skin. Charity is innately part of this item. As such, there’s no problem mentioning this aspect of the skin whatsoever


Are you really going to try to tell me with a straight face that “never coming back” and “no plans to bring it back” are not the same, but you threw a fit about people telling you to use “if” instead of “when”?

I see that semantics only matter when it’s a point you don’t agree with, but fine.

As of right now, there are no plans to bring it back. Given that they have planned out so much content that they’re already talking about things they can’t implement, I think there plans extend pretty far into the future, but I don’t think their plans have a lot of wiggle room.

I guess I could be wrong, but there’s a lot more reason to expect it not to come back than there is to expect it to come back.

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You chose to use the word “fit,” so that small detail will likely be addressed, instead of the obvious and relevant point of your entire post.

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As somebody who owns the skin, I don’t want it brought back. It’s a mark of prestige having a skin that can’t be obtained anymore. To bring Pink Mercy back would be to devalue it.

It’s nice knowing that because I own this skin, my account has genuine value.


I have the Atlantic All-Stars Mercy and I WON’T be mad if developers will bring it back one more time! Because, I want that other players who don’t have it will be happy and have the opportunity to own it. :wink:

Also, as I said earlier, more people will own this skin (Pink Mercy obviously), then more money will go the BCRF! Is it extremely difficult to understand?! :hot_face:
Moreover, I find it selfish when people say: “Oh, no, no… It won’t bring back as I WILL NOT BE EXCLUSIVE!” :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Maybe fewer money towards the charity because significantly less players pay for non-exclusive skins (?). And this could harm future charity events.
Maybe they have a comparison between Pink Mercy and charity-pets in WoW which are not exclusive and stay in the store.

Or they do not want to associate with Blizzard(?).

you quoted me doing just exactly that, so yes, they arent the same

clarification: I am not throwing a fit in any way, shape, or form. What has actually occurred is multiple individuals have questioned my use of “when and if” and I have explained that my statement is correct as stated. There is no “fit” on my part.

not at all

clarification: there are no semantics involved here. the two statements that some are equating actually do have entirely different meanings

I accept that you believe this to be the case, and have no problem with that

With that said, there are a number of folks who do feel it can come back, and because they wish this will occur, this discussion continues to ensure that the decision makers can see that there is and continues to be a consumer demand for this particular product.

Some forum members believe that these folks shouldnt be permitted to have this discussion, but these forums exist specifically for discussion of Overwatch related topics…and this certainly is one of them

Given that there are about 900k instances of this skin out there, it really isnt at all as “unique” as some claim it to be

I also find it uncomfortable to hear that people would prefer less money for BC research to protect this alleged uniqueness as well. I think the priority being set here is misplaced


Hey check it out Krissi you were 100% right.

“When the skin comes back” directly implies that it will, without a doubt, come back. There is no confirmation that it will come back, thus it is not the correct usage. It is possible, but not confirmed, so “if the skin comes back” would actually be correct.

When will the skin come back? “When they’re ready to do it!” Okay but that’s only if they’re ever ready to do it, right? Thus, the word you’re looking for is “if”. You’re not correct just because you say you are.

If you’re going to stand on the idea that it’s okay to post these topics and repeatedly ask for the skin to come back because that’s the point of the forums I’ll grant you that.

But I’ll point out two things:

  1. I’ve never said you or anyone else shouldn’t be allowed by moderators of this forum to post about the skin.
  2. If the point of the forum is discussion, then my addition to the discussion is the legal hurdles and question marks regarding the skin coming back. And pointing out how annoying the threads are.

I am just as allowed to have my reaction as you are to keep on posting.

If the priority is breast cancer funding you and everyone else are perfectly allowed to donate. I know some people won’t do it without recompense but that just means their priorities are misplaced too.