Bring back Pink Mercy with Overwatch 2

It still is.
You don’t like it.

My 2nd was that Blizzard has called it a legacy skin. Until that changes, it’s not coming back.

You really like twisting words, don’t you?
I was talking about making all the boards, expecting Blizzard to bring back the skin just because you want it.

Until that changes, it’s not coming back.

“I want it”

Nothing is stopping you from donating.

Seriously, can you please stop shoving words into people’s mouths? It’s like you grab onto one word and can’t possibly think of another one to replace it with, despite people saying it’s wrong. So you just keep throwing it, hoping it will stick…

I legit can’t believe people would use the excuse as wanting to donate to a charity as an incentive to get the skin, when they could just donate to the charity regardless… yikes.

Another instance of “if I keep saying it, maybe they’ll believe me!”

Talking with you is going nowhere.

You’re getting like 15% of what I’m saying, and just repeating yourself for the rest, refusing to see anything you don’t agree with and calling it “not good enough.”

I’m not going to waste any more time here.

Good bye.

You know what’s worse than not having Pink Mercy? Having it but not being able to use it because I bought it back when I played on PS4 and then moved to PC long after but for some reason I can’t transfer any of my limited edition skins. Just amazing

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It’s honestly so stupid and sucky how pigtails get labeled as childish. They’re one of the easiest, most comfy, and stable of updos.


It’s not

Well considering some old skins came back I don’t think it’s completely impossible for it to come back

I mean, what’s wrong with asking for a skin to return? Nothing

Hopefully it will

“I don’t want others to have my unique skin”

I have before, but I also want the skin.

And besides, there are literally zero drawbacks to creating an incentive which raises millions of dollars in funding

Why else would you be against bringing back a video game cosmetic which raises millions in donations towards a real world charity? Simply because you want to keep the cosmetic unique to you.

As I previously mentioned, I have but I still want the skin.

Oh no, how dare I want to purchase a digital skin which would create an incentive which would raise millions for a real world charity!

I guess everyone who bought pink also could have donated to the charity, but they decided to buy the skin! :triumph:

Same with everything you’ve typed

“It’s a real reason, because”



No. They already answered this last month.

Stop spamming please.


I want Tyrande Symmetra 10x more but it’s just a cosmetic at the end of the day.

I don’t think BCRF would want to work with ActiBlizz again.They are an organization helping to fight cancer mainly effecting women and ActiBlizz is getting sued for how incredibly sexist they are.


Here’s the thing, I highly doubt the BCRF would even want to make another deal with Blizzard.

A company who’s been blamed for worker mistreatment and sexual assault allegations. It would seem insincere and more of a ploy to generate good PR.

Do I personally think the Pink Mercy skin should come back? Honestly, I don’t care either way. It might be a bit more complicated then just bringing a skin back. Legally maybe Blizzard can’t. I know WoW has a similar issue with a mount. Where technically they don’t own the rights to the mount’s design anymore. So they can’t re-add it for sale in-game even if they wanted too.


I get this, and i support it… but the way it was executed… the bangs on pink mercy look like clip on bangs… the skin doesn’t do the sprays/icons justice lol…

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Uses an alt account for spam. Smart (not)

another victim of Pink crusade, I see.

I don’t even have the skin and i dont want it back. Im tired of people pretending to be someone they’re not an act like they care about breat cancer, people with ACTUAL real world problems. Once all these people admit they just want the skin and nothing else than I’ll be content in seeing it come back

“We have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons.”

There it does not say that he will never return, they are saying that there are currently no plans for him to return.

I hope she comes back, because seeing the quality of the latest skins (Dragon, Seolim and that new one from OW2… worst worst worst), the return of Pink would be the best.


Mercys will keep trying to rez this skin but my Doomfist will keep rocket punch stunning them when they try.

Why would it stop?

Once it’s a proven tactic, that harassing the devs and the forums until you get something, it will only increase. Just not for this skin.

Man, you almost had a perfect haiku.

Horse is very dead
Stop trying to bring it back
Mercy can’t rez this


It’s made on contract
Who wants to work with Blizzard
after rapes? No one.


Already explained
They won’t be bringing it back
Stop stop stop stop stop


actually, no matter how many forum members vociferously declare that it cant ever happen, the skin can come back; and will come back when Blizzard\Microsoft decides it will come back

further, it violates the spirit and intent of these forums to ask someone to stop requesting something Overwatch-related, as these forums exist specifically for the discussion of Overwatch related topics, which absolutely includes this particular topic

I dont see any crying here whatsoever

I see consumers asking to purchase a desired product.

this is a perfectly normal behavior, same as going grocery shopping

thats actually not what has been stated

There is no need to insult people with a legitimate desire to make this purchase.

Particularly when they’ve done no wrong, nothing “childish” whatsoever

There are actually no topics here that are “needed”

Topics are created because people have something Overwatch-related that they wish to discuss

This topic fits that mold, and as such, it is perfectly ok for threads like these to be created

again, I see no crying here; so the use of the word “crying” seems to be gettign used her simply to unduly deride/attack what is actually legitimate discussion

another unnecessary personal attack

the above is in essence a restatement of the item in question, not an answer to said question

Ive not seen anyone in threads like this one where anyone expects to get it

again, this is a legitimate request by consumers with intent to purchase

there is no selfishness here

One begins to wonder why negative and inapplicable words like “crying” and “selfish” are being continually added to this thread

I’d not be against a new charity skin beign made

not at all


this isnt a case of “or”, as in “we can offer Pink Mercy OR this new skin”

they could offer both, either individually or packaged as a set, for an even greater cash haul for charity


with the teams fully engaged in getting OW2 ready for showtime, I doubt they have the resources available to make a second skin, whereas Pink Mercy is ready to go right now

because of the larger cash haul a two skin offering would pull for charity, as opposed to offering just one or the other

nearly every thread on this topic includes statements very much like these two, and I never understand why that is so because it is irrelevant in the context of this specific topic

it is irrelevant because there are people who donate without need for recompense, and there are other people who want recompense. Donations are maximized when a charity appeals to both groups of people. Pink Mercy was (and is) created to appeal to this second group. Not the first group.

The “just donate” sentiment is an appeal that works for (and is ergo relevant to) the first group…not the second group

I find this broad-brush accusation to be absolutely deplorable

wanting to purchase this product IS NOT a declaration that one does not care about breast cancer



It’s probably because it was limited + it’s a nice looking skin. If the skin was undesirable, nobody would be asking for it. Pink mercy skin might not even be the best looking skin for mercy, there might be better ones that you can get for free.

But people want to collect every skin possible, so it’s no surprise that there’s a high demand for it. Not to mention mercy is one of the most popular hero. My first hero I mained was mercy even.