Why isnt pink mercy returning

Do BCRF and Blizzard share the rights or is the term “pink ribbon” not being trade marked leave the rights to blizzard because they designed and textured the skin?

And that of itself stands that the event cannot be repeated as it was originally agreed upon. Using BCRF’s branding and name. But a new event could easily be done without them but using the skin.

Pink ribbon isn’t held by anyone. It’s an unlicensed symbol of breast cancer awareness. BCRF has a logo that incorporates it, but that logo is copyrighted, not the ribbon itself.

Blizz, as far as we know, has all rights to the skin since they conceptualized, modeled, textured, and released it.

I wonder whats stopping blizzard from re-releasing the skin it helped so much for the BCRF charity. Is it blizzards greed? Or maybe BCRF has specific rights to the skin. But if they did why wouldnt they want money for their charity to potentially save lives. Pink mercy and the rights to her are so confusing.

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The bigger issue is that we do not know what the contract all entails about the skin-right now you are just making an assumption that because it doesn’t strictly have anything that says BCRF that it can come back without issues.

However that sometimes isn’t the case. Heck it could cover the design in general-I’ve seen graphic design contracts that specify the use of a designs to not be reproduced or altered or it would be in breech of that contract.

It’s baffling. There’s never been a reason given or indication that it’s NEVER coming back.

At best people have theories based on known information.

Lots of people will tell you it’s to preserve “exclusivity”. Possible. If they devalue exclusivity that makes people less likely to panic buy exclusive skins later.

I’m making a logical assumption based on all available evidence. I believe this is based on more evidence than an unannounced secret agreement about a skin that blizzard would have no reason to hand over any control for.

As it stands both companies benefited greatly from the event and would have no reason to make weird demands like “we get partial control over this IP content since it’s related to a cause we stand for”.

And that would potentially apply if any of the design of the pink mercy skin or model was done by BCRFs staff or contractors. But it wasn’t.

So based on all evidence and actual facts we have, it’s pretty logical to assume blizzard has simply declined to re-release the skin for other reasons than fear of contract breach. Especially since when reached out to , BCRF has been fully willing to have another event. Though that position may have changed due to allegations being made public this year.

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Do you have proof it wasn’t? Unless you have proof to the contrary then it’s still a reason as to why it hasn’t come back.

I was surprised that we haven’t had a reoccurring charity event because as stated before, WoW does. And if I recall (or at least during the time I’ve played) you could get the previous year’s pet for a donation.

There also:

So unless we start seeing hints at new possible charity events I don’t think Pink Mercy will becoming back as just a purchasable skin.

yall are talking so properly lol

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Side note: we do not know which department replied to this. Just want to point that out.

It’s charity event….probably some contract involved to which they cannot bring it back. It isn’t even the cutest skin tbh

a contract saying not to bring back a $15 dollar skin that raised 12 million dollars for their charity

I’m sorry do you need a clearer legal explanation? Contracts/rights exists when collaborating. Stop being entitled

I mean, this post was asking for a legal explanation. Sorry for seeming entitled

Credits for the art and assets were posted during the event and while a shirt and some sprays were credited to outside sources, the skin itself was not mentioned. I’m honestly not willing to go dig them up to prove a point so take that however you like.

completely valid. I am well aware they have no plans at this time. Mostly just saying that there’s no real evidence that the lack of rerun is due to undisclosed contractual agreements or ownership of the skin.

Sorry… just how I talk XD

That’s fine. But it was still through official channels and therefore a solid indication that it wasn’t BCRF being a roadblock for future events.

Do you have evidence or probable reason for this contracts existence?

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Again ownership of the design is unclear. If someone or department from BCRF did help in designing it that means Blizzard does not have full ownership of the design.

Meaning that those outside sources could have ownership over the design as well.

Considering how money grubbing OW2 is, I would expect Pink Mercy to return at some point, for a hefty price.

Assuming they’re legally able to sell it again.

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That’s what I think is the main reason as to why it’s kinda in limbo.

And we do not have access to whatever paperwork was done in conjunction with its creation.

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Because charity events are not profitable.

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Pink mercy was $15… witch kiriko is 26… pink mercy now is 99.99!


The contracted artist for the spray and shirt? Highly unlikely but I suppose remotely possible.

Blizzard tends to specify when a skin has been subcontracted out. Lots of their event stuff shows up on airborn studios page and is credited. But Pink mercys concept was not and as there was money exchanging hands, they’d be very legally incentivized to do so.

So again logic evidence points to it being completely in house.

Huge tax writeoffs are INCREDIBLY profitable. You will note that the charity was not simply “donate to BCRF” but it was “buy this stuff and WE will donate to BCRF”. It is extremely important that the money went through them first… so they could write it off.

A bit more than remotely depending on if they had a say in creating the design as well since they’d have to recreate it in their styles. Are there royalties that would be due?

Did the BCRF have any say in what they Mercy skin was to look like? Because that does count as part of adding to the creative process.

I have done contracted work, it’s not as clear cut as you may think-especially with charities.