Bring back Pink Mercy NOW!

I already have it. I simply don’t believe limited time game content is a good thing. Cosmetics in general are bad content, but that is another story.

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If an event like that wasn’t limited they’d never have enough income from it at one time to justify a donation.

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If anything, they should make a new skin.

There’s so many elements to why that event was successful. It was limited-time, meaning if you wanted to donate to BCRF to receive something in return, you had to do it in that timeframe. It also offered a one-of-a-kind skin.

Re-releasing the event with the same old skin would not draw as much in. As much as people say they want to donate and get the skin for the fundraiser, we have to be honest - people will not donate for the sake of donating. They will donate because they want the skin and ONLY the skin. Not having a new one would draw in a lot less money especially because so many of the playerbase has moved onto other games.

If they want reignite the level of funds and participation, they’d be best off making a new skin for a new round of partnership with BCRF (assuming BCRF wants to partner with them again). Their whole SA allegations, as well as the fact that they basically held it hostage prior to the allegations probably wouldn’t be super appealing to anyone considering partnering with them.


as noted earlier in this thread, this is pretty much irrelevant - the money spends the same for BC research regardless of the buyer’s intentions

see above

see above

this was covered earlier in this thread - it isnt a relevant point to the topic since the whole point of the skin was to get money donated by folks who dont otherwise donate

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I think you have your official answer. I hope another blue post for a double confirm on it from blue post and go on with new good topics… :roll_eyes: It’s only a digital skin, but anyone can give a donation in any moment. Bye bye, strange desperado.

Those people aren’t donating. Blizzard is donating. Those people are buying a skin. Blizzard keeping some of that money and donating a little bit isn’t a good thing.

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It just means that the most you can count on is the phrase that you are not of interest.

It was a copy pasta of the op :joy:

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It is because op is pretending to care when they clearly don’t. That’s what makes it truly pathetic.

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actually, since the money comes from the buyers, the buyers are donating

also, as I understand it, 100% of the proceeds went to BCRF

again, this item isnt relevant to a discussion relating to the Pink Mercy skin, as explained earlier in this thread

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I never said anything about whether it should come back or not. Just said pretending to care is pathetic.

Then just… donate to the charity?

Why do you need a skin to donate to a charity you want to support?

They are buying skin and dont really care about people problems. They will buy this skin for 10000$ but never will pay even 1$ to help.

They are not donating.

And the attempt to turn to the source of money is generally ridiculous. You can go further and say that the parents will donate because they gave money to their child to buy the mercy skin.

pretending to care? perhaps

caring? not at all

nothing pathetic whatsoever about caring about this skin

I already covered this earlier in the thread

long story short - this point is irrelevant to the discussion of the Pink Mercy skin

clarification 1: they are donating, actually, as this is how the offer was specifically described

clarification 2: the dollars spend the same regardless of the intentions of the buyers, so it really doesnt matter whether they buyers care about the problems

clarification 3: despite point 2 above, it paints with too broad a brush to say “they” dont care about the problem, as in none of the buyers care about the problems. Some don’t, sure…but not all of them, which is what the unqualified “they” paints the situation as being . Tho again, the buyers intentions really dont matter in this case.

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Pretending to care about the charity is pathetic… My God please take some lessons on context.

You will when you’re forum banned.

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the assumption being made here - that none of the buyers care about the charity and are instead simply pretending to do so - is incorrect. It paints with far far far too broad a brush. Some buyers? yes. All of them? not at all

that said, again, the buyers intentions dont really matter, because the dollars brought in by pink mercy and other such efforts spend the same regardless of the intentions of the buyers


I wouldn’t point to Apple if you’re looking for a charitable organization. Not after how they treated workers in a Foxconn plant in China. They literally hung nets outside their factory to prevent workers from killing themselves by jumping out the windows.

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Gatekeeping a charitable skin that benefits the charity that gets the money to do ONLY GOOD things with it… THAT is pathetic

So glad these topics exist so I can find out who the ignorant people are and just ignore them forever so I don’t see this nonsense ever again lol

I refuse to lose braincells over it. Y’all get so mad and triggered so EASILY over a fan wanting a skin back. Yes, it’s just a skin, just like this is a simple topic that you can choose to ignore if you have nothing constructive to add to it. But no, you choose to be the ignorant one and start an argument. Over a skin? Really?? The ignore button exists for a reason. USE IT. If it’s not available, you can STILL ignore them. You don’t even need an ignore button. No one is forcing anyone to enter into these threads and act a fool.

And y’all continue to blame the wrooong people. I will say it again and again and AGAIN: Blame Blizzard for their stupid old FOMO idea that NO ONE FOLLOWS ANYMORE. It’s a dead idea that they cling to because it seems to be the only way they get any attention to this dying game.

If it weren’t for that, no one would be spamming the forum for skins, right? No one would be arguing over something so trivial, right?

I am thoroughly convinced Blizz enjoys this toxic behaviour at this point and they aid in smurfing when it comes to illegally buying/selling accounts with this silly behaviour. I rather $3000 I could spend right now on a Pink Mercy smurf account go to the charity itself, not some random stranger on the internet. But I’m all for them imploding, destroying their fanbase, reputation, and their self in the process. I’m just here for the show lol

Telling someone they can just donate whenever is the lamest excuse I’ve seen so far along with the weird flex people pull for having it already. It’s an in-game skin, it’s not there to fix your irl low self esteem. You have it? Congrats! You don’t? Oh, well maybe next time if there is one!

There is no need to be the ignorant fool. Just ignore the topic if you don’t have anything nice to say. You can disagree and get your point across in a MUCH better and MUCH more MATURE way if you feel the need to comment.

I thoroughly hope you also have a wonderful day! :heart: