Pink Mercy Skin Request

Devs do not read the troubleshooting forum. This should be posted in #general-discussion


Okay, thank you I will do that.


Unfortunately it is not available in the legendary crates. It was a limited time release. As someone who owns it, i wouldn’t mind if it came back; I wouldn’t see why not; however just know that people frequently ask this, and the community often gets irritated towards the people who do.

I don’t think its very likely the devs will bring it back, especially as in a fairly recent article they said they have no plans to bring it back.


There is no reason this skin should not be made available again. There really was no reason it should have stopped being made available. I know people that have wanted this skin for a long time and would buy it the moment its made available again.


Unfortunately, I think you’re out of luck:


plans can (and often do) change

particularly when interest continues to be demonstrated for this product


I personally would like to see it made available every October, ie BC Awareness month


nontopical aside to Nicole: the bottom of this thread has a label that states " This topic will close a month after the last reply.".

I see this same label on some threads - its kinda rare - but never see a pattern as to why a few threads are labeled as such while most are not.

what causes a thread to get this label?


Reset the clock on “won’t shut the hell up about Pink Mercy” skin thread.


theres no need to “shut up” about a legitimate ow-related topic on a forum set up explicitly to talk about ow-related topics

i dont enjoy some topics myself. Genji, as one example. Nothing against Genji at all, I just dont enjoy talking about him or playing him.


I accept that on an Overwatch forum, some folks do want to talk about Genji, and as such there will be threads on said topic. I simply dont read or participate in such threads to prevent any annoyance.

I hope this can help others when they encounter threads they do not find to be to their own liking


Not everyone has to approach the forums the way you do, though. Flag him if you think it’s a violation of ToS.

There is when the devs gave you your answer already.

There are no plans to bring Pink Mercy back at this time.

That’s it. Accept it. Move the hell on.

Stop asking for it to come back when they’ve said they’re not bringing it back, and if they do, it will be at THEIR DISCRETION, not yours.

Move. On.


You’ve started the train.

“But they won’t ever bring it back unless they know there’s a demand for it, and it’s a perfectly legitimate reason to use the forums!”

This is what MegaDodo lives for, man.

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I can always just add them to my increasing list of forever ignores.

Best feature on the forum, if they don’t get attention, they can’t keep the train running.

I wish there was a harder ignore option.

Seeing “1 hidden reply” is tough for my lizard brain to ignore. I don’t even care if some topics would look nonsensical, I would love to be able to full blown super ignore some people.


not at all, given the answer that was provided…

…and with this being said answer, plans can and do change.

There are many such examples just within Overwatch’s own change history

as such, forum members legitimately can and legitimately do continue to ask for the current plans to change.

by keeping this topic in mind and in sight, the decision makers see it regularly demonstrated that demand for this product remains strong, even years after it was last available. This helps keep the question “on the table”, so to speak

that isnt it, actually, and there is no need nor requirement to “move on”

again, these forums were set up explicitly for discussion of overwatch related topics

this is an overwatch related topic

it is being discussed

there are no problems with that whatsoever

this is not what they said, actually



continued discussion of this topic here on these forums may help influence a change of heart on the part of the decision makers

as such, the discussion continues

legitimately, despite protests against it

as covered above, there is no need to do so


This last sentence is incorrect

I ask that claims to speak for what I am and/or what I want cease

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Well, mix it up a little bit and I might say something different.

Bring back pink Mercy! :cherry_blossom:


I’m new to Overwatch, there is no need to be rude - I did not know the status about the skin hence my ticket, which I was then told to make a post on the forum for the Developers - “the only ones with the power to bring back the skins would the
OW Dev team themselves so you would need to post on the forums
requesting the ability to purchase the Pink mercy skin,
hopefully it’ll be something they would be willing to consider if enough support is there for it”


The developers outright admitted they don’t take forum feedback in any sense of the word. Unsurprising, considering the forums doesn’t kiss their behinds the way Reddit and Twitter tend to.

That being said, a simple google search could have pointed you to the answer of both the devs regarding the skin, and the limited-time nature of said skin in the first place.

Also why on earth did you join a dying and mismanaged game community in the first place? Nobody is left playing this game but the addicts and trolls, dude, get out while you still can.