Bring Back Mercy Pink Skin

Whilst this is correct this point has already been addressed in the opening post…

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This is the kind of interaction I’m looking for here

:skull: Jesus… Reality is hitting hard.

Life goes on lol, stay bitter :stuck_out_tongue:

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actually, no, thats not what was said

at all

actually, no, thats not what was said either

except this isnt what was said either

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Last we heard:

And so far no further update.


I agree and think it would be cool. I honestly hope that one day every character could have a breast cancer awareness skin or even a charm or something. I’ll stand with you in hope that it comes back. I’m not sure why some are offended by you wanted the skin back. You’re not attacking anyone by wanting the skin back in the shop.


Time will tell, again, if all related parties are interested and demand is high enough I find it difficult to believe they would have a lot of reason to resist other than preserving the rarity for the nasty people in this thread who care about the exclusivity of their skin

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All I said was that was the last we’ve heard about the status of Pink Mercy.

Nothing more.

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Tell me about it lol. Sad, but predictable

They’ve proven to everyone that they love their money, since they overprice everything in the shop…and now they have their first collab which was what they initially never wanted to do so anything can happen…


I’m not coming at you vrother, thank you providing the latest word on the matter. I’m just saying that anything can happen given the right circumstances

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Blizzard loves their money but BCRF themselves seem to have integrity by not working with people going against their cause after they’ve been outed.


You’re not wrong about that

Unless the value you’re referring to is greed, I think Blizz has basically ousted the people who were causing problems and that’s about all they can do to rectify the situation on their end I guess. It’s not like the company is permanently stained by the actions of individuals that they went on to fire

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Im all in favor of new skins


no such new charity skin exists at this time

and to create one, Blizzard would have to divert dev resources from the incomplete and unstable pay to win game called OW2. I dont see that happening anytime soon

but lets say for sake of argument such a new skin did exist. In such a case, I know of no good reason not to offer BOTH skins, this new one and the original Pink Mercy, together. Selling both would make for a bigger bag of cash to charity than just selling one or the other

I know what no means

I havent heard a no thus far

Group A and Group B have been explained in detail in many Pink Mercy threads

“Just donate” is an appeal to Group A

Pink Mercy is an appeal to Group B

This is a Pink Mercy thread, and as such, appeals to group A are mis-targeted here


To be honest, what is there to think about? If exclusive stuff is what you value then I suggest running a pawn shop. People just want to enjoy the skin.


Nice to see another sensible individual arrive on the scene

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actually :point_up::nerd_face: blah blah blah

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In reality they probably just found a few scapegoats to blame everything on,Kotick is still there for example