Bring back the pink mercy skin ❤️

except it is proof


Then provide it and dont do the its out there bs.

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Pink mercy is not coming back. Blues have posted stating so.

It isn’t but I admire the positivity.

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I have already told you that it has already been provided multiple times in multiple Pink Mercy threads

this is in no way “bs”.

what I stated is pure and simple fact

having fully clarified this, I will not be responding further regarding this specific item in this side conversation

Here’s some concrete proof.

You know what else Blizz had no plans for?

Diablo immortal on PC…



So a completely diffrent dev team cool

I’m honestly to the point where I hope they bring Pink Mercy back just so people will stop begging for it on the forums.

There are countless examples of plans being changed within team 4, but the Diablo one is the most memorable within Blizzard overall heh…

Plus a shake-up of leadership and high-ranking production staff at team 4…

All of this to say that plans from last year are almost completely redundant…


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As much as I want the Pink Mercy back, I hope they also add a purple sigma skin for testicular cancer research.


Ya thats because their sales dropped i would love to see pibk mrlercy wanters dropping sale of the battle pass


man, blizzard L takes have been hilarious

You think you do, but you don’t. Meanwhile classic wow was a MASSIVE SUCCESS

oh the players were right again rofl

stop trying to be the next steve jobs blizz devs

There’s been no begging that I have seen in any of the Pink Mercy threads

What I have seen quite a bit of, however, is certain forum members coming into Pink Mercy threads and using attacking words like “begging” to deride other forum members

The word “beg” means to ask for something earnestly or humbly. Idk why you view that as derogatory.

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Whichever term you choose to use, Pink mercy skin isn’t coming back.

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In the context in which the word was used, it was an attacking term

From this year

The links doesn’t go anywhere, what were the links about?

Widowmaker Noire:
" No plans to bring this skin back" -Jeff Kaplan

OWL league skins:

The Noire skin got later available years later when OW1 released on Switch. The limited time OWL skins got “unvaulted” throughout late 2021 to mid 2022 for a limited time and are now in OW2 available through rotations.

The OWL skins were never meant to re-release which is why those skins were not available again for multiple years like the Zenyatta skin which was vaulted for 4 years. It was because of players asking for the Noire and OWL skins to come back that these skins eventually got re-released or “unvaulted”.