So. Lets talk about the Pink Mercy skin

Objectively we can say for the moment the odds are very low close to zero.

The fact is however that constantly spamming the forum on it isn’t helping the case.

Sure its your opinion vs. mine. OTOH you can’t give me any good reason to believe Pink Mercy has a snowball’s chance in hell of coming back given Blizz statements and the impact of the controversies.

For many of us, and people at Blizzard, it’s spam I assure you. I fully endorse your right to speak up; I’m just telling you at this stage its probably doing more damage than good.

You want to make something like this happen, here’s how: ask for something else for a charity, like a Pink Brig with a different fund. BCRF will not touch this with stick after the Cosby Room scandal. And the last thing MS wants is to have a controversy on their hands on an acquisition of an IP already floundering. Think.

If a majority of people wanted to discuss this topic, then you’d see multiple of this kind of thread every single day.

Instead it’s infrequently with lots of pushback

I use these two a lot since Pink is confirmed never coming back again. Wish they would change Sugar Plum’s wing color but they never will either.

I have every Mercy skin except for Pink so it sucks never going to be able to have it. Plus all the information about the money they raised was released on my birthday which felt like an even bigger loss, so I think I must be the most unlucky person ever lol.

Some Mercy mains have said you can’t be a real Mercy main without Pink! It sucks. I would do anything for another chance but I know that day will never come.


not at all

the “close to zero” estimate is wholely and entirely subjective

actually, this isnt the case at all

as I have stated earlier, the continuous discussion of this topic keeps it on the table, in sight…it ensures that the decision makers keep getting reminded that - even years later - the demand for this product remains strong

I find it odd that you claim the otherwise as if it were a fact, which in turn once again implies that you are claiming to be one of the decision makers, despite how minute the likelihood of that actually is, along with complete the absence of any presented credentials

Hopefully the forum modss take notice of someone attempting to pass themselves off as a OW decision maker

with two elpephant-in-the-room sized difference

First, I am not claiming my opinions to be literal/objective facts

Second, I am no claiming or implying, even in a thinly veiled way, to be an Overwatch decision maker, an insider


I already have given you several good reasons

the statement above once again implies that you are one of Blizzard’s decision makers, or otherwise on Blizzard’s management team; when no credentials or other evidence of any kind has been presented to validate that

again, one hopes that that the forum mods take note of this claim

and no, it isn’t spam, any more than many other OW-related topics have had many thread devoted to them over time. topics like Mercy, mass rez, role queue, and many many many others. There is an understanding on the forums…I dont think I have ever seen it in writing…that one is not to necro threads. as a direct result, thread subjects get repeated so that one does not violate this directive. as such, the repeated threads on this topic, as well as dozens of others, are a necessary result

I disagree

Many others I have discussed this same matter with disagree as well

There is a preference to ensure that the decision makers know that there is a strong demand for this product, even years after its original release

as I have stated many times before, I have no issue with a new charity skin being created.

but there are three problems with this line of thinking

first, such a new skin would require dev resources, time, and money. Are those resources available with the devs fully engaged in getting even the incomplete stage 1 of OW2 into production? Highly unlikely

second, you and others have claimed that charities don want to be associated with OW due to the recent scandals. But here, you claim some charity WILL want to be associated with Overwatch. After all, you cant have a charity skin without the charity. So which is it? Charities want to be involved with OW, or they do not? You cant have it both ways

third, this isnt an “or” situaiton. It is an “and” situation. As in, if a new charity skin were to be created, BOTH could be offerred for an even bigger bag of cash for charity

money talks

and companies in need of some PR repair often turn to works of charity to get that need filled

between these two effects, there is every reason to believe Blizzard would be willing to make an offer to BCRF attractive enough to make it happen

they already have that controversy, regardless of any approach they make to BCRF or other charities.

that milk has already been spilt, the cow has already left that barn

no additional controversy will ensue in performing good acts…these only help repai the damage already done

I do not appreciate the implied personal attack

Please cease

actually, the pushback comes from a very few folks, and quite often their motivations (as declared by them) is to ensure the continued “uniqueness” of their purchase, even though most folks would not see nearly 900 thousand instances of something as being “unique” in any way

and - there has still been no valid data presented that supports the original claim of a “majority”

actually, no such statement has been made

You still seem to think people find this topic annoying because of your false assumption of people wanting the skin to remain rare

There are people like that, but most people are just realistic and know it’s not coming back. You might think my points are stupid, but that very claim of the reason you think there’s pushback is idiotic

an assumption?

not at all

many forum members in many Pink Mercy threads have openly declared this to be their reason

anyone who “knows” it is not coming back are unfortunately confusing opinion with fact

Its fine if one states that they believe it isnt coming back. There are many forum members on both sides of this fence

however, there is no way to legitimately know that it wont be coming back, and as such statements of this sort are never legitimate…always opinions stated as if they are facts, when they actually are not statements of fact

I ask that the personal attacks cease

While it may be true that it could come back(may because I’ve been told they’ve confirmed it isn’t but I can’t confirm that that is true), that’s just not realistic. It ain’t coming back unless there’s an overwhelming demand and then the legal stuff permits it on top of that.

The first thing just isn’t happening and the second thing probably wouldn’t happen because Blizzard’s reputation being in the gutter and all. That’s the realistic viewpoint.

A more realistic request would be a new charity skin being created rather than requesting Pink Mercy.

I appreciate you recanting and stating that it is actuallly possible it could come back

Claiming to have inside knowledge without any credentials or evidence of same is however at best inadvisable. I could as easily claim to be the supreme ruler of the universe, and of course, I’d offer no credentials or evidence of such as well.

(Mind you, I am absolutely not making such a claim. this was as an example only)

I’m fine with anyone claiming it is unrealistic to feel it will come back. There are certainly many forum members who feel this way. I however dont feel this is the case, and the same with many other hopefuls

But those who believe it can come back are well within their rights to keep discussing it here - an overwatch topic on a forum dedicated to discussion of overwatch topics

I’ve already explained why I dont see this as more realistic, or realistic at all for that matter

They are within their rights and I’ve not said otherwise

I’ve just said it’s annoying and nobody cares. Rude but true

Can we not talk about this, actually? I have been seeing pink mercy threads spammed almost daily since the skin came out, im weary of it.

actually, let’s not talk about the skin

i don’t believe pink mercy should come back. i believe there should be a new skin for another hero that promotes BCRF like that one fanmade brigitte skin.

the reason why i don’t believe it should come back is not because of my assumed selfishness for the players who got it and deserve it to be limited, but it’s for the selfishness of other people that say “we want the skin back so we can donate to bcrf!” when in reality they only want it because it’s a cute pink skin for a girly hero. they don’t actually care about the charity and if they did then they would pay the charity on its website.

but honestly, you can’t really blame them. humans are selfish beings who basically only care about themselves. but that’s also something to blame them about. their selfish. they selfishly want the skin itself instead of caring about the women or men who are suffering with it. i have breast cancer in my bloodtree myself, i have a high risk of having it when i’m older and my mom even had it, so she had to get rid of her things.

i don’t like living in a fear sometimes of “i can die from this cancer” while seeing people say that “i support it!” when they will only pay for it if they receive something in the end which is BEING GREEDY. doing that is not a nice act, but it is a corrupt act. it’s definitely a good deed to do but the motivation behind it is corrupt which doesn’t make it nice.

i don’t care if the skin gets released again, i really don’t, i just need to shed light on the reason behind this

I find many topics here annoying

But admittedly, every forum member who ever posted such a topic had a right to do so.

when one comes here, one accepts the wheat with the chaff, so to speak…and my chaff is another forum member’s wheat.

So…I tend to simply stay out of them, and that results in overall less annoyance for me

Tho every forum member has a right to engage in any thread they wish, and I would never deny that to anyone, but…thats what helps me avoid annoyance for the most part.

Take that as you will.

actually, no

plenty of folks care

myself most certainly included, as evidenced by my statements here

and those of many many others in this and other Pink Mercy threads

People should stop asking for it because it is not going to come back. Ever. The constant begging is copium. Stop it. Get some help. Grow up. The End.

Spam doesnt appear to me as discussion.



…we could accept that this is an Overwatch-related topic being discussed on a forum explicitly created for discussion of Overwatch related topics?

so yes, it will continue to be discussed, same as other OW-related topics that I am not interested in but you and others might be will also be discussed

one must understand that these forums are not all about what any one person wishes to be discussed - and/or not discussed

actually, there are times when we go weeks without a thread on this topic beign created

it has been rare in the extreme when we have seen more than one in a day

I’ve provided some advice in this regard elsewhere in this thread. See post 50.

One should however understand that there are many other forum members here, and many of those have made it clear that they are not weary of this topic

For me, the selfishness is on the part of those who ask that the skin not return. “I want my uniqueness” is often cited, even when knowing there are nearly 900 thousand copies of the said “unique” product

This has already been fully discussed on many other Pink Mercy threads, but the motivations of the buyer dont actually matter whatsoever.

The dollars from a buyer who cares about the charity spend exactly the same towards finding a cure as the dollars from a buyer who only wants the skin.

and more dollars provided to fund the effort to find the cure is really and actually all that matters here.

For me, the selfishness is on the part of those who ask that the skin not return. “I want my uniqueness” is often cited, even when knowing there are nearly 900 thousand copies of the said “unique” product

I have cancer of multiple types in my bloodline, so I can sympathize with that part of your statement

However, BCRF and other charities accept and understand that there are people who require recompense to donate. By working with this group, they gain additional funds over and above what they’d get by just accepting from those individuals who donate with no need for recompense. BCRF and other charities themselves accept this – they dont chastise or make derisive remarks about those individuals.

So why do some forum members act like those folks are somehow vile or despicable? I find this to be a sad thing

actually, the skin will return when and if Blizzard decides it will, no matter how many forum members declare this can never occur

there’s been no begging

this is a legitimate request for a legitimate product form forum members legitimatel willing to pay for it

I ask that personal attacks cease

not at all.

this is a legitimate OW topic that will almost certainly continue to be discussed here - a forum explicitly set up for the discussion of OW-related topics

except…this topic isnt spam

it hasnt ever been spam

The statement, in regards to whether it would be brought back in the recent re-runs of OTHER limited skins, was “there are no plans AT THIS TIME to bring it back”.

Setting expectations that it would not be brought back with the other skins, not that they would NEVER bring it back.

I know a lot of people would like to think this is some sort of closing on the subject, but it was just a response to people asking about it for these re-runs.

I would also like to remind everyone complaining about spam that this thread was started by someone suggesting alternatives, not asking for the skin to come back. The last pink “bring back!” mercy thread was about 2 weeks ago.


No, they he did not say “at this time”

I stand correct then, but there’s still no implication that this is the only and final response. It’s in a thread about the rehash events and in response to an inquiry about said events.

I was wrong about the wording though. So point.

Oh hey, it’s a Pink discussion thread again. And it has the same arguments as every other thread regarding it.

So I’m here to say that Sugar Plum and Seolbim are two of the most gorgeous Mercy skins. No matter what anyone says, I really love the wings being yellow on Sugar Plum.