Pink Mercy returns in Feb along with a new Hanzo skin

Hanzo skin I believe, but not Pink Mercy. My guess is maybe they will throw an epic Mercy skin that’s pink out. But they’re probably not releasing the charity skin again.


you will unfortunately still never get pink mercy


Me when I spread misinformation on the internet:


They haven’t even officially announced anything yet. Each of the seasons has had 25-30 skins.

I don’t think they’ll bring back the official Pink skin (as from a legal standpoint they probably can’t) but I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up getting a skin that looks similar. This would appease people asking for Pink, and sell really well alongside Hanzo Cupid.


No they weren’t they literally say we have no plans to bring back pink mercy


Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail) - #28 by AndyB-11735 Here’s the source for all you people
Not believing me


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I have not seen any of these supposed “leaks” about Pink Mercy. I think the best people can hope for is that they create a new Valentine’s Day skin for Mercy to go along with the Hanzo Cupid skin.

I don’t think they can just rerelease it as it’s tied to a charity event.

They could however create a new skin that has a similar look. It would sell really well and would shut people up about Pink Mercy.


I’ve had this feeling for awhile but also I feel like it’s a pain to request for skins due to the bad monetization… like we shouldn’t actively support it but here we are adding more fuel to the flame.

Sure pink mercy is a donation skin for breast cancer but I know for a fact a good majority of the player base who want that skin just want that skin and don’t care about the donation because NOBODY argued for the concept of another pink mercy skin like we should have another donation skin… no!

They wanted a Mercy skin nothing more nothing less… the donation aspect is just for the dopamine response at this point swear Mercy mains be wild.

Hey now, don’t lump us all in with them, Mercy has better skins so I don’t care about Pink Mercy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve linked this too but the amount of mental gymnastics…it’s best to just shrug and let them think what they want.

Honestly it’s probably A pink Mercy since the actual Pink Mercy was for charity. Unless the entire bundle or a portion of the bundle is noted to go to the BCRF-then it’s just people assuming.


show me the tweets. any of them.


lol how is this low effort bait thread still up


I think it has been her best looking skin for an extremely long time… that’s why I bought it lmao. Even now, it is still easily one of her best, probably top 3 on average if you poll the community. The skin is very elegant, soft, and symbolic with soft pastel colors. Not every skin has to light up like a christmas tree to be “amazing”.

The simplicity of her Doctor skin is why it’s also one of my favorites.

I highly doubt that there will be something for Mercy in S3… in S2, they will put the epic skin in the store on Tuesday and thank you, I’ve been very negative lately with everything about OW, I’m sorry if my comment is pessimistic, matchmaking… one of the causes.

No it won’t shut them up, because people want Pink Mercy for it’s rarity, simple as that. Like with every rare/limited skin in any game ever, it all comes down to people’s sheer envy. That is all.

The irony is, the charity attached to the skin literally gives beggars an excuse to relentlessly demand the “return” of a limited product. Hence why you will never see the end of these pink threads. As long as people can deflect their envy with “I just want to donate to charity lol”, It will never stop even if Blizzard directly state that it won’t return (which they did).

It is actual genuine delusion at this point, and it’s sad how people can’t cope with reality.

Well that just says they have no plans to, that could possibly change, especially with BCRF giving the thumbs up if Blizzard would want to do it again, so.

They didn’t bluntly say they weren’t bringing it back, they just don’t have it planned in their timeline to bring it back at that moment, many companies keep things vague so if they want to do something, they aren’t expected to do it, I’ve seen Nintendo do that many times.

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That’s the same thing why is this hard to understand? We have no plans to bring it back means that’s what it is they are not brining it back. Y’all keep saying maybe it will change and “yet” but it’s just moving the goal post as of now in like the 4-5 years since it was released we know firmly that blizz is not bringing it back. I’m not here to argue speculation. Edit* my bad about sounding angry or rude previous posts from these kind of threads have gotten to me.



That’s not a confirmation they aren’t bringing it back though, it literally says “no plans”, that means they do not have it in their schedule to bring it back, it didn’t say they wouldn’t.

But regardless, who cares, it’s a skin, if it gives more money to charity that can use it for good intent, then that is a good thing in my book.

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