Pink mercy wont come back

Please at this point its insanity. they have said no, and no means no. would you like someone asking you non stop for soothing you don’t have for sale its would be annoying and you would be removed from the store. do i understand yes i want illidan genji but it wont ever be rereleased so i moved on and just played the game.

and the money would not go to cancer research it would go to blizzard.



That says “no plans”

That doesn’t mean “we’ll never bring it back ever so stop asking”

I have pink mercy and all the other affiliated stuff. If people want the skin, then they’re free to voice their opinions on wanting another charity promo rerun in order to obtain it (as long as they’re not rude/mean about it)


several problems with this post

First, the actual quote shown in blue is what was actually said. The title of this thread does not mean the same thing as the statement quoted in blue. Also, the actual statement quoted in blue does not translate whatsoever into “they have said no”

Second, plans can (and often do) change. We’ve seen this quite a bit in Overwatch.

Third, I know of no aspect of this subject that can be reasonably referred to as “insanity”. I am not sure why this attacking word was used.

Fourth, no one is making any nonstop requests in regard to this skin. The request is being made, but there is nothing “non stop” about it

Fifth, one can indeed choose to “move on” as the OP states he did from Illidan Genji, but this is a choice. One can choose to speak up on a matter, or one can choose to go silent on a matter. Either choice is equally fine. The fact that forum member A chose silence does not mean forum member B has to do so as well, despite what is implied in the opening post.

Sixth, there’s almost no chance at all that Blizzard would take even a penny of the proceeds from the possible re-offer of Pink Mercy. It would be a PR disaster, and Blizzard has far more than they can handle in that regard right now

Seventh, why is it being claimed in the same statement both that “its not coming back” and “Blizzard would take the money”. If its not coming back, there is no money for Blizzard to take. If Blizzard takes the money, it did come back. These statements are mutually exclusive, and yet, both statements are being made.

Now I want to see this in the king of the hill format :joy:

I saw you post in a thread earlier today that “no one is obsessive” but your volume of posts about the skin seem quite obsessive, just so you know!


Ya and im free to say at the rate the posts are mad its the definition of insanity repeating somthing expecting a diffrent outcome.

Becuase it is doing osmthing over and over expecting it to have a different out come is insanity.


There are no forum rules about how many posts one may make on a given subject. One can post 0 times, a thousand times, a million times - all are fine

That said, I ask that personal attacks cease

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I see no personl attack in this what so ever


They shouldn’t bring it back either. It was a one time thing for charity. The people begging for a second chance don’t care about charity, they are Mercy one tricks wanting to ‘complete’ their collection. Weirdos.


Some problems with the above

  1. Many people who want the skin to return arent Mercy one tricks. I am a support main, for example. Another frequent contributor on Pink Mercy threads has noted that he/she is a tank main. etc etc etc.

  2. The people who want it to return do not necessarily have the same reasons for wanting it to return.

  3. One can want a skin and also care about charity. The two arent mutually exclusive

  4. Tho it was only offered once so far, that does not in turn mean it cannot be offered again.

I accept that you personally think it shouldnt be brought back, but many many many others feel the opposite. Myself included

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let us buy the icons and skins ingame them they should

Exactly. You do you and they do their own thing :+1:

Responding to posts you don’t like only bumps them up more. You don’t need to click them.



2022 in game events doesn’t equal 2023 in game events. Hope on :sunglasses: