Maybe a second chance for pink mercy?

We have a very long current Pink Mercy discussion going on here:

Feel free to come join us


I agree 100%

The original offer sent 100% of the proceeds to BCRF, amounting as as best I recall nearly 13 million dollars

I would expect this to continue if it is re-offered

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This cult needs to stop. Get a grip, girl. It’s over.


I agree, bring back pink! :heart:


I ask that attacks on others cease

not at all

It doesnt need to stop, and it imo shouldnt

First, given that Pink Mercy is a legitimate ow-related topic on a forum explicitly set up for discussion of ow-related topics, it doesnt have to stop

Second, given that continued discussion of this topic helps ensures that the decision makers remain aware that there is still a lot of demand for this product even years after the original offer, it should continue

except it isnt

It is not coming back.


The label for this link says one thing

The content in the link says something else entirely

I’m all for a Pink Reaper skin for Testicular Cancer Research, but the Pink Mercy skin should not return.


“Where is Pink?!”


I have always been in favor of additional/new charity skins

However, dev resources would have to be diverted from the unstable and incomplete game being called OW2 in order for any such new skin to be created, so I dont see this happening anytime soon

If this new skin were to be created, I dont know of any good reasons to not offer this new skin and Pink Mercy, both singly and as a package deal, together at the same time. This would result in a much bigger sack of money for charity than if either skin were offered alone

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Oh, Blizzard devs have made many statements in the past about “not having plans at this time” that they were quite firm about, but eventually ended up doing anyway. This included character nerfs and buffs, implementing game modes (Jeff said once said no to a deathmatch mode), changing the definition of what Overwatch is (Also in Jeff’s words: “Overwatch is a 6v6 game!”), and yes—even deciding to open up the so-called “skin vault” and making certain “one-time” skins available again—multiple times! That means we definitely can see the return of Pink Mercy at some point (and maybe even convince Blizzard to create further cosmetic charity drives, too).

The squeakiest wheel gets the grease around here. Just keep pressuring Blizzard to eventually get what you want. Just be sure to grossly drown out whatever opposition pops up by the usual contrarians so the message comes across loud and clear, unified and in great demand, otherwise it will conveniently be shrugged off as yet another “controversial hot topic” the devs will ignore (and made obvious when the moderators start merging your threads into trash bin megathreads).

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I mentioned this in another pink skin thread.

An old OW1 legendary is now going for $20, compared to an average of $10 in OW1, a 2x increase in price. Pink Mercy in OW1 went for $15. With Blizzard’s current pricing trajectory, the skin will cost at least $30 in OW2 accounting for the 2x cost multiplier.

Given the specialties of the skin, such as the custom sound effects, visual effects, and highlight intro, it’s possible that Blizz will charge upwards of $40-$50 for the skin were it to return. So I ask this OP, would you pay $50 for the skin?

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Zero posts user trolling for pink mercy? Sounds like a report thread to me.


Theres been no trolling in this thread whatsoever

Forum members are permitted to state their opinions on ow-related matters like this one regardless of their postcount. If this wasnt the case, how would anyone ever get to make their first post?


not speaking for the op, but…I more or less agree that if this skin is offered again it will likely be priced between 30 and 50 USD

It should just be a permanent skin so they can keep donations flowing all year round, and people get to be happy with a cool Mercy skin. It’s a win win


The money will funnel straight into bobby’s pocket.

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I dont see that happening, actually

Every dollar of the original sale went to the charity, and I’d expect the same on any offering of the Pink Mercy skin

So they say. If you’re powerful enough, you can explain everything away.

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Naw. BCRF also verified that they received said funds. so no.

Also, this is an organization that has more bad publicity right now than they can handle. Even given that the individual in question is a very bad person, I think he’s smart enough not to steal money earmarked for charity