Maybe Pink Mercy isn't coming back

And this is why my mom gets offended by any and all of that pink ribbon nonsense. It’s mind-blowing that they’re still getting away with that scammy marketing.


That’s just how companies work, they never answer any questions too definitively, but there’s a pattern to their choice of wording, and generally speaking; “We have no plans” is the PR-Friendly version of; “It isn’t happening, so stop asking.”

Could the Pink Mercy Skin return someday? Possibly, but it isn’t likely, and it definitely isn’t going to happen anytime soon, and evidently these weekly threads begging for its return which have been going on for the past 4 years have done nothing to encourage Blizzard to bring it back.

It was a one-and-done promotion, otherwise it hould have returned annually once per year since it was released.

Furthermore, why would the BCRF want to partner up with a company which has since been tied up in a Sexual Harassment lawsuit with the state of California?

Do you people ever give up?


But cant you see, its totally for a good cause and not at all because im just greedy.

Bring back Pink Mercy! :sparkling_heart:


the statement they actually made does not have the same meaning as the “summary” statement you made


It’s not coming back.

Yeah, they meant it when they said multiple times it’s limited and not coming back


while it has a breast cancer awareness symbol on it?


It does? Where’s it at on her pink skin?

Doesnt matter lol.
Some people are so stubborn theyll turn a blind eye to an obvious truth

“But…but …but!!!”

Hint shouldve been taken long ago


On the back of her skirt and the ribbons on her gloves

The skin itself doesn’t have any trademarks on it.

I just don’t see why all of the people who wants the skin so bad don’t already have it. Honestly, the few people I’ve talked to about on the forums were more concerned with blizzard donations than the actual skin since they had it anyway.

Ill just say it again in case those people didn’t see it the first time. If you want to donate then just donate. You dont need an event or a reward for doing so. If you do then you don’t care about the donations. You care about making yourself feel good.

Irrelevant. People want the skin. They want to buy it with money. People don’t really care what happens with that money, but I would suspect most would prefer it gets put to better use than just paying Blizzard. Though obviously they wouldn’t be too upset if it did.

A lot of people are newer to the game than the skin’s release date. It came out, what, mid-2018?

Despite playing since launch I wasn’t playing in 2018 so I don’t have it. I mean, I’m not crying about it like a lot of these people and I fully agree with your overall point but there are a lot of reasons people who want it don’t have it.

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People always want everything.

Doesn’t mean they are gonna get it. It’s just a freakin pink skin, ffs. It’s not even a good skin. People need to get over it and be happy with what they have


oh well life goes on… although!!

i wouldnt mind a nier automata mercy skin??>?

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Careful, people don’t like hearing the truth


Speaking of truth, I bet more people would rather take some naughty skin sooner than the pink skin.

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