𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓴 Mercy (you can get it)

I mean why not just donate now? Here’s the link


They sound quite invested in the idea of having the event pink Mercy to the point they won’t consider the other pink mercy which is still available and will continue to be so until OW closes down.

Cool as the added sound effects are event pink Mercy is not very transformative. To me it’s mostly just a memento skin for me to remember my aunt who died to the cancer around that time. I mostly use Atlantic Moon Mercy, I think it’s her best skin.


Who said I was talking about me?. I don’t even like the skin personally.

I’m saying that people will be more motivated to donate if they bring back the skin. And that can’t be a bad thing can it?

I mean they can donate too. The link is there for all. Just need to click it.


They can but the simple fact of the matter is that people by their very nature will be more motivated to donate with an incentive unfortunately or not. We can’t control human nature but we can bring back the pink mercy skin can’t we?


They’ve said that they have no plans for plenty of other things that they eventually did bring into the game so that doesn’t really mean much to me.

Plans can change.

What would be so bad about bringing back the skin and possibility generating loads of money for charity?

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Quote these please. I have provided my evidence, and I would like the same courtesy from you.

And we’re they in collaboration with a second part or strictly through Blizzard only?

I provided the link to donate directly. Please do not fake moral high ground on saying you want to donate to the cause when you just want the skin.

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The Nintendo switch version of overwatch for one thing.
looking for a group tool for another

Locking heroes was also something that they originally stated they had no intention of doing

Were these all done in collaboration with a secondary party like how the skin is with the BCRF?

And actual quotes please and thank you.

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Discouraging players who have been proven to donate from ever donating again, under the grounds that they were misled in thinking the skin would be “limited time” only?

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I wouldn’t care about that, I just want admission that people don’t care about the cause and just want the skin.


The moral superiority complex gets to me too, but unfortunately there’s no way to get them to admit that. I admit I payed for the skin, but I have nothing to gain from it returning, where they do.



Nothing really. I hope one day they do bring it back! :pray:


Thanks a lot! I just bought Pink Mercy for every single hero wow

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They want the skin because of it’s exclusivity, if they had got it back then, all of them would be completely silent right now, not one of these people would be preaching about doing more charity events “for the cause”.

I’ve bought the skin simply because it was pretty, but I’ve also lost my own moms to cancer when I was 14 years old, she died right in front of 14 year old me. I never once brought this up when defending pink mercy, because I’m not that much of a scumbag to use dead family members as tool to win arguments or guilt trip.

The amount of times I see people try to use the dead as an excuse to obtain Pink mercy is just disgusting. They use manipulation and guilt as a way to steal something that stands for wellness, charity, and purity. They only want to serve their own greed and don’t care about the virtues the skin stood for. If these people cared OH SO much about charity, then go donate right now and shut it.

If you just like the skin and want it to return that’s fine, nothing wrong with that. It’s just the people constantly using the charity as an excuse to get the skin who are the problem. Those people are exactly the reason I hope this skin Never Returns. EVER. They don’t deserve it. The End.


Like I just want them to go “I want the skin I don’t care about the cause” rather than going “b-but they could raise so much more!! For charity!”

But no they won’t.


Why can’t someone both want the skin and want to create a fundraiser which made millions? :thinking:

I mean I did post the link earlier, so nothing should be stopping you from donating.