Disabling XP Gains on 110+ Characters


Since the launch of Battle for Azeroth, we’ve noticed an increasing trend of players turning off XP gains at level 110 in order to repeatedly powerlevel other players’ characters at an excessive rate without increasing their own level. The intention of the XP-off feature is to allow alternate characters to stay in lower-level PvP brackets or relive lower-level content, not to purposefully halt progression in content relevant to the current expansion.

To curb this behavior, we plan to implement a hotfix in the coming days that will disable the ability to turn off XP gains on characters level 110 or higher. Additionally, any character of that level who already has XP disabled will find it automatically re-enabled the next time they log in.

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Tackling the real issues of the game, I see.

(Tovi) #5

Thanks for the tip. Now I’m going to do it tonight.

(Raicolette) #6

So, instead of fixing the problem of the slow leveling, you’ll break the solution players were using.

Nice job Blizzard, we’re proud of you… No, we’re not, if you haven’t figured it out.

(Freeheals) #7

Or you could just make leveling more engaging, but I suppose forcing players to play a certain way works too. Never-mind those who actually enjoyed running their friends through dungeons or anything.


I’ve never personally used this method to level, but it’s a bit too late at this point don’t ya think? It’s pretty sad it took you this long to notice something that’s been going on since your PTR, and now when it’s irrelevant you come here to post about blocking it.

There’s lots of things you guys put into the game that had unintentional effects too, and yet they are still here. For example: Azerite system. It unintentionally made tons of people quit WoW yet here we are… Azeriting it up.

Oh, and what’s with massively buffing Legion content out of nowhere? Was farming Midnight mount in the newer Kara and almost gone obliterated when I noticed the mobs actually hurt now…?

(Djarro) #10

What if I’m doing it to finish legion content at level, rather than out leveling it? If I want to run heroics at level or do other content that is locked to 110?

This is really lame!

You have an expansions worth of content that gets out leveled in 1 and 1/2 zones - if i want to finish it at level - not to mention have access to certain things that are locked to 110 (like heroics or raids) I can’t do them now?

I have to do legion content over 110, where I out lvl and out gear and 1 shot it without any challenge?

Another example of you breaking your game and turning me off from keeping my sub going.

(Satuza) #11

Now can you make it so accounts without bfa have their own pvp bracket at 110?


Ugh. Gross. All of my XPoff characters are doing late Legion content right now. I just wanted to do the story without one-shotting everything.

Can y’all make it 111? 110 is old content, 111 is new content.


Negative, read the post from the Blizz rep. XP OFF is designed to enable players to engage at lower PvP brackets or stay in and experience older content.

Not sure how you can insult someone’s IQ for figuring out how to dominate you in something either.

(Rhielle) #14

Wow. Way to just screw people out of their own options to play the way they want to.

Someone remind me again how much I love my friends so that I don’t quit again.


Fun detected. You are not allowed to play the game in any way that is not approved by Ion.

(Abruek) #16

How about you fix your state of the art scaling technology.

(Freeheals) #17

“Play the game, but only if it’s how we want you to play.”


This is a horrible idea, an absolute garbage change. I understand the desire to curb the type of behavior described, but this is a bad change. Why not just eliminate XP gains for anyone not randomly grouped with the player that has it turned off?

I think there are some legitimate reasons to turn off XP after 110, such as PVP bracket.

Yet another out of touch decision by Blizzard. SMH

(Lagspike) #19

This is some kodo poop and you know it.

(Omegall) #20

this is a short sighted fix that’s not going to go over well. There are many people that have made legit 110 twinks for other purposes than power leveling others. One example are the twink 110s used for farming transmog with full high end speed sets built off antorus gear and aggramars stride.

EDIT, typo.

(Kegstand) #21

They should just put twinks back in their own brackets again since its more widespread than just the 111-119 bracket.


Me and some friends were gonna do this since the current expac f’n sucks. Guess thats no longer happening.