Allumination ~ Stormrage

Allumination~ Are you friendly, slightly crazy but in a good way, an altaholic, looking for a Wow experience beyond the grind, prone to falling off cliffs, mature & dead sexy? Join us & find your perfect fit!

 Allumination has left classic wow and the glory of raiding vanilla content to grow our home here in retail and we need you to make our online family complete!! 

 We have been around for over 15 years in various gaming platforms, some time spent in Archage & Tera &  4 years in Wow retail prior to Lich King, 8 years in Rift , a year in Wow Classic and we have been playing shadowlands here in retail since it's release.

 We have always been a mature , family community that loves to hang out and socialize and kill digital dragons together  There are lots of shenanigans to enjoy !

 We have moved here to Stormrage on Alliance side (you can find us in guild finder. We  are building  a community where friendships are the greatest achievement.  We would love for you to join us for raiding and for casual fun !! We have monthly guild meetings with doorprizes. We raid on Monday  nights @ 7 server & Thursday  nights @ 7 server 10/10 Normal Castle Nathria & 6/10 Heroic
 We are looking for a second main/off tank & A Raid lead and to refill our raid group for the upcoming content . 9.1 

All are welcome and will be considered . You are welcome whether you are casual or plan on raiding in the future with us. Come grow with us and help us create an amazing online community :100:

Feel free to reach out to Seagypsy#11785

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Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods
Where’s the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed
I need a hero …
We are looking for you to join our online family to adventure into Shadowlands together

Sign up with and you’ll receive your own personal manservant, a complimentary mint on your hearthstone every night, and utilize a guild timeshare condo located in the Deeprun Tram!

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Allumination is a guild where busy adults can come to relive the time where lasting friendships were the greatest achievement. Young at heart, we are infected with sarcasm, adult humor and the need to have a good time we’ll all still be laughing about in another 15 years. Contact Seagypsy#11785 or RestoDruidz1#1524 and come hang your hat in a place you can call home :star_struck:

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Bumping on up

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Great guild!!!


Sent a request

I accepted the one battlenet request sent to Seagypsy , I am around for a bit if you wanted to chat hun

Isn’t it Illumination?

It is Allumination and spelled incorrectly for a reason :grinning: It can be a conversation starter (about the spelling) that evolves into people wanting to know the story behind it and joining our online family after that.

Ah ok RP stuff.


Roses are red, Violets are blue. We love Allumination, bet you will too! Come join our growing family as we prepare to embark into the unknown lands of Shadowlands.

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Greetings! just shot a fr to Seagypsy#11785, would enjoy chatting about the guild and getting some info! :smiley: Bnet= truezeldafan#1745

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Hey hun, accepted your request and looking forward to chatting today !!

I just sent a bnet request (not sure why my alliance druid isn’t showing up here, sorry!) :smiley:

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Hi!, i am just getting back into the game and was looking for a fun casual home. I sent a bnet request i think. mine is tim81#1112

Aumere we would love to chat with you about our family here on Stormrage. Looking forward to hearing from you.

“We want you to stand in fire. You know you want to. No? There’s an achievement!” Come join Allumination where everyday people gather to crush their enemies while driving the healers crazy. No masks required! Its okay, we have life insurance!!!

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We’re like a big ol’ family here, if you need help with something - someone is usually available to help <3

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Allumination is a guild where busy adults can come to relive the time where lasting friendships were the greatest achievement. Young at heart, we are infected with sarcasm, adult humor and the need to have a good time we’ll all still be laughing about in another 15 years. Contact Seagypsy#11785 We are 6/10 Normal Nathria & looking for a second tank for our raid team , heals & dps welcome also :dizzy: Allumination ~ Stormrage