Another returner, looking for their good place

Hey there.
I’m returning to WoW for the first time in 5 or so years and I’m here to see if I can’t find a guild that I can fit well with.
About me: I’m not interested in a race to smash through everything and burn myself out of content. This goes the same for dungeons. My past experience with the dungeon finder utility is that I get placed in a group with at least one or two (if not all) of the members of the group racing off, skipping quest targets, and screaming with rage if anyone in the group hasn’t done everything in said dungeon a million times over. I have not seen most of the content and I’m perfectly happy to slow down and explore with others as well.
I won’t tolerate being in a guild that promotes or allows racism, sexism, and other toxic behavior. I wish I didn’t even have to request this, but It seems to be an especially pervasive problem in WoW, especially on PvP servers, in my experience.
I may not raid, and I don’t have the luxury of adhering to a strict playtime schedule to do so. I have a life outside of this and it is way more important. So, if you need someone to fill a specific role, don’t be upset if I’m not there to fill it.
I tend to play alts a lot. If that is welcome, great! If not, no big deal.
I’m fun…some people think so. I’m just trying to be direct with my expectations.
What I’m looking for:
A guild on any normal PvE server. A or H is fine. I’m leaning towards alliance because I’ve never actually played them before. I’m fine with starting over.
A guild that allows me to just be casual. I haven’t played in ages and I don’t even know (or care at this point) what M+ or whatever even means. I’ll get re-acclimated soon enough though.
A guild that is not a ghost town.
A guild that is diverse. I prefer an inclusive community of varied ethnicity, gender, orientation and such.
Hopefully this doesn’t come off as being too demanding. I’m really just looking to have a good time playing a fantasy game about gigantic shoulder-pads and swords whilst chatting with people that don’t feel the need to use this game as a platform for their hot-takes or regressive ideologies. Is that too much to ask?
If you think I might be a good fit, please let me know.

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I respect someone who knows what they want! It’s important to find a good fit with a guild - on both sides.

Voyager would love to have you! We don’t tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny of any kind. Our guild is very diverse as far as gender, sexual orientation, age, and ethnicity go. Most of us are altoholics, so you’d definitely fit in there! We aren’t a big guild by any means, but there’s usually always a handful of people on, and that number will go up once Shadowlands is out of course.

You can add me on bnet (saltare#1856) or discord (saltare#5546) if you’d like to talk more. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Allumination sounds like we would be a good home for you :star_struck: We have an amazing diverse group of people, who are friendly and helpful , an equal number of casuals and raiders. We are active in game and discord , we are not one of the huge guilds as I prefer a smaller guild where everyone gets to know each other !! Check out our recruitment and give me a shout if we sound like a good fit and you are welcome to hop in our discord and look around also . Allumination ~ Stormrage - #21 by ßriarose-stormrage