<Vision>[Herod] [Horde] Sat/Sun 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST, Recruiting All

About Us
[Visions] Is recruiting for all future raid content. Our philosophy is being quick and efficient with an emphasis on a great community. We plan to have our first weekend raid October 12th (our weekday raid is already full clearing). Our leadership has a Vanilla based history extending into recent cutting edge raiding experience. Like minded players are encouraged to contact us. Casuals welcome.

Server: Herod
Loot: Loot Council ( Leadership and 3 random raid members picked each week, everyone will be on loot council eventually)

Current needs:
All classes are currently open.

Even if your class isn’t listed, please feel free to contact us. We’re always looking for amazing players.

We are a guild that will attempt to work through performance issues with you as long as you’re putting your best foot forward. That being said we are not here to run a babysitting program, help us help you.

Raid nights: Sat/Sun 8pm EST-11pm EST [invites start at 7:45PM to facilitate prompt pulls and organization] We strive to run a hardcore progression guild that operates on a semi-casual schedule with a tight roster; solid attendance is a must. Days are naturally reduced as content becomes farmed.

While these are our designated raid nights we remain quite active on off nights. Guild chat may get a tad interesting, please be prepared.

Base Requirements

⊗ Competitive drive
⊗ Ability to make scheduled raids and give proper notice of any absences
⊗ Being prepared with consumables
⊗ Discord
⊗ Reliable internet connection
⊗ Consummate knowledge of your class with efficiency in playing multiple roles [keeping up to date with theory-crafting + min/maxing]
⊗ No-lifers a plus!

If you think you may be a good fit, please reply here or contact us through discord or btag.

Discord link (remove the space) - https:// discord.gg/83T93pe

Btag - Wes#12170, CLOUDED#1644, Hypnotiq#11432

Discord - Wes#6205, Nuance#8055, Hypn0tical#6969

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Looking good!

We’re still looking for awesome players to join our guild.

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hey. are your raid times Est or CST. it says 7EST to 10CST.

I apologize. Wes is a special boy. Times are EST! He’ll get that fixed ASAP

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Sorry about that, just fixed the times.

Still looking for a couple more people to round out our raid roster, feel free to join discord and ask us any questions.

Raiders, PvPers, Casuals and anything in between, we want you.

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Still recruiting!

We’re still recruiting, join us for the fun.

Specifically what dps classes are you recruiting?

We currently have open spots for all classes, but we’d prefer the vanilla usual. So Rogues, Mages, Warlocks, Warriors. But if you’re awesome and can compete play w/e you want.

We’re still recruiting.

Looking for those competent players! Come check us out.

Going hard on Herod guys and gals! Will get the post updated shortly. See you all there :smiley:

Bump for the greatest bunch of people on this planet, And of course me.

We’re still recruiting, come join us for the fun.

Highily experienced raiding community looking for dedicated players! Come claim the loot.

Im interested in joining. What do I need to do?

Can you speak about what PVP will consist of for this guild?