Highmountain Tauren customization, and culture-themed spell and ability visuals

The paints are too bright and should be earth tones. As they already use natural colors for much of their culture’s stuff, please keep with their customs and traditions and resources and use the same colors.

Look at the muglore Tauren’s paint colors, they match the paints they use on their tents, baskets, dream catchers, drums, etc.

The high mountain tauren tents, drums, totems, tabard, clothing, ornaments, even the paint on their moose mounts are toned according to their paints and colors and resources. For some reasons, probably an accident, the colors of the paint on the highmountain tauren themselves are different and bright and unnatural looking.

It comes out of nowhere from their culture, heritage, lands, etc, it’s almost as if the colors that went live were intended to be brought in line with the rest of their race’s colors, but never got completed. The green should be the color of pine, and the blue of berries, the red more rustic. Instead the highmountain tauren paint colors are almost like glossy ribbons or lights.

Their heritage armor is painted with the same paints as on their tents, tabard, and the rest of their culture’s belongings, the body paint was probably meant to look more in keeping with their theme and not coming from somewhere else.

As the mulgore tauren use muted colors which are the same tones on their buildings and belongings and decorations as well.

The color of the highmountain tauren’s face and body paint doesn’t match the look and feel of the rest of their buildings, belongings, and decorations. It’s almost like a different type of berry/dye. The blue and green are way too vibrant, especially compared to the blue and green of the paint on their architecture. heritage armor, mounts, belongings, etc.

The blue body and face paint looks artificial, while the blue of their culture looks more like a flower or water or a bird or berry, it’s more natural looking.

The green on their heritage armor and cultural items looks like leaves or grass, but the green on their bodies looks like the shocking green from a computer.

Same problem with other colors involved. Too bright and fake looking.

The body and face paint is not meshing or melding with with their fur as decently as the mulgor tauren’s paint is. The high mountain tauren body and face paint looks drawn on with a program, not as integrated into the fur nor textured as it could be, with strands and clumps of fur contoured by the paint (or maybe contours are fine but the brightness/glow of the color makes any detail/texture that should be there, missing, because of the solid, non-natural colors.

It seems to me the body and face paint colors were concept that didn’t get final shading or values before going live. The colors are very unfitting and vibrant and almost glowing, when as a tauren main, suggest they be brought more in line with their culture’s true paint colors.

These solid, bright colors might be fine for other races, but our tauren tribes and cousins use earthly tones and natural colors from their home’s and surrounding resources. I think the colors should reflect the colors they use among their culture’s architecture, clothing, even their mount’s body paints are natural earth tones, not these these bright solid colors that don’t come from anywhere in their traditions. I suggest fixing the colors to be like the paints on their tents and armor and drums and mounts, more in tune with their people.

I’m pretty sure the body and face paint colors were one of the steps along the way while creating the markings, but never got finished to be their normal, natural colors. Went live before being brought in line with the rest of their culture’s paint colors. Please fix!

Look at the hightmountain tauren racial mount, it’s paint colors are prefect shade and hue and tone, as are the heritage armor colors and tent colors and decoration colors. Please use those exact colors for out highmountain tauren body and face paint, not the current glowing, solid, vibrant colors that don’t come from anywhere in their culture


Are there high mountain weapons? Some races have cultural weapons and it’d be cool if each race had a weapon or two made by themselves or their people. I know nightborne have some, but high mountain tauren weapons, with rocks and carved wood and paint and dangling with feathers and beads, etc, would be really nice.

Maybe a quest chain that involves the character back in their roots, building their weapon. It will have more special attachment since we create it by finding the right materials and ornaments for it and then use it.

A reddish fur color would be nice, red and dark grey. A snowy white one as well. Reddish for muglore tauren as well.

Can mulgore tauren have the feather option that highmountain tauren have, there is a couple of antlers that have a feather option that dangles behind the horn where it meets the ear, it’s one of the antler customization options. Can mulgore tauren have a that too please, a feather dangling from behind their horn?

Drums or a pine flute or a bone/wood horn as an accessory would be nice too, one that hitches to our side.

Can the mulgore tauren, or both tribes, have a dream catcher accessory, please? I’ve been waiting for one for many years. Accessories such as drums, medicine/seed/gem pouch, lucky animal paw or feathers, wood pipe/flute, bone horn, etc. These items can attached to our belt via an accessory slot, so we can further enrich our characters.

And accessories for the back such as a woven basket, totems, quivers, etc. These don’t replace our cloaks, they allow the cloak to remain in its gear slot, while the accessory fits in the accessory slot, so we can have both cloak and quiver, or cloak and totems, cloak and backpack, etc.

And face accessories such as glasses, monocles, eye patch, bandana, bamboo stalk resting in mouth to chew (for Pandaren), grain of wheat to rest in mouth, etc can fit into an accessory slot attached to the head armor slot, so we we can have glasses and hat, or eyepatch and helm, or a wheat stem to chew on and a hat on our head, instead of either or.

Accessory slots are for cosmetic/accessories, that don’t replace our gear by using up our armor slot, instead, they accompany it. A face accessory slot (glasses, eyepatch, monocle, bandana, etc) can accompany a head gear slot, a back accessory slot (wings, backpack, duffle bag, ruck sack, totems, goblin rocket, gnome generator pack, etc) can accompany our cloak slot so we can wear both, and a waist accessory slot (skulls, pouches, potion bottles, books, flowers, scrolls, etc) can accompany our belt slot. So a drum or dream catcher or herb pouch would be nice for a tauren’s waist accessory slot item

Can males have necklaces too, please? And the other kind of headband, the beaded/woven strip?

The girls have actual stitched leather sheath on their horns, and real rope wrapped around their antler, and some asymmetry wtih their horn decorations, can males please have those as well? Ours look a little bland, symmetrical, and weird. for instance some of the girl antlers can have ring and/or feather on the right antler, but the males have weird looking things symmetrical on their horns. that don’t even look like rope. Males need some ropes and beads and share the different headbands please.

The male mane braids are great but need leather or bone or wood wraps, not really gold rings, and the braids should be longer and thicker.

The ropes wrapped around the horns of the 3rd female tauren number in the preview picture needs to be how the rope is wrapped around the male horns, instead of enlarging the rope and sheathing the horn wtih it. look at the male rope compared to the female rope, they look like different things. coil the rope around the male antler, unless the male horn rope is supposed to be something else. Male horn ropes/sheathing needs to look more like the females’ ropes/sheathing, is what I mean.

add feather in the tail tuft, or in a tail band or wrap please.

color options for feathers, golden-brown.

eagle skull necklace

rock pendant on a rope necklace, the stone represents highmountain

wood carving of a pine cone on a rope necklace, symbolizing high mountain trees,

beaded and feathered bracelets.

Dreamcatcher accessory!

The braids in the sideburns section needs wood or leather bands, not gold rings

Lastly, can we get some of our culture in our spell and ability visuals, animations, and sound effects, please! right now, we all use the same looing stuff no matter our unique culture. People expect druid forms and shaman totem to reflect the identity of the race, but that should extend to most visuals.

A highmountain Tauren’s tranquility could be be playing a pine flute carved from the branch of a pine tree, which calls the snowy winds down from the mountain, reinvigorating friends, and for efflorescence they toss a pine cone or magical seed to the area and a small pine tree sprouts upward and grows while refreshing, cool scented winds, or eagles soar around. Another spell could have him raise a feather high into the air to call eagles to soar around and

While a mulgore tauren’s tranquility may be to play a wood pipe or the gentle drum beats and chanting, or raise a magical leaf into the air, calling an inspiriting whirlwind of colorful leaves or flowers, refreshing the weary, and their efflorescence could be to kneel prayerfully or beat a drum to grow a patch of meadow grass or wheat that grows upward and heals.

Keep default visuals as an option, for those who prefer to use them.

When you see the people who like race-specific druid forms and culture-appropriate shaman totems, you know, the signature aesthetic spells and ability visuals that are race-specific and culture-appropriate, offering reflecting our identities, it’s because its personal and fitting, and it makes sense that different peoples would have unique versions of their arts. This should extend to most spells and abilities, visually, because the culture nurtured and honed and developed their art differently, separately from other races, and therefore have it’s own unique visuals reflecting the people’s identity, which is made up their beliefs, traditions, ideals, history, heritage, lands, affinities, adeptnesses, masteries,etc

I’d like to see class-specific, or race/class customization as well

Perhaps more customization will be unlocked over the course of the expansions via quests, achievements, discoveries, maybe through professions too!

Special class-only cosmetics and customization such as; Unique feathers for hunters with special patterns and colors.

Hunter-only tattoos/markings in the shapes of animals such as paw or hoof tracks going up or down the arm, turtle shell, cat teeth, bear claw, bird wings and beak, snake, iconic animal silhouettes.

race and/or class specific customization/cosmetics we unlock through a quest chain such as freeing a trapped bird from a tangle of thorns high atop a cliff who awards us wtih one of it’s feathers as thanks which we can then access from the barber shop as it’s now a cherished belonging. And, through tracking/taming/helping/befriending various animals in the wild or spirits from myth, we could receive the right/earn to wear their image, and they bestow their gift of their image so we can wear their print.

Such stories and experiences will allow our adornments and belongings and visuals to have actual memories attached to them, so that what we wear, say a special feather or a chosen animal print, will have meaning to us as players and to our characters. Our characters will look like the history they’ve traveled. Seeing our characters going around with such stories on them will make them feel part of the world, with a past that displays how they currently appear. We’d be wearing cherished, lucky, significant customizations or accessories/cosmetics that have actual meaning because it has actual memory and emotion attached to it.

Thanks for considering!


I didn’t actually read all that 'cause I’m lazy, but you obviously put a lot of time and thought into it so have a +1 and a bump.

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This is great feedback.

I hope it finds its way to the WoW art team!

Both Highmountain and Mulgore/vanilla Tauren need more face choices. They both only have 4 faces for females, 5 for males, which is half the choices most other races have. Highmountain should have gotten some moose-y options (e.g., moose snout).

So you want them to look like this?

I feel like that wouldn’t look good as war paints at all. Native American war paint wasn’t subdued or earth tones. Each color held meaning and they were bright colors, not natural ones.

And they did use brighter colors in places:

To me, that’s like saying “it comes out of nowhere” for Native American culture, heritage, lands, etc.

I enjoy the paint colors that they have, personally, and wouldn’t want to see those changed.

There were AR weapons, but never added into the game for unknown reasons.

Mulgore Tauren aren’t a culture of eagle riders like the Highmountain are. Maybe they could create different ones for Mulgore Tauren, instead of feathers? That would be cool to have their own customizations.

Fur colors sound good to me.