Kul Tirans need more love

I can’t say I’m too impressed coming back to 9.1.5 that was meant to have fun cosmetic stuff, only to see that Kul Tirans got sidelined again. I mean I should read the patch notes really so that’s on me, but when you only have a handful of faces and hairstyles to use it gets a bit disappointing really. We need tattoos or plundered jewellery, better hairstyles and more than like 3 options for hair colour. I don’t mind that we’re big, I’m a big girl myself and the accent is my home county’s accent so I absolutely adore this race. I just can’t help the bitter taste that other races now look amazing (like lightforged draenei? love it). But when can we have some nice stuff please?

Also came back after six months off, did an instance at lvl 10 just to get back into things and got no loot. Ah, I didn’t miss that feeling :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (Yes, I know it’s not guaranteed)

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I’d be happy to have both the thin model and the thick model for them and regular humans.


Having thin models as an option is a-okay with me, I wouldn’t use them but it wouldn’t ruin my fun if others did :3


Been saying it since the beginning. They need to have body options - it would be a nice unique trait in that race that not many people play. More customization to the original model would be nice as well.

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come join the human customization thread

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