New Orc Customization in Shadowlands

What would you like to see? A few of my suggestions:

Skintones: Fel Orc red, Dragonmaw grey, Hellfire black.
Eyes: I’d like to get some glowing options. The green/red haze for the more Fel-inclined, the Dragonmaw amber - perhaps even Shamanic lightning like Ten Storms.
Extras: Bone spikes, draconic brands, various tattoos, ornamental bits of conquered creatures like wargs, kodos and dragons.

The way I see it, the two “branches” of Orc that have joined the Horde and don’t have any playable representation are the Dragonmaw Orcs of the Twilight Highlands and the Fel Orcs of Outland, so those should get a focus. There aren’t really many other variations out there.

What are your suggestions?


Long, flowing, unbraided hair. The sort you can imagine blowing in the caster’s face while casting spells.
More hairstyles in general, really.


I just want all of the NPC skin colors. Like you already mentioned, Fel Orc Red, Dragonmaw, and the grey skin color Eitrigg has as well as the variant with a scarred face. I will be extremely happy with just that. Your other ideas are great, though.


Mag’har did scratch that itch a bit, particularly after playing with stringy hair for the past 14 years. But yeah… there’s room for improvement. Particularly if we can get some hairstyles with the upright postures in mind rather than as an afterthought.


New CONFIRMED Shadowlands Orc customization option:

Option to make Orcs not orcs, and in fact humans.

These all sound like something that could be a new Allied Race! So we’ll have to grind out rep for a few weeks first…


Fel Orc red and Dragonmaw aesthetics.
Huge tusks like the fel orcs have.
Kargath bladefist’s hairstyle.
Jewelry for male orcs, including piercings for their tusks/teeth.
Horde symbol tattoos instead of just tribal tattoos.


Dragonmaw, red eyes with glow, and multiple tusks as some orcs are shown in cinematic and art having 2 tusks and 2 smaller tusks.


Eyebrows, younger face options, better hairstyles that don’t make it look like you’re balding, and better beards.

Basically I just want Thrall. He is what Orcs should look like.


I mean, that’s my obvious preference. Get Dragonmaw Orcs with Wildhammer Dwarves to match. Get some nice draconic racials. A sweet heritage set with a cloak fashioned from a dragon’s wing… Even throw in the ability for Hunters to tame dragons once you’ve unlocked them… account-wide, of course.

You can see at least 4 things in this picture that could be added for orcs :

111111 (remove the 111111)

The haircut
The scars
Nose ring and piercings
Red eyes

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The playable Orcs have a problem in that they exist as a compromise. They have hints of Fel influence, but they don’t lean into it. Nor do they lean in the Shamanic direction Thrall was taking them in at launch.

I would like to see both and more represented.

hair, this is a warrior race with a shamanistic faith I want long flowy hair, like thralls, and Groms.

Blizz could easily just allow Mag’har and Green orcs access to eachothers hair styles, saves time money and adds more customization.


Orcs should get pasty skin and seductive blue eyes with luscious long blond hair.


Larger bosoms on both male and female Orcs.

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Bigger biceps, more spikes… a skull or two here and there.

Nearly forgot this. Skull beards. Beards with skulls in them like Kilrogg Deadeye.


That’ll be tricky considering I’m pretty sure all the dragonmaw are dead thanks to Garrosh

Oh i like it!

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Still represented post-Garrosh as of Legion with Gorfax showing up to represent the Dragonmaw Clan during the ceremony for the PvP artifact appearance.

Also playing a supporting role in BfA during the Vulpera recruitment ceremony wherein they’re assisting with resettling the Mag’har in the Twilight Highlands.