Human Customization Thread

can we have humans who look like this guy (with normal eyes)? hehe



My full support for all these options!

The things I want are:

  • No more linked skin/faces. Allow any skin color with any face.

  • Add younger/handsome-looking options for male humans!

  • Hispanic face options, more ethnicities in general

  • Make every hair color available for every haircut. It’s strange that this isn’t a thing already. The whitest hair color for male humans is only available for the newer hairstyles.

  • Fix the Asian faces. They look nothing like the previews that were shown.


Just the beads, tattoos, feathers, costumes…man, the face shapes, and hair and face colors… why can’t these choices,accessories & the attire … ALL of it…just dreams unfortunately.

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This is a lovely thread, beautifully made, and I adore the hair styles featured here so much. You worked hard on this, OP, and it clearly shows. Full support and I hope people in general see this.

I don’t accept ‘but humans have enough customization’ argument, because I don’t accept that any race has enough customization. Everyone needs more love all around, and suggestions like this are important.

I guess my contribution would lean more toward supernatural. I suggested ‘human vampyr options’ for forsaken having Nathanos undead, but this would work for humans as well, if they were actually accepted in the Alliance as a notion. Given humans have Death Knights, perhaps they would.

There is this peace of art I’ve always adored:

With credit to: Super neat character. Their hairstyle in particular… I adore it.

Otherwise, do humans have a wide variety of facial piercing options? That would be a really nice option in my personal opinion as well.


God yes. I want so many more black hairstyles in games. It’s 2021, come on Blizz.


Edit: I’ve moved this first Point of Origin set to the top of the post, for better forum flow.

Point of Origin
This section is a conceptualization of many Azeroth city hubs, as mega cities in our real world (New York, London, Paris, etc.), where certain styles and fashions are in vogue.

I think it would be fun for Human players to choose where they started, mostly for unique class gear and transmogs. HOWEVER, I want to be very careful with this section: this is NOT to insinuate that “these are where -blank- ethnicity MUST come from”. It’s more saying, “this is where this person was born, not necessarily where everyone with my features is from”.

To emphasize the transmog aspect of the Point of Origins, in the parentheses next to each city, I’ve placed a “punk” style that I thought would be fun to associate to each. Feel free to come up with your own ideas, I’d love to see them!

Also, if you’d like more info of the various punk visual aesthetics, please peruse the following link:
‘Punk Tropes’ -

Stormwind (Dungeon Punk)


Worgen Druid (Pre-Transformation)

Old Town Warlock

(Possible Class Idea!!) Royal Tinkerer

(Possible Class Idea!!) Traveling Lorewalker Bard

Dalaran (Acadamian Punk)

Academy Professor

Academy Mage

Dalaran Elemental Institute - Kul Tiran Transfer Student

Dalaran Librarian

Dalaran Library Guardsman

(Class Idea!!) Preservation Society Tinkerer

Tanaris / Uldum (Desert / Jungle Punk)

Uldum Oasis Paladin

Uldum Academy Mage

Kul Tiran Stranglethorn Druid

Tanaris Academy Mage

Tanaris Oasis Priestess

Stranglethorn Pathfinder Hunter

Uldum Choking Sands Warlock


Hey Fallynn! I’m glad that you like my submission, I really appreciate. I see so many of you here, and it makes me really happy.

I’ve added your suggestion by the way, I love it! I’m definitely down for the supernatural features. And yes, I did work on this for a long while, I wanted to be sure everyone was included as best as possible. I have a lot more to add in, specifically for the tattoos, jewelry, scars, etc., but I wanted to see what others added as well. Thanks again, catch you soon!


Our favorite san’lyn is here to put vampire shows in the trash with these recommendations yaaiiiiiyy, though twilight isn’t a high… :sob: you know what I don’t want to remember


I never knew that about Orcs (I’ve only ever made an undead and a tauren, and that was very recent). Damn, I’m now super envious over their scar slider. ESO freaking KILLS it with options!

Feel free to add some suggestions for humans if you think of any!


Wait, you mean in other threads it is tolerated?

YES. There’s a customization thread, that I will not link here. Some very literal, very aggressively racist stuff was posted, and to this date, absolutely zero was done about it.

I’d prefer if this was the last it was mentioned here. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see, that I haven’t posted, feel free to add it, or let me know and I’ll see what I can find for you!


WTB Cutie Marks for Draenei, PST.

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I think I’ve added what you’re looking for, in the following thread:

Please, have a look at their other entries for Draenei! The customization threads try to focus on one race, mostly.


One thing i would love to see for humans would be war paint options. In my mind, I’ve always seen “Braveheart” style paint fitting the humans of Stromgarde and think that could be a cool look.

More hair colors would be nice too. Would specifically like to see some more proper brown hair options. The brown hair option at least for human males has always looked weird to me. Something about the color just seems off and has especially seemed off ever since we got the new models in WoD.

Some more shades of Red and Even blonde hair would be nice. When it comes to blonde, would specifically be nice to have some darker shades of blonde hair.

Another thing i’d like to see would be actual wizard beards.


oh yeah! that would be awesome.

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What the, what are you even talking about ,you placed restrictive rules on a forum thread like if your a boss of company and you take this to the next level? I don’t care about you up bring nor racial profile if that’s what your suggesting,who cares. I love diversity but i don’t love people making rules in a public forum that they don’t own. good day.

How about updating many of the old haircuts that look like black paper, they’re basically playstation 2 graphcis (by updating I mean keep the haircuts but update the textures).


Haha my favorite vampire show is Castlevania from Netflix! Also saw Blade recently and enjoyed it a lot ^^ I HATE Twilight so much.

Heya! Cool, thanks! I don’t play humans much (would if they were vampires of course, but duh!) but I do like worgen and would prolly play mine if I joined again. I think more diverse options are extremely important and hope to see some more greatly expanded :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about the known trolls hitting this thread either, your warnings are great to keep them away anyhow. Think my ignore list will grow from people who cause a fuss.


I’m totally with you on this! I have some things I’ll share tomorrow on the matter. If you find any, feel free to share, I’ll be glad to add them in the list of suggestions.

Ask and ye shall receive, dude! Definitely more hairstyles incoming tomorrow. Andor, thank you for reminding me, I’m salt and pepper myself, I’d like to have so more options for that.

I did add a few of each above, have you had the chance to see them?

Hmm…a challenge…I’ll see what I have.

I’m not even giving them a second thought.

I said what I said, because I want people to come to this thread, and not worry about catching hell or being ridiculed for their suggestions or requests.

The thread looks like its going really well, people are sharing and talking. Honestly, the thread so far has turned out better than I could have hoped :smiley: I’m really excited to post more and see more suggestions. (Also, I want vampire options too, so yeah, I’ll keep you posted :smiley: )


I think WoW would need a whole new game engine to be able to handle what you’re looking for.

At most, Wrathion’s look is something similar to what they can provide for character customization.
Idk if they can even add a slider bar. Still, worth asking for. GL.

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