📝 Patch Notes for 2019, idea

Here’s what I want to be patched in for 2019:

  • New map
  • Blizzard IP crossover skins
  • Release OWCC viewer for OWL
  • Easier to find good teammates. (Whatever that social feature is)
  • Temporary OWL/Competitive Rule: NoTripleHealers on Hero Select
    • Have this ready for Stage2 of OWL, in case anti-GOATs isn’t strong enough. Announce halfway through Stage1 if needed.
  • Soldier: Reload while Sprinting.
  • Hammond: Faster Reload while Ball. Impact/Duration from CC reduced by half while in ball form. (not including Hook/Charge)
  • Mei: Reload while Iceblock.
  • Doomfist: 20m Slam distance, Vacuum on Uppercut, Larger AttackHitbox on Uppercut, Faster Meteor Strike falling
  • Reaper: Shotgun is better against armor, Invincibility on first half of ShadowStep, Stun-Immune on Ultimate (not including Hook/Charge)
  • Symmetra: Faster Teleport Deploy, golden gun/arm for goldengun
  • Bastion: Change the bullet sound when clipsize is low, Something good on E
  • Mercy: Blaster = dualweild Blaster+HalfHealsStaff, CaduceusStaffReload = 2sec of: 2xHeals or DmgBoost with Piercing
  • Torbjorn: Headhitbox doesn’t include beard
  • Roadhog: passive:30% less Ult charge given to enemies and teammates, zero Ult charge given during SelfHeal (use that dark blue temporary shield if needed)
  • Sombra: Automated communication with team. Invisible + crosshairs on enemy = opportunist wallhax for team. Hacked enemy = opportunist wallhax for team. Teamwide audioqueues for hacks.
  • Orisa: Fortify blocks Ults if she survives, Halt cancels momentum on DvaBomb ----OR— Can freely reposition shield at the cost of half of the remaining shield health. Fortify blocks Hammond.
  • Junkrat: 0.3m grenade initially when shot, 0.2m grenade after first bounce. 90dmg minimum on edge of conc-mine explosion.
  • Moira: Healing orb cannot be Matrix/Deflected, 20% antiheal on Damage orb
  • Pharah: increased mobility, like this.
  • McCree: 45 damage per FtH bullet, tighter spread. Roll midair. Headshot kill reduces roll cooldown by # of seconds.
  • Mei/Tracer Ults don’t disappear while midair. At minimum, fall straight down to the ground.
  • Brigitte: Slowly redesign to be better at 2Healer comps, and worse at 3Healer comps.
  • Quickplay: Prevent more than 4 Damage heroes from being chosen on the hero select screen. (I.e. Remaining two players can only pick Healer/Tank, and eventually somebody will go Healer)
  • Replacing Skirmish with a Skirmish version of FFA Deathmatch would probably be more fun.
  • Still want that Mei Iceblock bug fixed
  • Mei walls in spawn either get destroyed by the game instantly, or teammate damage instantly destroys it.
  • Avoid repeated backfills for same player
  • Disconnects from Comp should encourage reconnecting and winning. (5SR win, 0SR draw, -45SR on loss, -50SR on no reconnect).
  • Fix Mystery Heroes
  • Console friendly features (expanded quickchat menu, like Payday 2)
  • Some arcade horde mode that involves Bastions vs Orisas.
  • Bring back the arcade variety mode queues, like where everybody was soldier, or everybody was Pharah/Mercy
  • Maybe have an arcade mode of all Bastions that are permanently in Tank mode
  • For LFG, make Mei and Roadhog selectable as both Damage and Tank.
  • I think they should mostly just try to make it so that you only get one backfill per day.

Devs can cancel the Reaper buff, and give him a better ShadowStep, and maybe a bit more armor pierce.


  • Hellfire Shotguns
    • Damage reduced by -2 against armor, instead of -3.
  • ShadowStep
    • First half is nearly instant and invulnerable.
    • Second half is unchanged.

Also an Orisa buff would be nice:


  • +50 additional Armor.
  • Protective Barrier
    • Can be used while on cooldown to reposition the barrier.
    • Repositioning the barrier reduces it’s remaining shield hitpoints by half.
    • Deploying a barrier after the cooldown has reset gives a full health barrier.

McCree: 3 sec cooldown on Fth, because cheese and low ranks

Doomfist: Minigrav on uppercut enemies, faster falling Ult, 20m Slam travel distance

Roadhog: Ult charge given to enemies and healers reduced by 20%.

Mercy: Staff R button = 2seconds of either, 2x heals or 30% dmgboost with attacks pierce through multiple enemies. 10sec cooldown.

Bastion: E ability gives 200 overshield health for 5 seconds. 10sec cooldown.
OR E ability is lower damage tank mode, Q ability is SelfNanoBoost. (Fyi, Damage resistance is capped at 50%).

Torbjorn: Critical hitbox reduced by 25% to no include beard. +50armor on overload. Ultimate ignores Defence Matrix. (Like Hammonds Ult).

Visual indicators thread
The game could use more indicators for team mates to see for less toxicity

I think they should mostly just try to make it so that you only get one backfill per day.

For Roadhog, it just occurred to me that they could rapidly convert his health to that dark blue health Hammond has, then rapidly convert it back.

Such that the health bar mimics the inhale and exhale.


Grenade Launcher

  • Proximity trigger radius set to 0.3m when initially fired. (Up from 0.2m)
  • Proximity trigger radius reduced to to 0.2m after the first bounce.

Concussion Mine

  • Falloff damage reduced such that the edge of the explosion does 90 damage. (Up from 36 damage)

Idea would be you could press the “shoot a barrier projectile” button again, it would shoot again, and just as the new one is setting up, the old one would disappear.

But each redeploy it loses half of whatever remaining barrier health it has.

Assuming no damage from enemies, that is 900,450,225,112,51,etc

If you aren’t blocking ultimates or snipers, it would be a waste to redeploy it usually.

  • put in match history, with very detailed statistics, similar to those old third party apps, visor etc

already exists
u have to wait 2s

you’d be removing a bit of counterplay to the best dueslist in the game

not gonna happen they said
reaper fire rate increases the more consequent shots he lands

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I want a 6 stack queue, with no rank celling and a role queue.

LFG already is in the game.

Just talk to your teammates before queue. You have no idea how much this helps.

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It’s not good enough. And I’ve used it over 100 times.

This would be great for an LFG 2.0 though:

  1. Pick the comp pattern/patterns you want.
  2. Pick what role/roles you want in each comp.
  3. Have the system automatically join you into an LFG six-stack that fits the above criteria.
  4. Once the team is formed, the group starts queuing automatically. (Possibly with some AFK detection).
  5. Create an interface that allows two teammates to swap roles/heroes/location.
    (Which can be done without having to go back to spawn).
  6. Automatically disband roles if one teammate leaves.

Actually pretty good job.

yes to everything. Please! I meant everything in all heros! dont know Why is only quoted the doom part.


I dont think you thought these changes through well enough, especially the cc immunity, with reapers buffed lifesteal cc immunity on ult would be too much to handle since every target essentially adds another mercy pocket to him

Well, I’m more concerned with stuns.

So maybe instead of CC immunity, downgrade that to stun immunity.

Knockback and displacement is fine.

How would that react with sleep dart freeze and knockdown ccs which aren’t stuns but function similarly/same

I would just count those all as Stuns.

Except for Rein Charge and Roadhog Hooks. Because those are more “Grabs”/“Grapples”

Alright, I’m glad you didnt say but barriers, I would have lost respect for you if you did

Now some other questions what do you mean by vacuum on uppercut you mean instead of pushijg the target away it pulls them closer?

About the headshot kill resets roll cd I feel like in the hands of high level mccrees that would too easily allow steamrolling allowing them to effectively always have ammo and never needing to reload, maybe something like headshots reduce the cooldown by a certain amount, if the roll cooldown was still 8 I would suggest 1 second but since it’s six now i would go with .8 allowing a mccree to reduce the cooldown by up to 4 seconds per clip/magazine/whatever

Making brig ult bad sound barrier isnt the solution, yes I do view every idea that makes brig ults decay without any sort of compensation to the ult as, “make brig ult bad sound barrier”

  • Vacuum on uppercut would be equivalent to a tiny graviton during the uppercut immobility. Just enough so that people can’t escape just by holding backwards.
  • #seconds reduction for roll on McCree headshot kill is reasonable, I’ll change it to that.
  • I think Brig needs a dramatic rework, I’ll just edit that to say “Better at 2Healer comps, worse at 3Healer comps”
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I like the Hammond changes but a big problem seems into ammo and fire rate to get a kill.
Ammo increased to 90
Fire rate increased from 25 to 30.

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This is mine, for balance only

I tried to revive the thread but it goes ignored but since we are talking about this might as well show mine

I think you’d should try removing your Blank entries.

These are the main ones I want lol

This is a terrible idea. The charm of esports is letting the pros play on current patch that players are playing so people can emulate them in hopes to improve their own game. If the pro’s are on a different patch completely, thats not possible. As exemplified by the hanzo rework that didn’t end up in a stage, and then the sym rework patch that wasn’t played. People through a fit over these.

so basically revert him.

shrinking nades?

There’s more problems with this, but some of these suggestions are just ridiculous.

  • The whole design of a competitive eSports Shooter is that it has Damage Heroes that Shoot things. Current OWL meta is all Tanks and Healers. No other comps world be affected besides GOATs variants. And this would buy valuable time to work on other more important things.
  • Not a revert, but just enough to make him worthwhile again.
  • Junkrat is based on Demoman from TF2. Demoman had a similar mechanic where bounced grenades did less damage. It’s a smart way to make it so aimed shots are rewarded, but spammed shots aren’t too overwhelming.

This is completely false, especially for a game like overwatch that isn’t just about shooting things.

we’re not even in owl, how do you know what the meta is?

Triple support with double sniper is now dead. Triple support with two tanks is now dead. But no, no other team comp would be affected.

His winrate is actually fine in high elo, with an average of 54% winrate, putting him in line with the majority of the hero roster.

We both know you don’t have a source for this.

and this has never been a thing in tf2.

Honestly they should outright revert junkrat’s last nerf to his grenade’s and just require more ult charge for his ult.