Reopening the Mage Tower with Legion Timewalking in 9.1.5

Soon after the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth at the Broken Shore, the Alliance and Horde began using the Mage Tower at Deliverance Point for high-end training of their most promising champions. When Sargeras was later defeated and dealt his final vengeful blow to Azeroth, the Mage Tower was shut, and it has been inaccessible ever since.

In 9.1.5, Legion Timewalking will become available for the first time, and with Timewalking comes a wondrous way to return to the moments of heroism from the past. Azeroth’s champions will be able to enter the Mage Tower again.

Mage Tower Basics
In Legion Timewalking, the Mage Tower will operate similarly to how it did during Legion. The original seven different Challenges (grouped by your specialization’s role) will be available to try repeatedly, for the duration of Legion Timewalking:

  • “Closing the Eye” for Frost Death Knight, Havoc Demon Hunter, Survival Hunter, Subtlety Rogue, and Arms Warrior.
  • “An Impossible Foe” for Unholy Death Knight, Feral Druid, Fire Mage, Outlaw Rogue, Elemental Shaman, and Fury Warrior.
  • “The God-Queen’s Fury” for Arcane Mage, Retribution Paladin, Assassination Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, and Demonology Warlock.
  • “Feltotem’s Fall” for Beast Mastery Hunter, Windwalker Monk, Discipline Priest, and Destruction Warlock.
  • “The Highlord’s Return” for Blood Death Knight, Vengeance Demon Hunter, Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk, Protection Paladin, and Protection Warrior.
  • “End of the Risen Threat” for Restoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest, and Restoration Shaman.
  • “Thwarting the Twins” for Balance Druid, Marksmanship Hunter, Frost Mage Shadow Priest, and Affliction Warlock.

Each Challenge comprises a series of solo encounters that must be completely survived to earn rewards, and in Legion Timewalking, they will not require that you have an Artifact, or even that you originally played Legion. While the Challenges were considered quite difficult for most of Legion, we’re tuning the encounters in Timewalking to normalize player power, with the intention of providing a meaningful level of difficulty to current players.

New Rewards
The Timewalking Mage Tower Challenges may be the same as those that players experienced in Legion, but the rewards will be different. When the Mage Tower closed at the end of Legion, it was firmly established that those rewards would become unavailable. Many players pushed themselves to collect all the appearances they could before the tower closed. Reintroducing those same appearances now would diminish those players’ accomplishment, so success in a Mage Tower challenge will now award a Legion-themed armor set for your class.

There’s also a new Achievement coming in 9.1.5 for the most well-rounded champions of the Kirin Tor. Players who complete all seven of the Challenges on different characters across their account will be rewarded with a unique flying mount: the Soaring Spelltome!

Another Special Addition
During Legion, the Mage Tower awarded most specs a new weapon appearance, yet players who missed earning those still have countless other admirable weapon transmogs to collect across the whole of the game. But for Guardian druids, the Mage Tower prize was an alternate bear form with a unique silhouette and animations. There is simply nothing else like it in the game. For years, we’ve heard feedback from druid players who are frustrated that something so transformative is no longer available, and we agree.

Therefore, in Legion Timewalking, Guardian druids who complete The Highlord’s Return challenge will also receive a new fel variant of the “werebear” form.

We’ve designed it with the goal of making sure that the original bear forms earned in Legion, with their unblemished natural coloration, will remain clearly distinguishable from this new one.

Looking Ahead
To celebrate the return of the Mage Tower, we plan to have Legion Timewalking open for two consecutive weeks when it first appears on the calendar. Thereafter, Legion Timewalking will occur for the standard one-week-at-a-time in rotation with other Timewalking events from past expansions.

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looking forward to all these new things.




Amazing!! Thank you so much, i can’t wait to do the challenges

Imo this is a great compromise. I’m really happy with this direction, thank you


Oh I like this. All of this is exactly what I wanted to see for the return of the Mage Tower.


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This is the right way to do it. Thank you, looking forward to it


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That looks awesome and this is a great idea! Thanks for the recolor of this! People.will be very excited, I hope!


I’m glad the new armors are the rewards rather than the weapons.

However, that Monk coloration… not the best looking one. It’s a shame.

The werebear looks amazing though.


I got 26/30-something? And I dont disapprove of the idea that others should be able to obtain them now. All of those skins were too special to be unobtainable.

You’re arguing in favor of losing more player engagement than retaining if you ask me. 4 years was enough bragging rights.

Still I am happy to see the content coming back!

Also my wife is unhappy to see no fel sparkle kitty.


is mage tower only available for the first two weeks of it being active or every legion timewalking period following also? and will it require lvl 60 to do or can you do it at 50 as well?


Exactly the compromise I was wanting. A NEW werebear form for everyone to earn, new sets, and some evergreen content. Would still be nice to get new variants on the old appearances as well, like new tinted flails and flame glaives but this is pretty solid. Very much looking forward to step into the mage tower again :smiley:


This is terrible. Give me my missing MoP challenge modes then.


Do we need to complete only one challenge per class to gain the transmog? Or all of them?

Because during Legion we had one reward per spec, now it seems we’ll have one for the whole class.


Now make it permanent so you can keep doing ALL old content ALL the time like in ffxiv where you can do raids and dungeons from 2013 still. There is 0 downsides of being about to do raids and stuff from old stuff from 10+ years ago


This is pretty lame.

No one wants a 3rd version of recolored Tier 6 sets

Also doesn’t make sense for druids to get one…


Chance the Gooey Slimesaber could still be made?


I assume this was the same mount from the voting contest? Does that mean there is hope for the others? :slight_smile: