[H]Illidan <Stars Of Nine> AOTC Focused 8-11 CST

Welcome, We are Stars Of nine

Given the Old Recruitment post a little tune up to see if we’ll survive the new expansion.

We are another of the many small AOTC-focused guilds with a strong core that needs more chill, exceptional people to push AOTC and enjoy the many aspects of the game.

We’re a guild of adults who have a lot going on outside of wow, so there are no demerits for not being able to make it to a raid. Life Happens.
However, there are demerits for not letting the Guild Leader and/or Raid leader know that you won’t be available :slight_smile:
Our Guilds primary focus is raiding.
So we expect you to try to show up for raid, and to let us know if you can’t make it. :slight_smile:

Shadowlands Progress:
N CN: 10/10
H CN: 9/10 (one more week we would have had it!)
N SOD: 10/10
H SOD: 10/10
N SFO: 11/11
H SFO: 11/11

Raids: 8-11 CST Guild is voting to between Tues/Thurs or Sunday/Thurs

What we expect from you as a gamer:
The willingness to learn and grow and own your mistakes and responsibilities.

We’re not ultra hardcore and we’re not going to sim you to death and bench you because you don’t meet your sims. but everyone has to pull there weight and when we get to walls we may have to have hard conversations about rotating people out or sitting people to get over the humps.

Come EARN your AOTC here.

Needs as of 10/24:

  • Everything!

  • Tanks spots aren’t settled yet.

  • Healer Spots aren’t Settled yet

  • DPS! Always Room for More DPS! Even better if you bring a raid buff/cool down!

-Cross-Realm and Cross-Faction friends welcome as well!
That Community is here:

Discord: Tuarham#5005

Classic bump reply.

Back from vacation and ready for 9.1 lets goooo DPS friends where are you?

Ready for 9.1

There’s gotta be some dps looking for a guild somewhere. 9.1 Is here everyone!

Bump for ANY DPS, Lets goooo

The call for DPS, if you wanted to dip your toes into raiding, now is the time!

Bump for Updated needs,
Ranged DPS!
More Healer!
A Melee buff or two?

Looking for DPS wanting to work through the new 9.1 raid! Come join us Thursday!!!


We know you have your choice of AOTC guilds and we thank you for flying with Stars of Nine this patch. Please keep your seat backs and tray tables in there upright and locked positions.

Ready to start the new raid! If your interested let us know!

Bump for 2/10 N, before the Power Outage Boss took the raid out XD.

Come Join us for Sunday when we go ALL THE WAY, unlike your prom date.

can i talk to myself to bump these threads?

5/10N, Looking for all the DPS and Heals to help keep our momentum going!

Bump Bump Bump. Plenty of room, we’re cool, we’re helpful. we just wanna raid and m+ and stuff!

Bump again, BIG raid tonight LETS GOOOOOOO

7/10 N in one night! LETS GOOOOOO
Heroic pulls coming soon! Where my BIG DPS at

Bump Bump Bump,
9/10N as of Sunday,
heroic pulls coming soon!

Re-Bump! Heroic is on the horizon!

Bump Easy knock out of the first 3 on Heroic and a 1% wipe on Sylvanus on normal first time seeing phase 3. A little clean up and she dies this week.

A couple more weeks of normal clears and to get the skip and spending the rest of our time in the week in heroic, and then heroic can begin in earnest!

Heeeeeeeyyyy You know what time it is.