Druid (tank or boom) looking for a home

I know I am still leveling but I want to hit the ground running and find a team that needs a boomkin or a tank. I have AOTC and some mythic exp in my past. Who needs some pew pew?

Hey there - we’re in need of a Boomkin and are looking to push for CE next tier if you have interest in that. Our info is below.

CE! That’s crazy

hey i’d love to talk to you about the schedule you’d like and a guild with some pretty good guys in it. Emerald Parrots on Zul’Jin (H) is lookin for a star chicken. we’re basically on every day doing something (15+ on daily), and have a raid schedule of wendnesdays and sunday 930-1230east for progression raid nights, friday nights is an optional fun run. give me a message on discord stratosfear#8665 or btag jmac1984#1572. currently 4/10mythic and lookin forward to the new challenges of 9.1. hit me up if you’re interested. i look forward to talking with you.

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[H] [Area 52] is a 10/10H CN guild looking to get some more people for 9.1 raiding and M+. We are a mixed semi-casual and semi-hardcore(mostly a smaller group that run M+)

We raid Wednesdays/Sundays from 8:30 PM EST until 11:30 PM EST, but last raid tier we added extra raid days in because we all wanted more progression on Sire.

We’re AOTC focused, however we aren’t striving for mythic raiding. It’s more likely a byproduct of our fun raiding environment.

If you’re interested, hit me up on Discord Ody#4290 or on B Net CritOdysseus#1323

Hey there Jazzius!

My name is Cleo, I am the raid lead and Co-GM of Vendetta [H] on Horde. We are recruiting for our AotC raid team starting in 9.1, and have several spots available. Our guild is a mature, community focused guild that has been around for a couple years, but recently transferred from Area-52 to Dalaran.

We have guild game nights, movie nights, and trivia nights. We also occasionally run a gathering raffle, and consistently try to keep M+ going and our Discord relatively active.

If this is the type of environment you are looking for, feel free to add me at Cleoatore#1937 on Battle.net anytime!

Thank you, and have a great day!

56! I got some 200 level tokens waiting on me as well!

Hello Jazzius,

Chads on Top was a mid patch formed guild that completed AOTC in CN. We’re looking to complete AOTC in 9.1 as well as push mythic raiding. Raiding on Tues/Wed 830PM EST - 11PM.

We’re a laid back raid environment as long as we’re downing content.

We provide raid supplies as well as repairs.

If you’re interested add me on Bnet or Discord!

Btag: SameClothes#1571

58 last night

Soon to be lazer chicken / guardian

Come Be my laser Rooster.

Hi There!

I think you would be a great fit for Ibyish Clan! We’re a long-standing casual guild on the Garona/Icecrown/Malygos server, and we’re currently looking for a few more dps to fill out our roster for 9.1. We’re pretty laid back, and like to have fun (but also like to get things done in-game). We raid Wed/Sun from 8:30-10:30 EST, and do mythic+ on our off nights. We aim for AOTC each tier.

If this sounds like the guild for you, I’d love to chat! My bnet is Riv#1381, or, if you prefer, discord is Shumai#2078. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!