(H) 4 friends looking for raiding home for 9.1

Hi! We’re a group of 4 long time friends looking for a raiding home. We’ve raided together off and on since Cata/Mists, and are just coming back from a break.

We consist of a Guardian/Feral druid, a Holy Pally, a Shadow Priest, and a Warlock.

We’re willing to transfer to any Horde server, and we are available Sunday through Thursday for any 2 night guild with start times between 9-10 CST.

Message me at Rufio#12725 on Bnet or Ithika#6509 on Discord.

If you are slightly flexible on start time, 8:15p Central. S E V E N, formerly of Detheroc, has moved to Tichondrius is look to add more for our mythic team. Pertinent details can be found in our recruitment post.

[Alliance] Sanctimonious of Sargeras server is accepting new trials! We are expanding our roster for 9.1 and we are looking for a Mage, Elemental Shaman. We are a semi-hardcore guild that raids two days a week. We are currently using loot council paired with the RCLootCouncil addon. Qualities that we look for in raiders include being committed, non toxic, and mature.

Classes we are looking for:

  • Mage, Elemental Shaman, Exceptional Players

Raid Times:

  • Tues-Thurs Mythic 7:45pm-11:30pm EASTERN TIME.
  • Monday Alt raid (Optional) 7:45pm-11:30pm EASTERN TIME

Our Current Progression in Castle Nathria:

  • 9/10 Mythic Castle Nathria

Our raid progression in BFA was listed as follows:

  • Ny’alotha - 12/12 Mythic
  • Eternal Palace - 7/8 Mythic
  • Dazar’alor - 9/9 Mythic
  • Uldir - 7/8 Mythic

If you are interested, please go to our website and fill out our application here! Logs are required in order for your application to be considered.

Website --> Guildsofwow .com /sanctimonious

This is my Discord for Direct contact: Sophieann#2492

Hello! I am Urobar of Autonomy!!

Autonomy of Spinebreaker is currently recruiting for 9.1 and onward. We were 5/10m on 2 separate teams in CN and 10/12M in Nyalotha. We are reforming after taking a break at the end of CN due to burnout and the like.

We are going to raid Tuesday/Wednesaday 7:30-10PM PST
We are currently looking for the following classes/Specs/Roles:
Warlock - Extra High priority
Resto Shammy - Extra High priority (ele OS even better)
Shadow Priest - Medium priority
Boomkin - Medium priority
Mage - Medium priority
Melee - Medium priority
Hunters - No need apply (sorry have to many already)

All players and classes except for hunters are encouraged to apply.

We are looking to go far into Mythic with sights set on CE but wanting to get as far as we can.

Apply below or add me on Bnet or Discord at:
Bnet: BloodxxMerc#1592
Discord: BloodxxMerchant#4532

Hope to hear from you soon!

I’d take all four of you right away core slots if Druid plays feral we are a heroic/ mythic guild raid two days a week on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8pm to 11pm est we are on Zul’jin US horde if interested I can be reached at Sig#9905 on Discord or battle.net at Sig#11142

We are still looking!

We are a tad early - but in case!

Spirits of the Lost is a raiding guild on US-Illidan Horde side. We are looking for more talented raiders to round out our already solid roster and make a strong push throughout Shadowlands. Our guild is made up of a core group that has raided at a very high level since Wrath and some even before that.
Our Raid Times:
Tuesday 7:00PM-10:00PM (EST) Wednesday 7:00PM-10:00PM (EST)
We may add an additional day during progression, depending on raider interest. Invites go out 10 minutes before the raid starts.

Recruitment Needs:
Melee DPS – Open to any
Ranged DPS – Open to any
Heals – Open to any Tanks – Open to any

We are always recruiting talented raiders regardless of role that are willing to help push content as efficiently as possible. We emphasize talent - because gear is simply not all there is to this game, and downing bosses is much easier when people understand the mechanics.

About Spirits of the Lost:
Spirits of the Lost is a newly formed guild with raiders that have been in top 200 guilds in the past or have been putting up big numbers on World of logs for a long time. Our leadership is extremely knowledgeable and well organized, and this shows in our raiding. We run our raids to maximize efficiency, and there will be very little time between pulls unless we need to change something up.

How to apply:
Please apply in our Discord server found here: https://discord.gg/XBpdsr9 Our application process is extremely streamlined, and you will find all the information you need to apply in the application text channel as a pinned message.
Please feel free to contact an officer in game if you have any questions: Immatrap: Bloodshield#1303 Deathsaint: BiggChris#11759

We don’t quiet line up with your times either but maybe you can make it work?

Hi Errà!

My guild, Sever Reality on Bleeding Hollow, is searching for dps and healers for 9.1. We started our guild in April and went 3/10M before a lot of the raid team took a break for the rest of the tier but we’re back and very excited to push through heroic quickly and get into mythic content.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 9:15 - 12:15pm EST and we have optional Mythic+ nights and will be running optional normal runs of the raid.

If you’re interested, reach out to me on Discord: confetti scones#7150 (with the space). Hoping to hear from you!

Still looking for raids that start between 9 and 10 CST!