234 Resto Shaman LF EST Mythic Raiding

Looking for a Mythic raiding guild any day other than Sundays and Thursdays add my btag resoguy#1905

I tried to add you on Discord but it says that your username is not found. My guild is currently recruiting DPS and Healers for AOTC progression for SOD! Please feel free to add me on Discord(CJ#8736)

Hi Shockeypuck!

Not Dead Yet on Bleeding Hollow is a semi casual raiding guild and may be a decent fit for you we are looking for a couple more core members to fill out our roster, we are AoTC CN and are looking to continue raiding through SoD. Our raid times are 7-10pm est Tues, Wedn. Right now our goal is to clear heroic so cross server raiding is fine for us.

If you are interested my Btag is RangerKen#1140

Hello there! We are really searching for a couple of healers!

The Fallen Horde is a Horde raiding guild on Thrall that welcomes a wide variety of player types! We are an active guild both in-game and on Discord. Our goal is AOTC each tier and we are 10/10 Heroic CN. While our raiding goal is progression, having fun is our top priority. We like to joke around with each other and have a good time with whatever we are doing. No matter if it’s raid, keys, old content for achievements, or anything else, we’ll have fun. And we do not put up with drama.

We love helping out our members. All types of players are welcome, whether you’re casual or hardcore, if you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran! We are a group of adults who all have lives and families, and we know sometimes things come up. Have a rotating shift? No problem.

Come see if we’re a good fit for you!

Raid Schedule
Tuesday / Wednesday 8:30pm – 11pm Server (EST)
If you would like to learn more, check out our website: thefallenhorde
Please feel free to apply on the website for the guild and / or the raid team!
You can also find us in game under the guild finder.

My Discord: KyoKai#8943

Hello! If you are open to raiding Friday/Saturday 9:30 PM Eastern - 12 AM Eastern, I would love to have a chat with you about your Moonkin (either pure DPS or as a flex).

We are a semi-casual AotC focused guild with folks who run keys regularly throughout the week.

I have added you on discord, but my contact info is below as well.

Discord: Airwavve#1111
Bnet: Airwavve#11808

looking for week 1 aotc guilds

Hey warlok I added you we are a Heroic / mythic raid group we raid Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8pm to 11pm est we are on Zul’jin US horde we do KSM and RbG’s arena ect we need a shaman of any spec to add to our roster if interested add me at Sig#9905 on disc or Sig#11142 on Battle.net

Hi Shockeypuck!

My guild, Sever Reality on Bleeding Hollow, is searching for a resto shaman and/or resto druid for 9.1. We started our guild in April and went 3/10M before a lot of the raid team took a break for the rest of the tier but we’re back and very excited to push through heroic quickly and get into mythic content.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 9:15 - 12:15pm EST and we have optional Mythic+ nights and will be running optional normal runs of the raid.

If you’re interested, reach out to me on Discord: confetti scones#7150 (with the space). Hoping to hear from you!

Fearfulways is a progression raiding guild established on 11-28-2004 that has been a major part of the Argent Dawn community since the early days of World of Warcraft.

After 17 years of Alliance, we have decided that in the best interest of the guild to move over to the Horde faction as that is where the majority of the player base currently resides.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – 7PM Eastern to 11PM Eastern

Current Needs

Ranged DPS of any kind.

If you are an exceptional DPS player and you aren’t listed above, feel free to come speak with one of the officers, room can be found (or made).

If you consider yourself an exceptional player and don’t see your class listed, feel free to apply anyway.

We’ve most recently cleared 9/10 Mythic Castle Nathria whilst rebuilding our roster after a 2-year hiatus from raiding.


Battle Tag - Fearmaky#1989 Discord- Fearmaky#9857

Battle Tag - Tigrao#1816 Discord- Tigrao#9515

Battle Tag - Omega#11231 Discord- Omega#1053

Battle Tag - Bigeze#1485

Battle Tag - Bevee#1903

Battle Tag - Zeez#1833

Battle Tag - Shadow#12663

still looking

still looking

those are the two days we raid, DRATS. GL in your hunt

Allo Shockeypuck o/

Dusk Eternal is looking for a few more players leading into SoD and you might be a good fit for us!

We raid M/F 9a-12p, We are AotC focused that will bleed into Mythic once we achieve AotC, and we have a damn good time while we raid!

We NEED a Resto Druid, but havent filled our DPS roster yet so if you’d prefer the boomkin then that is up of course up to you. Ill leave our recruitment post below. Reach out on Discord if you’re interested as I cant seem to add your name for some reason.

Discord bluu#7164

still looking

Hello Shokeypuck!

Shift is a 2-night/week mythic raiding guild with multiple raids on Thrall. As a fresh guild for Shadowlands, we achieved 8/10 in CN, while fully rebuilding our roster halfway through progression. For SoD, anything short of CE will be a disappointment. Alongside our primary raid team on weekdays, we’re bringing back the weekend raid team for 9.1.

Weekday Raid Team:

Tuesday / Wednesday, 9PM-12AM Server (EST)

Recruitment Needs: Balance Druid

Weekend Raid Team:

Saturday / Sunday, 10:30PM-1:30AM Server (EST)

Recruitment Needs: All

We’re always open to exceptional players with a commitment to attendance.

Raid Rules

Attendance - We expect all our raiders to make a commitment to our raid times. Consistent attendance enables progression, and is the most important thing in determining our progression roster.

Preparation - All raiders are expected to do any necessary fight preparation before pulling a boss. This includes installing weak auras, bringing personal consumables, and reading the relevant discord channels containing raid strategy.

Performance - Progression raid spots are also determined by performance. We aim to field the best and most consistent 20 for every new boss we move on to, and are willing to rotate players from our bench depending on the needs of the fight.

We have an active discord and run off-night normals, heroics, and M+ consistently. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in joining our guild.

Destro#9040 (Recruitment Officer)
Beaver#2535 (Weekday RL)
Senpai Days#8633 (Weekend RL)

Application Below:

If a faction change is not a deal breaker;

Alpha Guild on US Stormrage is a very active guild that is always looking for talented players.

About the Guild

We are an active and friendly guild that is willing to help new and old players alike. We foster a positive and drama free atmosphere and have low tolerance for anything else. Many of our players have been around since Vanilla and are willing to help with all aspects of the game.

If this sounds like something you would like to try contact;

Sylvysa in game
BNET: Sylv#1803
Discord: Sylv#1787

still looking

still looking for funs