[H] - [US] Curious if such guilds exist

Hello. I’m a past CE player looking to become a little more casual but still have people to play with.

I’m looking for a Heroic Only guild that doesn’t take a whole tier to progress. I would prefer to clear heroic raids in a timely manner but not progress into mythic raiding. (Roughly 3-4 Weeks of Prog)

Outside of raiding most of my time is spent doing M+ so I would love for a guild / group of players to do a lot of keys with.

My preference would be to DPS Raids and Tank keys. I have a high ilvl monk. (Roughly 249) and a decent VDH Alt. ( Roughly 238ilvl)

Please leave a reply on here if such guilds exist. I know it’s a long shot.

I’m in a guild that is sort of what you’re looking for. I’m a former CE raider as well, and I’m raiding here casually on the Swipe Left team. We raid 1x a week (Sun nights 9p-midnight eastern) and are AOTC focused. We progressed a little slower than you asked for, but we do have AOTC.

Feel free to check us out - MYTHICC on Mal’ganis. We have a website (mythiccmalganis .com) and you can add the raid leader of our team Googli on discord at Googlimoogli#8518 or there is contact info/an application on the website.

Best of luck in your search!

We started as AOTC Focused and achieved it in about… idk 11 weeks according to RIO? just casually plugging along, probably missed a week or two for some reason or another idk. Next tier we’ll be AOTC focused again.

We’re not CE focused but we might try to take down the first few mythic bosses just for something to do with anyone that wants to do it.

Definitely could use a monk or DH DPS in raid and/or backup tanks. Definitely people who want to run M+ (and I do love my alts…)

Check us out.

Bumping for refresh

Hello! I think our guild is close enough to what you’re looking for in the sense that we are more casual but still get content done in a timely manner. We care more about getting like-minded people that want to get together and play, rather than focus purely on parses and progression so you will see people online outside raid nights.

As a guild, we are already AOTC, raiding 2 nights a week (Tues/Thurs) and got a lot of people who like to run high keys and work very well together. We aren’t looking to progress in mythic tier but we do step foot into mythic if the stars align, like when we have 20 people. Mythic raiding for us is mostly just to kill time and our folks understand that we are not looking to push mythic progression.

We definitely can use a DPS for raid, tank for key type of player, but most importantly we want to find someone that fits in with our guild as much as our guild fits your need. Happy to chat more if you’re interested bnet: Stevelations#11594

I’m looking for the same thing for my resto sham. I’m pretty meh about raiding but I love running keys - looking to run 20s and up

Hi Fig,

Add me if we look like a guild you’d be interested in. I think we fit your desires and goals.
Jaystir#1204 - Discord

AOTC Guild 2/8M, 8/8H Vault LF WW and more DPS