LF new guild to call home

(Has Many Wrinkles) - Is a Semi-hardcore Raiding and M+ guild on US-Stormrage, looking for consistent players with a good attitude to join our raiding teams to push for end game content!

Raid Times & Days:
Weekday Team: Tuesday & Wednesday -10pm to 1am EST - 7/10 Heroic Prog

Weekend Team: Saturday & Sunday - 7pm to 10pm CST - 7/10 Normal Prog

Current Progression: has two different teams so that we can encompass multiple types of players who wish to see end game content! A lot of the raiders in the guild take part in both teams, here in our guild we don’t believe in an “A Team” and a “B Team” we are all aiming for the same goal, just at different paces.

Applications and Admittance: Raiders - Every raider will be required to submit an application for full admittance to the raid team, no exceptions. Vetted players may have a shortened trial period but are still expected to adhere to the expectations to a normal trial. Raiders and Trials are allowed to every raid.

Attendance and Attitude: This is a game, not a second job. That said we still will respect each other’s time, consistent absence without notice will risk your raid spot. Attitude is also a very big deal for us, progression is about learning, do not expect bosses in the middle of the raid to go down in a week.

Requirements: - We’re looking for people who the drive to research, someone who wants to continuously improve and sharpen their skills, as well as people who can commit to our raid times consistently. As we are aiming to move into Heroic & Mythic Asap.

1. As we are progression focused guild we ask our raiders to be above 220 iLvl, within reasonable cap of Renown (Unless you have made a swap recently. If you have, please let us know!)

2. 235 iLvl Legendary or the Ability to get one fairly quickly. We understand folks are trying out new classes and specs. Be transparent with us when inquiring about joining!!

3. Can Vibe with the crew, and are willing to commit and be ready to learn!!

Current Recruitment Needs:

Weekday Team: Two Healers (Holy Paladin & Mistweaver Preferred) and Ranged DPS (Warlock).

Weekend Team: Tank (Druid or Death Knight Preferred) and Ranged DPS. All Roles are welcome for Mythic+, Leveling, Pvp, and More!!

Recruitment Contacts:
JTroubz - GM: Discord: Jtroubz#1505
Tonilyn - Recruitment Officer: Discord: Tonilyn#8643 | BNet: Tonilyn#1112

Hey Naomi!

HØME on Area 52 sounds like it may be a good fit! We raid Tues/Thurs 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm EST. Our focus is AOTC in a no drama, no hatefulness manner. We don’t throw anyone under the bus and we stay calm and remember wipes aren’t the end of the world, we just adjust our strategy based on the groups abilities and shortcomings.

If this interests you, feel free to add me. My information is in the linked post below

Hey! We are SwampFox where we were a 6/10M Guild during 9.0. We are currently building our core group for AOTC and wanting to push Mythic in the future. We also push mythic keystones, and active in our discord. We are looking for core raiders who would want to join our roster. We raid Wed/Thur 8pm to 11pm EST

If you are interested feel to contact me. Robdm3#1151

Thanks! look forward to hearing from you.

Hey Naomi,

Its Bloodlust Not Hero is recruiting dps for our Fri/Sat night, 8-11 pm EST raid team. The guild has been around for about 7 years, with some of us having raided together since Wrath. We are a 21+ adult guild with an often bawdy sense of humor. We are very LGBTQ friendly.

To round out our group we are currently looking for Ranged dps although there may be some space for limited melee.

We are currently 8/10N SoD and achieve AoTC for every tier. We may fool around with some mythic bosses but mythic progression is not our main goal. We have families and work schedules and raid to relax and have fun. On off nights we run m+ and prefer to do that with guild groups. We are also willing to help gear up guildies who may either be changing their main, or are simply behind and want to gear up for raiding.

If this sounds like a group that would mesh with your preferences, add me, Tails#1421 and we can chat!

heralds of nightmare on stormrage is currently recruiting!
We raid Saturday and Sunday 9:30pm EST to 12:30am EST. We are a laid back friendly guild. We are looking to push Heroic SoD if ur interested in raiding still… we aren’t the hardcore type.

We like to say that wow is just a game like any other and you can hear us on discord just BS’ing one another and having a good time while raiding. We still get the job done!!

We run keys on a fairly daily basis and sometimes we do nothing and just poke at each other!

I will try and reply to messages here but it’s best to reach me on discord @ opal#2584
Looking forward to hear from you!!!


Entitled Elite is a semi hardcore raiding guild located on US Illidan, Horde side. We are recruiting for our core Mythic raiding team.

Raid Days

Tuesday 8PM - 11PM EST
Wednesday 8PM - 11PM EST
Thursday 8PM - 11PM EST

Our priorities for recruitment is the following:

  • Healers - ***All healers high priority
  • Ranged DPS - Shadow Priest ***High Priority - all other ranged is medium priority
  • Melee DPS - *low priority

All exceptional players will be considered regardless of class and spec.

Current progression

Sanctum of Domination
Normal - 10/10
Heroic - 6/10
Mythic - TBD

Our goal is progress as far into the tier as possible with a cutting edge mentality while still maintaining a fun environment for everybody.

Outside of raiding, we have a lot of active members who like to push high keys. We have many members with an IO score of over 1500 and many more climbing. If PvP is more your thing we have an RBG team and several multi-glads that love to run arenas with multiple players over 2000 rating in both 2’s and 3’s.

Apply at h ttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PS3NF5P (Delete space in between h & t)

or feel free to reach out to one of our officer’s which are posted below.

Guild Master
Zymena - Battle.net - Defusionz#1271 - Discord - The Goon Squad#7157

Deff - Battle.net - Beautyinwar#1784 - Discord - deffmetals#1002

what you really want to do is DPS not heal and you want to come over here.

back to the top, still looking through trying to find stuff

If you open to Alliance;

Alpha Guild on Stormrage

We are an active and friendly guild that is willing to help new and old players alike. We foster a positive and drama free atmosphere and have low tolerance for anything else. Many of our players have been around since Vanilla and are willing to help with all aspects of the game.

If this sounds like something you would like to try contact;

Sylvysa in game
BNET: Sylv#1803
Discord: Sylv#1787

Wanted to chat with you about things, what raid days/times is your group looking for? How many of you are there total? You can reach me at bnet Anjinn#1238 or discord Vindizar#5713

I am not sure if you guys would be willing to faction change but I figured I would go ahead and give it a shot and post my spam below.

Terrible Idea is a guild that has formed in the wait for 9.1, consisting of multiple AOTC and early Mythic progression raiders. Our goal with each coming tier is to accomplish AOTC and KSM on as many characters as possible with zero nerd rage and maximum good times.

If you are a new or returning player, do not like your current guild’s activity level, or are simply looking for a change of scenery and ability to re-roll to a different class without scrutiny, we are the place for you.

We are not recruiting any specific roles but if you are feeling particularly altruistic we would love to welcome the below specializations:

Ranged DPS: Balance & Shadow
Melee DPS: Havoc, DK & Enhancement
Healer: Restoration Shaman & Discipline Priest

Our raid times are below: (Sargeras is a CST Server)

Wednesday and Thursday
Invites: 20:15 Server Time
First Pull: 20:30 Server Time
Last Pull: 23:00 Server Time

We are 8/10N SoD, We will be starting Heroic this coming lockout after we get the last 2.

If you have any questions or we sound like a new home for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to the below:

Kungfubanana#1420 (Me) or Nakavi#1617

Kungfubanana#7678 (Me) or Sulfur#6731

Hope to hear from you!

still looking for a solid home. one sadly fell through due to their leads personal life so here we are again

Hey let me know if we sound interesting, hit me up on discord and we can talk more in depth!

Hi. I think you’d be a good fit for our guild, Moonwell Dancers.

Founded in February 2005, Moonwell Dancers is a casual, friendly Alliance guild on the Uldum server.

We play World of Warcraft for fun, and the guild has grown based on the idea that players can reach their shared goals in a friendly atmosphere far more effectively than in the cutthroat environment typical of so-called “raiding” guilds. We raid. We just have fun doing it. We raid Fri/Sat 5-730pm PST.

We also have achievement seekers. And battleground and arena gurus. We’re knowledgeable and helpful. And we have plenty of casual players who just like to explore what Azeroth has to offer.

If you’re still interested, my btag is Epsilonp#1422.

Hey Näomi! We have a Casual raid group that I think would be perfect for you and your friends! Give me a shout on Discord and we can chat! Shadow

Nox Oriens is looking to add raiders in all positions for its Casual roster. We also run a Mythic Raid Team that is recruiting 2-3 DPS!

Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 9pm to midnight server (central) for both teams.

Nox Oriens is an Alliance guild based on the Sargeras server and we are a progressive, friendly raid guild. We have been raiding as a guild since 2007 and we are currently running two raid groups:

Tempest (Mythic Roster)

Ascendance (Casual Progression)

We maintain a friendly raid and guild atmosphere with ages in-guild ranging from 18 to grandparents and many of our raiders are parents. We have a liberal alt and friend invite policy for our raiders as well. We do some PVP and run M+ often.

We are always looking for great raiders but more importantly we are looking for excellent guild mates. If you believe you may be a fit for our culture and one of our raid teams, please contact:
BNET: Shadowjj#1695

Discord: Shadow#8257

We look forward to hearing from you.


Hey Naomi!

Spiteful Misfits on Area 52 is looking for more dps players to join our raid team. We raid Wednesday and Thursday evenings 9pm-11pm Est. We run M+ in our down time.

We have an active discord where we set up plans for running keys, torghast and dailies together.

If this sounds like it might fit for you please reach out to me.

Rhawin (Bnet: Bluejay#1886, Discord: Rhawin (Jay)#5483)

Hey Naomi & friends!

Disorientated on Stormrage could be a good fit for you all if you’re open to swapping to ally. We’re a group of AOTC focused raiders, and a lot of us are former mythic/hardcore raiders who can’t or don’t want to live that life anymore. We raid Tues/Fri 8-11pm EST and have a good number of m+ runs throughout the week. There’s usually an alt raid on the weekends as well to spice things up

Check out the linked post if you want a little more detail and get in touch if we sound like a good fit for you!

Toasted21#1832 on bnet or hop on our discord server

Hello! Our guild is an AOTC focused guild, with a friendly community like environment that run a lot of keys. A lot of people in the guild are couples or IRL friends so you and your friends will fit right in! We raid Tues/Thurs 9pm EST. If you’re interested give me a shout on bnet Stevelations#11594

Hi Näomi -
I feel like we might be a good fit for what you’re looking for - Mourning Shadows is an AOTC horde guild on Thrall. We are needing a few more folks for our raid team. We are a 1 night commitment and our raid time is Sundays 9-12 EST (6-9 PST). We are currently 3/10 H in SOD. If I’ve hit some of your checkboxes and want to talk more - please feel free to add me on discord or bnet!

Good luck in your search!

Contact Info:
Guild Leader :Liryia/Bellany: BellanyZimz#0791 on discord or Bellany#1567 on Bnet
Raid Leader Canta: Canta#2549 discord or Cantabile#11745 on bent
Officer: Nettechi: Nettie#2211 disc or Nettie#1867 bnet
Officer: Elerairah: Elerairah#7793 disc or Elerairah#1892 bnet

Hey Naomi,

I’m not sure if you and your friends are horde or alliance. However, Dedicated and Medicated is an alliance guild on Stormrage. We are recruiting for our raid roster. We are currently 8/10H and plan to start pushing into mythic while progging Slyvanas. Our goal is CE this tier though we did just form this xpac. However, with that said, we are a non-toxic group who has pushed quickly through this tier for a new guild. Even if raiding in mythic is not your interest, feel free to come for our heroic runs and stay around nightly for keys, etc.

We have members playing most every night. When we aren’t raiding, we are doing keys, torghast, etc. We are extremely active in discord as well (both in posting and voice chats).

If we sound like a good fit, please consider reaching out:




Meega #11302