Just read first

So I haven’t played in a number of years. (4 or so)

Last time I played I was a fairly active raider, cleared 10/14 H for current content, and then lost my house. xD

at one point I was a great PVP player, achieving Duelist at one point and Hero of the Horde at another point.

I’m currently on Blackrock, but I have about 3 accounts on different servers.

What I’m looking for is a large group of friendly, casual people.
With some good raiders thrown in.

while i’m going to be a bit rusty, I have no doubt I’ll be raiding in no time, just need some help figuring out wth Blizz did to this game lmao

Might be a good fit for you
What is Cudas

Cudas – Zul’jin is a newly formed guild ran by very experienced raid leaders that have been raiding as early as Vanilla. We are a raid and mythic+ focused guild looking for players to fill our ranks. We’re an adult guild trying to be social and fun but keep progression in mind.

What can you expect from us?

–Professional yet social progression raids

–Relaxed raiding atmosphere

–Friendly family-oriented players

–Mythic+ gear runs

–Always willing to help gear to fill out our raid team.

What we expect from you?

Applying to Cudas, first and foremost means that you embrace and share our passion for progress raiding and also:

–Knowledge of your class and the game

–Knowledge of the specific bosses we are facing. (tactics and mechanics for your spec)

–Preparation of your toon, ex. Enchants, gemmed, potions

–We will help with feast and flasks
–Activity, in order to progress we need a stable group of raiders that are willing to put time to progress

–And most of all, a positive friendly attitude!

What are our raiding times?

These times are Eastern Standard time so please keep that in mind. We also expect players to be on at 8:15pm for inv and then you can go afk until raid time at 8:30pm.

–Wednesday 8:30pm – 11:00pm

–Sunday 8:30pm – 11:00pm

Are you interested in joining?

Contact Bonebraker#11410. Thiserus#1932

We are Stormchasers of Lothar (US)(ALLIANCE) and we are looking for excellent players to join our roster. We are building a second raid group as our family has grown. Our CE team 4/8 Mythic Uldir and our hope is to build a second team that will be able to augment the CE team as needed. Not a mythic raider and just want to do heroic progression? This is the spot for you!

Current progression:

7/8 Heroic Uldir with a few attempts at G’Huun (RL is already AOTC so is familiar with the fight).

Raid Days / Raid Times:
Our AOTC team raids on Fridays 9:00pm EST to 12:00am EST / Mondays 9:00 pm EST to 11:00-30 pm EST.

About Us:

We are a relaxed group of players who love to have fun when raiding but we also know when to be serious. We strive to have a great community and we always have players active and readily available to help out anyone in the guild. Outside of raiding we enjoy doing M+, pvp and achievement/pet & mount/transmog farming.
We’re not an elitest bunch and we always are more than happy to help our people out whenever we can!
We have just two simple goals with this team: To give those looking for heroic progression a place they can have like minded competitive teammates, and have fun while we progress.

What we offer:

  • Feasts and flasks are provided at the start of and during raid
  • A home(guild) that will give back to you as much as you put into it and help you grow as a player
  • A friendly and fun but serious atmosphere when it is needed
  • A guild bank that is stocked with enchants, gems, and potions to help you out as needed.

What we want from you:

  • We look for a good raid attendance for our AOTC raid team. We get life happens. We’re all working people and some with families. We will work with you if you let us know beforehand.
  • Willing to learn our strats and patience to work with group while we progress
  • Communication in and outside of the game (we cant stress enough how important this is); we want you active in discord as well
  • Adults / a good attitude - We want the team players who can take constructive criticism if it is given and even call out when it is needed in a respectful manner.
  • Players who put effort into their character and effort into knowing their class
  • Players that want to push content outside of raiding. We are active in many things outside of raiding and we want you to be too! M+ is a great way to get gear and will ultimately help the raid team.

Currently Recruiting:
All players are considered with a minimum ilevel of 355 - We encourage you to apply!

Contact Us:
Raid Leader: Jdwhiskey#1942 on Bnet or jdwhiskey1978#2154 on Discord
Recruitment Officer: RAINB0W#11219 on bnet

Heya Truff,

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday from 8-11PM EST.

About Us:
Cutting Corners is a guild formed by a group of experienced raiders for the purpose of providing an efficient and enjoyable raiding experience.

We originally were long time mythic raiders, this tier we’ve gotten to 3/8 Mythic but decided to settle for casual heroic, while farming Mythic + for 8.1.5 and so on.

While we are first and foremost a heroic progression guild, members are also running M+ throughout the day and some members are active in rated PvP. Our discord is extremely active and we do our best to get everyone involved in activities outside raiding and other games, we are recruiting all type of players!

Diago#1887 (Recruitment)

Greetings! I’m the GM for Subject to Change, a horde guild on Turalyon.

We’re a social-everything guild - we’re a group of chill adults that love to run content together and hang out. We have players of all skill levels (including a few other returning players - you’ll get your skill back quicker than you think!).

I’ve included my guild ad below, so you can get an idea of what we’re all about.

Turalyon is a great server with an amazing community. It’s a mid-size server with great progression and lots of friendly people. It’s busy, but not to the point of having a constantly toxic trade chat.

Tired of the mythic grind? Mythic Vectis got you down? One too many fatal strains have you considering canceling your subscription? Still want to raid and run keys successfully but have it be enjoyable?

We are Subject to Change , and we prefer WoW to be our island getaway rather than the cause of a major heart attack. Our roster contains everyone from retired mythic raiders to keystone junkies, from returning veterans to complete newbies, and we’re looking for more! If you’re looking to decompress and dial down the intensity, get back in the fold or simply need a place to grow, we’d love to have you.

Remember, everything in life is subject to change, but WoW should always be fun.

Raids – Wed/Sun 8-10 EST
Keystones – All day, every day

Contact: Stormy#1692 (btag), Stormy#9150 (discord)

probably should have checked my gear before replying xD

I wouldn’t say we are large, but we are consistent and have 13 Years longevity. We do fit the “friendly, casual, with some raiders thrown in”. We are looking for active players and rebuilding after the usual lull at the end of a raid tier, but still have a good core group. We are alliance, but Feel free to add me to battleID if you wish to talk more:

[A] Descendants of Lore is a semi-casual Alliance raiding guild on Khadgar/Alleria that has been around since Vanilla. We are a small to medium sized, close-knit guild of friendly, mature players, with the majority being over the age of 40 with children and jobs.

We offer a laid back environment with dedicated players willing to put in the work to succeed.

We raid Sundays from 4pm-8pm CST. (2-6 pm Pacific)

We are looking for mature, friendly, active, and dedicated players to join us for BFA.

If you wish to raid, we expect you to come prepared (food, flasks, enchants, gems, know your class and rotation) and on time, come with a good attitude and know how to wipe with dignity and work towards progress.

We will accept anyone who would be a good fit for our guild, and can currently accommodate almost any class, but are especially looking for an Off Tank, and talented DPS.

You do not need to be a raider to join, we also accept casual players looking for a long term family to play with. If you wish to raid with us, we prefer you to be around 360 ilevel or doing at least 9-10k dps or more. We will help the right players to reach these goals to be able to raid when we can if they show they are working on their own as well.

Please consider us if you are looking for a mature and friendly environment with an established, long term guild.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to consider Descendants of Lore as your new home. Daveta#1154.

Good evening Trufflie!

<Antagony > a horde side guild on the Dalaran server is now recruiting! We welcome everyone from the newbie needing help to the returning veteran looking for a casual place to enjoy Azeroth. We are above all community of like minded people that understands real life comes first & foremost.

We are a rebuilding guild starting fresh on a new server offering a mature , fun, family style guild where we try to not leave anyone one out .

Monthly Events , PVP, Contests & Casual Raids for achievements, mounts, pets & transmogs are just some of the activities you will be a part of when you join our guild! The guild will NOT have a RAID team. We will raid to see content at a no stress pace to get achieves, pets, mounts, & transmogs for people. We are NOT a raiding guild. We will be doing Mythic dungeons when we get more of a interest and players .

Many of us play both factions and have been playing with the thought of having a alliance guild so we can play together as well.

For our full recruitment post please click below.

I’ll throw our info out here.

We’re small and social, so maybe not as large of a group as you’re looking for to do things with, we might be a little more raid focused, but we’re still pretty casual.

Hey Trufflie,

MGB sounds like it could be a good fit for you. Even if you’re not on the server you could join the guild on a fresh alt to see if you mesh with the general vibe. We have a large social community and the more the merrier. We also have a smaller group that is more focused on pushing M+/PvP/Raids as well. In 9.0 I was 7/10M (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tanaris/darenas), KSM, and 2100+ PvP and am happy to help anyone improve if they are interested.

We are bolstering our progression raiding team and welcoming new trials. Our raiding goals are to grow our team, get AoTC as soon as possible, and take down all the Mythic bosses we can. Happy to discuss more.

Discord: Ali_A#1167 or Deadlift#4338
BTag: Deadlift#1353

Raid Schedule: (6 hours/week)

Fri/Sat - 8:30-11:30 PM Eastern (5:30-8:30 PM Pacific)

Prerequisites to join:

  1. Be respectful of your fellow raiders
  2. Show up on time and let us know if you are unable to make a raid night
  3. Play your class to the best of your ability

Also note that if you can play your class well enough to meet our minimum requirements you are more than welcome to play an off-meta spec or select an off-meta covenant.