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Hello all! I missed the first 2 weeks of the patch due to PC issues and I am looking for a raiding guild for SoD. I’m also open to Alliance or Horde. My ideal times are 2 days a week Tuesday-Thursday 10-1 EST. Feel free to search my Nathria logs or I can link them to you.

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I’ll reach out to you in the morning on something, but here’s our spam incase i forget XD


We are looking to recruit a holy paladin for our raid team. Currently 3/10 H and looking to add a few more kills this week. We want to get AOTC and start doing mythics. We raid from 7-10 pm central time on Wed and Friday.

If interested, reach out to us

Rigge, dreasy11902 <-- Our awesome raid leader
Kalica, hokipoki1278 <-- Our awesome GM
Cyndraelia, Zvrehtvall1417 <-- Our awesome recruiter

Hey Subs,

I sent a discord request - I’d love to chat!

Good morning Subs! We are looking for someone for our weekend 7-10pm EST team. I know you had requested later in the evening during the week, but I thought I would leave our information in case our times work for you as well. Please take a look over it and let us know if we sound like a good fit!

[H] 9/10M 6hr Sat/Sun Pandamonium-Mal’ganis for 9.1 - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey hey! My name is Mitch, reaching out to you from Resilience [H] US-Illidan. We’re looking for another healer to fill our ranks for AOTC then Mythic Progression and I think we could be a good fit for you! We raid Tuesday Thursday from 9-12 EST. I’ve attached a link to our recruitment posting below for more info.

The short version is this, we’re a long standing group of friends that formed this guild from the ashes of an old one that most of us used to be in. We formed this new guild to better suit our goals of Mythic prog. Realistically are we a CE team? No, not yet. But we’re hoping to be in the future. This being our first patch under our new banner we’re hoping for AOTC then serious mythic prog!!!

If you’d like to chat feel free to ping me in game- Xxvii#11663. The other officers can help as well, Dabears#1561, Vittorpia#1163 and Raand#1678, as can the Guild Master himself, KriztovChaos#1801.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking with you

Add me for Conversation - NosTheHoss#1668
Currently 7/10 H - CE in CN
Guild Name: Cerebral
Realm: Area-52
Raid Days/Times: Th/F/S 10pm-1am EST

Hey! Give me a shout on discord Folty#8491. Would love to check out your logs and discuss raid spots. Below is our copy paste info for basic stuff.

Hello Subs

[US][A] [Interstellar Overdrive] would be interested in having you potentially trialing to join our raiding team! We are semi-hardcore and achieved 6/10 M CN last tier. We will be clearing Heroic SOD and then pushing into Mythic progression afterwards.

Interstellar Overdrive

  • Semi-Hardcore : 5/10 H SOD — 1/10 M SOD
  • Connected Servers : Draenor/Echo Isles
  • Raid Nights : Tuesday/Thursday (Saturday - Optional)
  • Raid Times : 9-12pm EST
  • We are Alliance so a faction change would be required :slight_smile:

Feel free to give our guild recruitment page a quick lookover to see if we would be a good fit for you!

Best of Luck!
Battle Net : Paracyte#11293

I’m a recruiter with a 2 night CE guild. We raid Wed / Thurs and have lots of people who run 10+ keys a week for vault options.

Right now we’re looking for a mage, and an H pal. We have openings for a havoc and DK.

We’re currently 3/10M. Our roster is about 23 but we are not recruiting for the bench, we are recruiting so our spots remain competitive.

Let me know if you’re interested and we can set up a time to chat!

Add me on bnet, Cyberz#11856

Or Discord Cyberz#0339

Or app immediately: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1htv59qmBO_-Dcll9tH8m5jOoOWhgVI7OwZit0uD_SgA/viewform?edit_requested=true#responses

Hi Subs!

My guild, Sever Reality on Bleeding Hollow, is searching for a holy paladin for our SoD progression. We started our guild in April and went 3/10M before the majority of the raid team took a break for the rest of the tier. We are currently 5/10H in SoD with intentions of killing Painsmith and Guardian this week.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 9:15pm - 12:15am EST and we have optional Mythic+ nights along with optional normal runs of the raid as we work to get our domination socket gear. I understand our start time may be a little bit earlier for you, so no worries if that doesn’t work on your end!

If you’re interested, reach out to me on Discord: confetti scones#7150 (with the space). Hoping to hear from you!

Good morning,

Crisis Averted is a Horde Heroic raiding guild with AOTC as the goal. We run M+ and other events constantly.

Would like to chat with you. Cathoir#1901 bnet

thanks and good luck

Hey Subs, if you’re willing to xfer servers to Alliance Stormrage my guild is in need of a healer. We are a chill guild currently 3/10H (we were 5/10 M in CN). Here is our description:

Who we are

The most fun guild on Stormrage.


Semi casual guild expecting to progress in Mythic Sanctum of Domination. Our main objective is to have fun and we find mythic progression and high level m+ keys to be the most fun content in the game. Our core group of raiders has been together for years and we’re looking for more to join the ranks! Outside of raid we frequently run mythic + dungeons, Torghast, etc…

Who we are looking for

Currently in search of 1 tank and 2+ healers however all applicants are welcome. Past mythic raid experience is a plus but not required.

Raid times

We raid twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 9:30 PM EST and ending at Midnight EST


Please feel free to contact Buschleague (Buschleague#1928), Shaopan, Betterdoogie or Danshot with any questions you might have.

Hey there, not sure if you’ve found something already since you two posted this 6 days ago but I wanted to give it a shot anyway as we’re in hard need of a core or a flex healer and we’d love to add a Hpal to our healer core, please hit us up if we sound like what you’re after!

Chaotic Neutral is an established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon, while we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday Normal/alt night in the same time frame. As of writing this we are 10/10N, 6/10H & 1/10M with a few attempts on Heroic Guardian.

I’ll leave all our additional info below but if you’re interested then please put in an app on our guild site or add one of the btags to get in contact, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search!

Guild Site: http://www.cnguild.org/
Wow Prog: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Chaotic+Neutral
Forum Post: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!
Btags: GM - Wandappy#1921 | Recruitment - GingerHeals#11438