[H] WoW Veteran LF AOTC/CE Guild

I have been playing this game for a LONG time and have experience in every single tier and raid this game has to offer. I somewhat PvP as well, only going up to 1800 for mog purposes. I am looking for a forever home, I am tired of trade chat guilds that can’t clear normal let alone get AOTC.

Strong preference for Horde guilds, most of my toons are Horde.

What Classes I play
All. I multiclass really well for the most part.

10am-10pm Pacific Standard Time
8am-Noon Pacific Standard Time

Past Experience
Sibling Rivalry - Vanilla - Alliance (as Rogue) - Bloodhoof

Fury of War - Vanilla - Alliance (as Hunter) - Bloodhoof

Edge of Insanity - Vanilla - Alliance (as Mage) - Bloodhoof

Entropy - BC - Alliance (as Shadow/Holy Priest, Rogue, and Resto Druid) - Bloodhoof

Dark Pact - Top 100 US - Wrath - Horde (as Ele Shaman) - Bloodhoof

Dark Twilight - Top 100 US - Wrath - Horde (as Ele Shaman) - Bloodhoof

(forgot name) - Wrath - Horde (as Warlock) - Bloodhoof

and my imaginary friends - Cata - Horde (as Resto Shaman, Blood DK, Priest, Warlock, SV Hunter, Mage, Resto/Balance Druid, ) - Dawnbringer

Overture - Top 10 US/World - MoP - Horde (as Mistweaver Monk) - Mal’Ganis

Vigil - Top 10 US/World - MoP - Horde (as Mistweaver) - Mal’Ganis

Seraph - MoP/WoD - Horde (as Windwalker Monk, Hunter, Shaman, Mage, Balance Druid) - Mal’Ganis

(forgot the name, some AU/NZ guild) - WoD - Alliance (as Windwalker Monk) - Sargeras

Insomnia - Top 100 US - WoD/Legion - Alliance (as Windwalker Monk and Ret Paladin) - Sargeras

Fused - Top 50 US/World - Legion - Horde (as Ret Paladin and Subtlety Rogue) - Illidan

(Insomnia reformed under new name) - Top 200 US - BFA - Horde (as Warlock) - Tichondrius

Juicers - BFA/Shadowlands - Horde (as Feral/Balance Druid, BM Hunter) - Tichondrius

Fruit Salad - Shadowlands - Horde (as MM Hunter) - Tichondrius - Quit partially into Mythic Castle due to family emergency and to get healthier outside of the game.

Currently guildless, floating between random trade chat guilds. Not saying I NEED to get back to the Top 50 US/World ranking to enjoy the game, but I would like to get back into the swing of things.

I don’t know what I want to play, but I know I will play whatever I choose or is needed to the best of my abilities.



Discord: Wowdrew#5138

You’re too good for us, but if you want a chill group to hang out with that can clear normal and get AOTC in 9.1 maybe hit us up.

I don’t believe I am too good for anything, all of my accomplishments required teamwork and excellent communication.

I’m in love, please come DPS for me.

Hey Restokin, Feel free to check out Overcomplicated. Here’s our Recruitment post

We may have some overlapping history during the MoP days - I played a bit with Pie Chart and Demise - a couple players came over to Overture or Vigil i believe.

I’d be happy to chat as well, you can find me on Btag: Deucie#1537

Good luck on your search! If you’re looking to keep yourself healthy outside of WoW and still push content, it might be worth looking at a 2 day guild like ours! We’re are looking for more strong ranged DPS right now.

I remember Pie Chart! I had some friends in there, if Yuki is still around. I will definitely check out your post, thank you!

Just add me on disc or btag and let’s set something up.