[H] Havoc DH LF cross realm heroic raid group

Hallo, I’m looking for a group of people to raid with.

I don’t care about raid times but the people have to not be jerks. Leftist leaning and/or LGBTQ+ friendly is pretty much required for me. What’s important is a group that doesn’t allow racist/sexist/homophobic type of stuff.

I’d like to find a group that raids 1 night a week, 2 at most. I don’t have much interest in mythic raiding, just clearing heroic for AOTC. I would do mythic raiding if heroic was easy peasy lemon squeezy with the group though lol.

Attendance has to be relaxed, sometimes my anxiety might be too high to raid but I still want to play WoW, so I’ll be online but decline raiding.
I’m not interested in server transferring but cross realm raiding is no problem for me.

Let me know below if you have a group that might fit, thanks.

come hang out with us.