[H][Hyjal] 1/10M 8/10H 10/10N <Take on Me> Wed/Thur 7:30pm - 10:30pm PST

:trophy: Introduction

Take on Me is a two day, mythic progression guild seeking players who desire to learn, improve at, and overcome challenging content on a short, efficient raid schedule.

We offer a proven guild structure with a leadership style that is one of a kind and incredibly successful in helping push our team to be the best it can be without ever sacrificing the enjoyment of the game.

Take on Me provides you a dependable, long-term raid team. We do not advertise a listing of activities our guild offers because player activity is a natural by-product of having a raid environment that is both successful and enjoyable.

:trophy: Raid Schedule

Wednesday 7:30pm PT - 10:30pm PST
Thursday 7:30pm PT - 10:30pm PST

:trophy: Applicant/Raider Expectations

A competitive progression based mindset that is complimented by a consistent gameplay style and a positive attitude that is open to constructive feedback and working alongside other engaged players of the game is what we require of the members of our team.

Nothing more, Nothing less.

:trophy: Contact Info

If you are interested in joining our raid team please use one of the following contact methods listed below.

Preferred Contact Method
Discord: Wowdrew#5138

Alternative Contact Method
Discord: MOARCOOKIEZ#3023

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[A][H]3/10M 218 Hpal LF mythic guild

I’ve been enjoying my time a lot in the guild; it’s especially nice because we spend time together outside of WoW occasionally. I’ve heard from multiple other members that this is the most fun they’ve had in this game, which is surprising considering it’s the end of an expansion and there’s a lot of “down time.” If you want a guild that you can truly make friends in, give us a look :slight_smile:

This Guild isn’t all talk they are actually a very accepting and fun group of people i’m very thankful to have found, since joining i really feel like I’ve become a better player because tbh my level of experience was…slim to say the least, my suggestion to anyone who reads this and really wants to be a part of something truly special just PM the Boss (Moarcookiez) and have a chat you wont regret it.

As a returning player, I feel like I really lucked out finding this guild. Since joining, I’ve never been at a loss for people to run content with, and I’ve found myself improving quickly as a player. The guild leadership is very organized, and focused on helping everyone improve and grow. There have been a lot of catch up tasks I’ve needed to do related to farming essences and gear, and everyone has been more than willing to jump in and help get me up to speed. Couldn’t think of a better place to call home while playing WoW and looking forward to many good times ahead.

This has been hands down the best guild/community I have had the pleasure of raiding with. I can’t express how happy I was to find this guild. I have only been apart of their team for a few weeks but it already feels like home. This guild has it all:
Great Leadership
Amazing people
Active Discord
A common goal of improving and learning as a group

With Shadowlands on the horizon this is a great time to join

I was a new player and Take on Me showed me how to catch up. Everyone was so overwhelming to start this game but this guild made it so much easier. You get what you put into it!


Fantastic group of people and I have loved every minute so far. Hype for Shadowlands but more hype for more people to join us. Plus there are movie nights which are dope =D


Recruitment Open


Recruitment Open


Recruitment Open


Added you on discord! Looking forward to talking with you!

Had a blast running some dungeons already with you, looking forward to raiding!

Recruitment is open! :smiley: Seeking ranged dps and healers

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Recruitment Open