213 healer (non-shaman) looking for mythic raid guild

Heroic Nathria is running out of loot for me, so I have to find a Mythic team willing to take an above-average “Fistweaver” style monk healer. I can point to Warcraftlogs to prove I’m a competent player. I parses are consistently blue and better. Check the logs. I do good work.

I was AOTC all through BFA, and keeping the streak alive, but this xpac I’m unsatisfied just running heroic. I want to run mythic. Hopefully there are guilds out there looking for competent heals and don’t care about class.

Hey there, I’m with Dogecoin on Bleeding Hollow, currently looking for another healer. We’re currently 9/10 H moving into Mythic next week. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm est. If that works for you or you’d like to discuss further, you can message me at:
Battletag - Adam#14502
Discord - Adam#7838

Tempting. I guess I am going to have to server transfer to a realm with more mythic raiding guilds.

I am one of the officers of Just Gonna Send It on Shu’halo. We are 2/10M currently and finishing up having enough bodies to push for real progression. Tu/Th/Sat raid days, but plan to only do mythic on two of those days with the heroic clear being optional. Paid transfer could be a possibility. cmichaels#1346

Gm of phury here on thrall were 1/10m and 10/10h we raid tues/weds/sun 10pm-1am est hit me up tang#1917

Evening! I was wondering if you were still looking for a guild to join! :slight_smile: We are currently in need of healers to join our mythic team. We’re currently 2/10M and we’d love to have you!

I am part of Undaunted, which is a voice-less guild with mostly deaf/hoh players, but if you’d like to know some more information, here you can read a little bit about us:

Undaunted is a semi-hardcore (12/12M Nya’lotha / 2/10M Castle Nathria) raiding guild that is primarily composed of deaf and hard of hearing players, as such we do not use voice in our raids and use text based communication. We are stationed on Area 52. We raid from 9:30-12:30 pm EST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We keep downtime and chatter to a minimum by focusing on churning out productive pulls. We send out invites at 9:15, and we never stay past 12:30 EST.

Raid Needs: High demand for healers and Exceptional Players to fill our roster for Castle Nathria!

Note: Tanks are only recruited internally, if you want to become our tank, you may do so only after proving your reliability playing a different role.

Our philosophy is that we prefer raiders possessing critical thinking skills and the ability to perform when assigned mechanics, survive in OH-CRAP moments using appropriate immunities, defensives, and warlock cookies. To describe our environment, we have a good balance between serious competition while sparing time for inside jokes. Pugs that joined our raid say nothing but great things about our environment. We have two players leading the team; our Raid Leader, Amis (played since 2006), and Sarialinde (played since 2008) our Raid XO/Guildmaster. Amis and Sarialinde work together to ensure a smoothly operated raid that values transparency.

If we piqued your interest, you may choose to contact us on Discord:

Discord: https://discord.gg/5Zb9qwdzJy
Recruiters: @Erika Mizune#3924 (Yumene), @JfisherGamerr#1792 (Gadda)

Please get in touch with me via discord or ingame. :slight_smile:

Hey there Falsedisco! We are on the lookout for one more solid Healer to help round out our healing roster. Going to link some of the usual guild spam below, which includes contact information. Hope to hear from you, if not, good luck in your adventures.

<Next Pull For Sure>
Server: Mal’Ganis

Current Needs
MDPS: Warrior, DK
Healer: Disc/Holy Off Spec, Mistweaver, RShaman
RDPS: Fire Mage, Destro/Aff Lock, Boomkin
Tanks: Full

**If you don’t see your class/spec listed here, do not let that discourage you from applying. We are always looking for great players of any class.

Raid Days/Times
Saturday and Sunday, 7-10 CST

Current Progression
Castle Nathria

Guild Information
We are a newly formed guild of experienced mythic raiders who have played together over the years through various guilds, finally coming together to raid in Shadowlands. Some of our raiders have past mythic raiding experience.

We will be focused on raiding competitively while maintaining a friendly and cooperative raid atmosphere. A majority of the guild is older, having careers and families, and we realize we can easily clear the content and treat each other with respect while doing so. Guild members are also always around hanging out on discord playing other games when there is downtime from WOW.

Contacts for more info


Click Here for Guild Application

Faction: Horde
Realm: Hyjal
Raid Times: Wed/Thur 7:30 - 10:00pm PT

Hello Falsedisco! I am the GM / Raid Lead for Take on Me, a two day mythic progression guild located on Hyjal (Horde).

If you are interested in learning more about us and want to be a part of a guild with a proven history and a future of pushing CE on a short schedule feel free to stop by our forum post and use the following contact method below so that we can schedule a time to talk over discord to see if our guild is the right fit for you.

Discord: Wowdrew#5138

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hi i’m the gm of phury we raid tues/weds/sun 10pm-1am est we are 1/10m and 10/10h we are in need of a solid healer for our mythic group we have people on most evening and into the wee hours of the am - we do lots of mythic plus and have some pvpers hit me up tang#1917

Hi Falsedisco!

I am a member of a Horde Guild located on Tichondrius. We are a casual mythic raiding guild that achieved 10/12 Mythic Nyalotha and after recently getting AOTC have begun our Mythic Nathria progression.

Outside of our mythic raid team, the guild offers a little bit for everyone, we have members pushing 2200 arena ratings, 1400io ratings, and some who log in just to pet battle xD

Here’s the link to our post for our Mythic Raid Team recruitment: [H] Tichondrius <Peel Team Six> 1/10 M LF dps

Hey False, hope you’re doing well. I am the Co-GM of Untouchable, a newly founded guild on Tichondrius (Horde).

<Untouchable> is focused on earning Cutting Edge during the Sanctum of Dominion raid tier. We are a group of friends who got tired of carrying the rest of our team, so we made our own guild. We are ex-7/12M Ny’alotha and are 1/10M currently. Our guild’s roster is about 50% complete, and we think you’ll make a great fit.

Who we want:

  • Excellent DPS and Healers who are hungry for CE progression. Off-tanks for Mythic+ are welcome as well, but are not needed for raid.
  • Players who can parse well on Heroic and execute mechanics well, AOTC is not a requirement but it’s a nice bonus.
  • Players who are knowledgeable about their class and who are willing to improve if needed.


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11pm eastern time.
  • Sundays 8-11pm eastern time (optional)


  • Co-GM (Discord): Stage#0001
  • Co-GM (Battle Net): Stage#11935

3/10M Team, looking to add a healer to finish off the tier. We started a bit late but look to drop Sun King and Inerva this week. T/TR/Sun 9PM-12AM EST, addle on bnet if it’s something you might be interested in Abe1224#1820

Hello ! -Dew It- is a newly formed guild with the goal of completing mythic content. We are currently 10/10 Heroic 2/10 Mythic -We are looking for players who have always wanted Cutting edge but never took the jump to try. We work with our members to improve every week. If you are looking for a mythic oriented guild that can have fun and still perform please feel free to reach out to us.

Raid times - Friday,Saturday 7-11 EST PM

Recruitment needs - We currently need 1 healer and a mixture of ranged/ melee DPS

Contact information - Dillon1330#1684 Shaad#1867

Hey False, VitaIity is currently looking for all specs to fill our our mythic roster for raids currently at two days a week. We raid from 11am-2pm EST, if that sounds like it might work for you give me a msg on bnet @ Nift#11242!
We are currently 1/10 Mythic and full clear on Heroic

Oh, I did not expect this. I am overwhelmed by so many responses so quickly. So many of you guilds have raid schedules I can work with.

Hey Falsedisco,

Our guild is looking to add a Healer to our raid team and I would love a chance to chat with you about it.
We raid Friday / Saturday 8-11pm EST.
We are 10/10N and 10/10Heroic about to move into mythic.
We are an older guild, formed in 2008 and we took a raiding break for all of BFA, but are back now and trying to get sh*t done lol.
Anyways, if things sound good i would love to talk more
Actavius#1307 - BNet

Hey Falsedisco,

I am not sure if you are still looking for a guild.
I am the recruitment officer for the guild Broadside on Area 52. We are actually looking for a strong healer to complete our raid team, a MW monk would be the perfect addition!

We raid Tuesday/ Thursday 11pm to 2am est with an optional raid on Sunday 11pm to 1am.

We are a 2/10mythic guild about to hit 3/10 this week.

If any of this appeals to you, feel free to hit me up on discord or btag.

Btag: feyre#11219

Discord: feyre#5760

(One Shot Is Never Enough) Bleeding Hollow Looking to Grow our Mythic Team 3/10M Tue/ Thurs 9est to 11:30est. RBG’S on the weekend.

We have 3rd raid night every other week on Mon. Returning Players and casual Players welcome. Need War, Monk & Flex DPS/5thHealer. Battle.net Fenadorm#1793

Hi there! Are you still looking for a guild/raid group? If so, I’m going to leave this here so that you can decide for yourself. I know I’m a little late to the party here. My guild has two raid groups and the T/W group that raids 8-11EST are looking for a MW monk. They are currently 2/10 M and are making good headway on Hungering! A little about my guild, we’re really cool and laid back. A few of us have KSM and there are usually people on willing to do most things and we’re in Mal’Ganis :). Anyways, let me know if you’re interested! My discord is arex#0920. If not, I hope you find the right guild/raid for you.