[H][US] 2 Returning Raiders LF Guild for SL

Hey there!

We are two players that recently returned to the game as of 8.3 after a year or two hiatus and are looking for a new home. First and foremost is that we are very much a package deal and we want to stay Horde (sorry Alliance, nothing against you just don’t want to pay for multiple faction changes).

We would prefer a two day schedule during the week and with a start time around 8pm PST (yes late night). We do PvP quite a bit but that isn’t a deal breaker nor what we are focused on. We are currently in the Stonemaul connected realm group and are willing to transfer. We are two very flexible players but do each have our forte’s. We are looking for a guild that is wanting to push mythic raiding as well as M+.

A little about ourselves! Note - we can go into more detail if need be

I would consider myself a “ranged specialist”. I can and have played every ranged class at a high level. My best classes would be Mage > Spriest = Warlock > Rogue = Hunter. I have also healed a lot of content at a high level as a Priest (both holy and disc) and Shaman/ Monk. My current main as of all BfA is a fire mage. I have been raiding off and on since BC from casual to hardcore and competing for server firsts during WotLK (sadly did not get any of the achievements during that time - my guild was just behind the 1st and second guild). I understand the focus and preparation that goes into mythic raiding and am ideally wanting to get back into it. I do care about pushing the content at a good pace but I don’t want to stress too hard on getting CE either. I am recently a new father and can’t dedicate that kind of time right now.

About my partner in crime! He has been playing since Vanilla but has only raided casually off an on over the years with our friend group. I do want to stress that just because he doesn’t have much raiding experience doesn’t mean he isn’t a good raider, he just preferred pvping and dungeon content until recently. I would consider him a “melee specialist”. He mainly played Warrior and DK as well as a Warlock for a long time. He mained a Havoc DH for BfA. He recently got into raiding in 8.3 and picked up everything quite quickly and quite well. He is easy to teach and takes criticism well.

We are setting up a push group for m+ as we enjoy doing higher level keys and my friend plans on playing either a BrM Monk or Veng DH for it while I am leaning towards Mage/ Lock/ Rogue. (We are not tied to these characters as our raid toons and want to stress that we are very flexible =P - It would be easier if we could use these same toons in retrospect)

I am interested in maining Mage, Warlock, Rogue, and Priest while my comrad is interested in Monk, DH, Warlock, Paladin, and Warrior. Again, we are pretty flexible but this is an idea of what we are wanting to do. Please reach out to us if you want more info or want to chat!

My btag is WhiteWolf#12858 or you can reach me in discord - Frozen#8142

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Faction: Horde
Realm: Hyjal
Raid Times: Wed/Thur 7:30 - 10:00pm PST

Hello Psionic and friend! I am the GM / Raid Lead for Take on Me, a two day mythic progression guild located on Hyjal (Horde).

If you are interested in learning more about us and want to be a part of a guild with a proven history and a bright future feel free to stop by our forum post and use one of the following contact methods below so that we can schedule a time to talk over discord to see if our guild is the right fit for you.

Discord: MOARCOOKIEZ#3023

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hello Psionic,

My name is Valvan, I am the GM of After Nightfall a new guild on Tichondrius. We are currently recruiting for Shadowlands and I feel would be a great fit for you and your friend. Please take a look at our info below, I have sent a friend request to you through bnet, but you can also reach out to me via discord!


After Nightfall is a new adult late-night raiding guild on the Tichondrius server. Our focus is to clear CE content while keeping to a two day raid schedule with an optional day for either farm content or that last little push for a final kill! We are an experienced group ranging from vanilla to the most current expansion.


  • Ranged DPS
  • Warrior DPS
  • DPS/Healer offspec


Tues/Wed: 9:30pm-12am PST

Sun (optional day): 9:30pm-12am PST


If interested in talking reach out to me on discord: Valvan#1292

Hey Psionic! Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join Optimal Baddies and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you’ll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs at once in no time! Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.

Jokes aside we are a semi hardcore raiding guild that is coming back from the ashes of taking a break and looking to clear heroic and mythic. We are currently looking for more members to fill out our roster (Tanks, Dps, and Healers)

OB are going ham come Shadowlands and will have groups for leveling, and mythics to gear out quick and get ahead fast and efficiently.
We plan to jump right into heroic come its release. If you are interested in a good group of players who have gotten CE in multiple expansions then this guild is for you!

we are located on Lightbringer, Alliance faction.

Raid times are as follows.

Monday - 8PM-10:00PM EST
Tuesday - 8PM-10:00PM EST

If interested please reach out to one of us! or leave a message on this post and we will contact you!

Bnet - Goldfish#1198
Discord - Goldfish#7851

Bnet - Ninjaspace#1577
Discord -ninjaXpope#0788

Updated my contact information