Why nobody likes 3-4 DPS (Jeff Replied)

so they are playing triple/quad dps wrong. what you are describing is failing this comp. if you have a coordinated team who listens to callouts and dps who peels, it will work.

you are making the assumption that the enemies are making this comp work, while your team is not. and as all other metas, the team who perfoms best wins in a mirror match.

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Also, because DPS don’t actually add as much to the team as Supports and Tanks do.

All characters can inflict damage and score kills to varying levels of success. DPS are obviously the best at it, but tanks and supports can still do it–sometimes quite well (more so on the tank side)

but… Tanks also create space. Supports offer healing. Tanks have double to triple the health of DPS. Supports give utility. DPS… just do damage.

Why do I hate 3-4 DPS? Because you’re cutting a lot of value from the team and not really returning it with the extra damage.


The problem is, when you have these 3-4 DPS teams, it’s because 3-4 people all arrogantly assume they’re the next DPS god who will assuredly win this match singlehandedly and therefore needs to pay no attention to this utter tosh you call ‘teamplay’.

Therefore situation as OP describes.

The number of 3-4 DPS teams I played in that won the match AND used some sort of teamplay I can count on one hand.


I strongly prefer Winston+3DPS, and have no problems with 5-6 DPS. It’s not like it stops me from winning, and if I really cared I’d yell at people to stop trickling and engage properly.

There’s little difference between a Rein that walks in and feeds and a DPS that does the same, except that the latter is more likely to wound a target for an easy kill. There’s also little difference between your typical DPS moira and an actual DPS. Someone filling that has no idea what they’re doing also isn’t going to make a difference beyond making staggers more likely.

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I find playing winston and triple dps vs GOATS very rewarding , especially with all the high ground mobility, also comps like this are run a lot in high masters + . Which is refreshing when every game is a variation of GOATS V GOATS

We actually tried a mode we called “411” because it limited comps to 1 tank, 1 healer and the rest DPS.

It was not fun and we didn’t enjoy it. The way the game is tuned, the importance it placed on the lone tank or lone support was too significant. Also, we’ve all evolved as players since 2016 and we’re much better these days at melting the tank or melting the healer than we used to be. Once your lone tank or healer died, it felt like you were forced to completely regroup with no chance of pulling out a win.

It was a good experiment for us to try and led to a lot of good discussion. But yeah, wasn’t fun…


So will there be no chance of enforced 2-2-2s? Or is this still on the table? A lot of people are still begging for a mode rather than LFG.


By mode do you mean a gamemode or a standardized way of playing the game?

I find GOATs to be miserable to play against in general lol



Hopefully, this will put the people who think 3/4 DPS comps are “good balance” to bed.


Eh. I still believe in triple DPS. However, I will admit I was wrong about their intention being closer to 4-1-1. I am just confused about why there were so few tanks and supports, in that case. But whatever, my b.


The Jeff has finally spoken.
(Hi YouTube)

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Were you guys expecting 2/2/2 to be the standard go to comp when the game launched?

Does the team have an opinion about what distribution among the three roles is best for the game?


So true, Jeff. It feels like you failed your entire team when you die as solo healer. There’s no way to save that point anymore it’s lost.


That’s great and all, but what is the OW team going to do about it? 4 dps or 5 dps are incredibly common in a lot of games, especially qp.


Nobody claims that 3/4 DPS builds are ideal, just that they can work. There’s a big difference between people saying 2-2-2 is required and 4-1-1 is not universally viable.

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That’s when Reinhardt becomes Mr. Rectangle man.


Wouldnt that make more sense tho given how heavily dps outnumber the other roles?

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The game director seems to counter that notion.

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Nah, I’ve seen that exact argument several times.

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