Theres a problem with Latency and connecting to wrong servers on all platforms

At this point i think this needs to be officially addressed for everyone experiencing or might experience this issue. I believe we need a official stickied/pinned thread about this issue with the procedures on how to possibly fix this.
And at this point i believe it needs to addressed and the devs need to figure out why this is happening because it is not a secluded issue caused playerside. Nor does it happen on any other games.

Heres a list of a lot of people experiencing this issue. Only officail statement on this issue


A lot of these reports that you are providing, are taking place at individual times and an individual regions. This is not indicative of an issue specific to any problem necessarily to a game server or to a network hub that could affect multiple players.

Comparing your problems to other reports may not be accurate, and It is more effective to do troubleshooting like a WinMTR test, which can tell if you have a problem specifically between you and the game server.

Not to say that they can’t be issues that do affect multiple players, in fact there was a blip yesterday that affected a few players at once that I noticed, but has long since been resolved. But honestly threads like these are not helpful.

While i do understand what you are saying. i still think this is a larger problem that is affecting a lot of players and we all are having the same issue. Getting connected to servers we shouldnt be. or getting these latency issues that we have never had before. And this has only started happening recently within the last 2 months.

And im not trying to make a helpful thread. i am only asking for help so other will know what to do if they experience this issue.

Personally for myself i had to call my ISP and have them reset my modem on their end. because nothing i did worked. And im glad i have had one of the easier solutions to this problem.


Thanks for posting this because I feel like it’s everywhere but not picking up traction.

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Hey there crimsonfox,

As wyoming mentioned, you’ve posted a large number of incidents - some of which we are tracking, some of which are individual issues. While we do have more reports than normal of this issue, this is currently driven by a few ISP issues we’ve been looking over (example - the Altice Dominicana issue you linked is an ISP which is taking the wrong route to our server.) Several of the posts you put in are individual players having problems with their LAN. (Example, the Olevericks18 - Latency Issues thread - that player’s latency starts extremely close to their house.)

It doesn’t benefit us in any way to just hand wave issues. If there was some widespread server issue, we’d have acknowledged it by now and talked some about the scope of the impact so that nobody wastes time trying to troubleshoot something that’s outside of their control.

As it stands, however, I don’t have a lot of information to help you discover what is going on with your specific connection. Can you tell me a little about what you’re experiencing, what platform you’re on (PC, PS4, XBox), and what you’ve tried to troubleshoot the problem on your own?


Thank you for the reply. This was more informative on this whole situataion then i have seen yet. And has answered a lot of my questions.

As for my situation, it has been resolved. I was on PS4 and ever few games, during the match, my latency went from 60-70(normal) to 225-380 and spike all around that. I tried restarting my modem, checking all the cables and stuff. Nothing was wrong and nothing worked so i called my ISP and they reset my modem from their end. After that everything has been fine.

Excellent! I appreciate the follow up on your fix - that always helps when other players search for similar issues. If it comes back, feel free to let us know and we can do more diagnostics with you.

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wait so I should call my isp? cause resetting my modem doesnt work