SYNAPSE - Hit Detection Issues

running 1Gbps Fiber Optic internet, game is pinging 40ms RTT but shots are not registering. HP on client side enemy will be 1 bar left, after being killed by enemy, enemy health is back to 50% no registry on server side or server is dropping packets. Only started happening past month. Game is slow motion with no shots registering. Confirmed with 20 different machines ( LAN CENTER operator) and different internet at a different location with 4 different overwatch accounts.
-Location in Arizona, tested with two different ISP providers, Century Link Fiber Optic Internet and COX Cable internet

Hey Synapse,

I moved you to your own thread since your trouble was completely unrelated to the other thread you posted in, and that player appears to have solved their issue already.

Can you get me a winMTR during a game in which this happens, as well as a screenshot of the netgraph (ctrl+shift+N) when it occurs? May help us narrow things down as to what’s happening. Upload the screenshot to something like imgur and post a link to it here.

If you have problems with posting these due to a link error, go ahead and copy paste this into your next post, and replace the lines below with your test info

imgur link goes here
WinMTR goes here