High ping in South America servers

I usually get 35ms to SAE1 and lately I’ve been getting >150ms every other match.

I’ve talked to other players and they report the same.

Additionally, there is some discussion going on about SAA1 and SAC1 (Argentina/Chile) servers being decommissioned, is that true?

Latency / Server
143ms -
151ms -
33ms -
32ms -

For Blizzard to investigate the ping issue you’re experiencing they would need you to post a WinMTR. Otherwise they can see your latency, but not where the increase in latency appears along the route. That’s not enough information for them to fix anything.


Thanks, I’ve opened a support request and added the WinMTR data.

If you speak Spanish or Portuguese, also be sure to check any updates in the Latin American forums as support agents may have updates there:

Latin America - Spanish forums

Latin America - Portuguese forums

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