Interpolation Delay issues

Hello Blizzard, every so often when I’m playing overwatch players freeze and then teleport. I keep trying to find out what my issue is and I finally realized it was my Interpolation delay. Whenever my game freezes my IND goes up to around 127. Please tell me how to fix this, because In some cases this happens often and ruins my gameplay. Blizzard please help!!!


IND spikes happen for a number of reasons. That particular stat is most useful in context of the rest of the data in your network graph (Ctrl+Shift+N while playing). If this happens often enough, can you reproduce it in, say, the training range? Maybe in 6v6 custom games with all bots? If so, get a screenshot of your netgraph right after a spike happens and the freezeup occurs. If you can upload that on a site like imgur/tinypic and link us to the picture, we’ll be happy to check it all out.

You won’t be able to post the full link with dots because you’re new to these forums, so just replace dots/slashes with {dot} or {slash} for now.

How do I take a screen shot in Overwatch???

Press the prtscn / print screen key - for most computers this is above the insert/home/pageup key block. If you’re in fullscreen mode, the screenshot should appear in this folder:


Ok I have the screenshots (Both are in the training arena) The IND lag is worse in a quick play game though.

Here are the screenshots:

https:{slah}{slash}imgur{dot}com{slah}8DcD7T5 (This photo has a long orange error)

https:{slah}{slash}imgur{dot}com{slah}YuUKmfX [This photo has 3 things going on (2 white lines and a orange line)]

Perfect, thanks for those,

You’re getting truly massive latency spikes, and that’s when your CMDQ and IND went nuts. I suspect some kind of packet loss from the icon on the side as well. For spikes this high, usually the problem is unstable wifi or a dying/flooded router/modem, although there are occasionally ISP issues that cause it as well. Are you on wifi? Can you try power cycling your modem/router to clear their caches and swapping to an ethernet cable (if applicable)

If that doesn’t work, let’s snag a winMTR test while you’re getting these problems. That should help us find the cause.

I have already tired all the WiFi/router stuff, and I kinda don’t want to download a random program on my dads computer. Is there anything else I can do?

Because it’s so spiky we probably need to use the WinMTR test to find it, but if you’d prefer you can try doing traceroute and pathping tests instead. Unfortunately these only capture a snapshot so it’s hard to see issues like yours sometimes. Worth a shot though!

Ok before we try that I just wanna say that when I play fortnite on my computer I get something called a connection error. This makes the game freeze up for as long as the connection error last. (Typically about a second)

That makes sense, I do think there’s some kind of local connection problem, but it’s more info to work with. There’s not much else we can try troubleshooting-wise until we get more information for you, though. Just send those tests in and I’ll see if I can pinpoint the problem for you! :smiley:

Ok so are the tracerroute and the pathping programs?
(That I need to download)

So I was playing in the practice range while u were responding and I got this MASSIVE LAG SPIKE!!!


Hey again!

They aren’t programs, just follow the steps in the links I provided in this post. The programs come stock with all Windows installations.

I noticed you couldn’t post your winMTR either due to links. That’s a bit of a conundrum! Let’s try this. Can you email it to me? Use the title ATTN: Drakuloth - mrbasketball IND issue. Email it to I’ll check it out and we’ll see what we can find.

Ok I gtg to bed now can I do it tmrw?