Australia/New Zealand - High Latency or Connecting to Wrong Servers since 2/Jul/2019

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We are currently investigating two specific situations being experienced by our players in Australia and New Zealand which appear to have the same cause. One problem is players being sent to the wrong server while playing normal game modes. The other is high latency while connected to the Sydney servers.

To check if you’re having one of these issues, you can verify your game lobby by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N to open the Network Graph while in-game. The game lobby IP address will be in the top left, with a bracketed prefix indicating the server location.

To help us investigate this problem, please provide the information requested below:


I’m unsure if this is associated - I was getting high latencey last night (friday here), This morning I queue for a comp match but sit in skirmish alone forever with no game searching? Been like this for over 90 mins now.

When did first experience the issue?: Tuesday 02/07/2019
When did you most recently experience the issue?: Yesterday , 05/07/2019


I’ve been on the South American servers for three days now! How can I get back to the States?! I live in New England

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It’ll started happening for me Tues 2/7/19 I will either join to pse or lax. Originally it wouldn’t put me on any Syd server. On weds I would then sometimes go onto Syd servers last happend all last night and early morning today 6/7.

Aussie player here. I’ve been on pse server since Wednesday, the 19th of June (I have never been placed on Syd server since then). Before then I get less than 20 ping. Now it varies between 100-240 ping.

When did first experience the issue?

July 2

When did you most recently experience the issue?

July 5

I’d say 1/4 times I get put into LA or Singapore servers.

edit: I played a few games of quick play and arcade and got put into Sydney servers every time, so it seems to be fixed for me at least. Thanks Blizzard :slight_smile:

Tuesday 2/7

Friday 5/7
It put me into LAX1 US server most of the time, sometimes Asian server.
I live in NZ

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First experienced Friday 5/7 (didn’t play during the rest of the week), last experienced just now.

Testing in Practice Range has just put me on ORD1.


I first experienced this, Tuesday 2nd of July around 7pm NZST.
The most recent was last night Friday 5th June at around 11:00pm
I got PSE1 server, two times in a row.

3rd or the 4th for me. It doesn’t seem to happen on QP only comp for me. Getting shunted onto LAX1 and PSE1. It’s not constant, just every once in a while but obviously frustrating when it happens.

Last happened to me 2 games ago.

Started for me on the 2.7.19, round the same time for my friends too. Last happened 5 minutes ago in my last comp game. It’s not every game that it happens though.

Still happening, getting put into 200ms non OCE servers

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Started for me on the 2.7.19. Noticed i was being put in the pse1 server. Was playing some friendly private matches on 5.7.19 and a bunch of us were around 160 - 300ms. Strangely enough, some were sitting at the usual 20 - 40ms. Played a few comp games today (6.7.19), and had three with good connection and assumed it was fixed. Next game, bam, we’re all in the lax1 server.

First time I experienced it was 4 days ago when it all turned to crap originally, was fixed for 2 days and now it’s back to being crap. Been playing in sydney servers all day and now I’m getting PSE servers.

Edit: Four out of 6 games I’ve played this evening have been on PSE servers.

Edit2: Fix this sh*t quickly please. I’m sick of playing with 130ms and trying to shotcall for people who don’t speak english or even understand it? I suggest staying out of comp until this garbage is fixed (once again)

When did first experience the issue?: 06/07/2019
When did you most recently experience the issue?: Just now, had to leave a game with 300ms ping and was penalized. What a joke. Three games in a row PSE1 server.

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When did first experience the issue?: 05/07/2019
When did you most recently experience the issue?: stopped playing since yesterday

Was on pse1 server for most of the time during my comp games. Tested in other game modes ala QP & Arcade and it is usually pse server and rarely syd server

First experienced issue on Tue 2nd.
Last noticed about an hour ago when I most recently gave up.
Playing on PC

I’ll get sydx roughly one in five games

First happened on Wednesday 3rd July. Last happened 5 mins ago (6th July).