Connected to servers outside my region

Since the last update I’ve being connected to servers outside my region. I always got connected to the SAA and SAC servers before the last update. Now I get connected to LAX, ORD, and SYD servers really often. I’m not the only one, in chat a lot of people have the same issue.


We had 11 west coast players connected to an east coast server in competitive!


I honestly beileve this is what is happening on console. playing my normal games then all of a sudden i go from 60ms-80ms to 200ms -400ms making the game almost unplayable.

this is happening to me. i usually connect to ORD server from mississippi and now im almost always on LAX which raises my png from about 50 to 90-120. pls help

Please create a thread in the #Technical-Support subforum.

With most threads in the Technical Support, you need to provide a winMTR test.

winMTR steps
  1. Download WinMTR
  2. Extract the contents of the .zip file to your desktop.
  3. Open the WinMTR folder, then open the folder that matches your version of Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) and run WinMTR.exe.
  4. Enter the IP address you want to test in the Host field. Select a game from the dropdown below for a list of IP addresses.
    Note : If multiple IPs are listed, run a WinMTR test for each IP address.
  5. Click Start , then launch the game you’re testing. If no connection issue is found in the first 5 minutes, restart the test.
  6. When a connection error occurs, play for at least 5 more minutes, then click Stop in WinMTR.
  7. Click " Export Text " and save the .txt file to your desktop. Name this file WinMTR.