Overwatch 2 Known Issues - September 8, 2023

To the heroes of Overwatch,

We want to keep you up to date on some of the bugs and issues we’re aware of that are affecting the game. This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting Overwatch 2, rather, this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience, and we appreciate y’all’s understanding. Our team is working to resolve these issues, and we will provide more information as soon as we have updates!

Current Issues - All Platforms

  • We are investigating an issue where imported replays cannot be unpinned.
  • Player Progression progress is not earned when a Hero Mastery session is force closed after 120 minutes of continuous play.
  • Player Progression Level Icons currently do not change as you level up. Icons will be updated and retroactively granted in a future update.
  • We are investigating an issue where a completed match will be marked as “Abandoned” in the Match History of the Career Profile
  • Career Profile may not be updating correctly for console players, please click here to learn more.
  • Some players are experiencing an LC-208 error, and the team is currently investigating a fix for this issue.

Current Issues - Steam

Resolved Issues

  • We resolved a bug on Oasis and Antarctica Peninsula where the jump pads were not working in specific rounds of play.

For a full list of resolved issues, check out the September 7 Patch Notes.

Last updated September 8, 2023