🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)


Edit: 3/20/19 (added a new vid at bottom)

Edit: 3/18/19 the 3/8 change was suggested due to how Geoff complained.

(From Kinks: I miss Symmetra 2.0!)

edit: 3/8/19 Limit Teleporter to 3 teleports then Geoff, not go faster

(See here: 💔 Likely going the wrong direction again with Sym and Reaper )

Edit: 3/5/19… Jeez time passes but I still think they went the wrong way with Sym. I gave up playing her over a month ago. I suggested what I think is the perfect thing to do… I don’t know if they debated it yet… Even though I have repeated and explained how it works over a hundred times.

But in the past 3 months we keep just going in the wrong direction, not actually fixing anything and the most community knows it.

I just now, want to hear why to all this.

edit: 11/20/18 :Main Problem with Sym currently is her Teleporter

As it’s the same with Reaper when you get to higher levels of play.

I suggested a similar solution before and I will say again.

Instead of having the placement of the Teleporter happens within line of sight.

Have it happen with a 3rd person perspective.

(Aka think of the placement working similar to DF’s Ult But Like Junkrat you are vulnerable during it.)

(It’s also has limits of course, like it’s on a short time limit and a cooldown to use it.)

But the pay off for Reaper and Sym would be greatly beneficial.

And if you think this would be too OP of a change.

Remind you out of all heroes, Reaper and Sym are very limited down to what they can do, more then every other hero. (Even Mercy.)


What about the other problem of her low survivability.

Well I thought of an easy fix to that too in the past.

I will say it again.

Instead of her summoning Flying Turrets.

Have her Summon Flying Barriers again

and when the Barriers hit a wall or a surface have then turn into Turrets.

Basically the return of Proton Barrier (or a lesser version of it, Or greater depending on the situation) but doesn’t let her lose anything else.

Plus really expands on what she can do.


Now this would be how I would rework Sym (and little of Reaper) currently… but in the end it’s up to the devs. What they want to do. :thinking:

Edit 1/23/2019 : All Other Syms Mains right now:

Past Sym role stuff: Part 1: What do you think Sym role is? 🤨
Part 2: 🤨 Part 2: What do Devs think Sym role is? (asking the community)

It’s clear, that both the community and devs are mixed on Sym and what her role is in the game.

What seems to be a mixed up in with her recent reworks.

That’s cause she does not fulfill any role to the needed grade of other heroes. (aka does not do enough Dps, utility etc; she has too much feast and famine going on to be useful to your team or you.)

Aka she is an uncompleted hero.

Devs seemed to be too busy right now behind the scenes to work on her and it could be months from now till we see a hint of something.

Now you “must disagree” because half the community is Stressing way too over board on this.

Well, thats actually pretty bad for you, too much stress can kill you.

Seriously you have better things to deal with then Sym:

I know, you all want Sym to work, I have been pushing right along with you all. (Seriously, I think I have posted the most Sym Rework Articles.)

But this has gone on far too long and fallen way too hard on it’s face.

It’s better to chill, try something new and Just Move ON.

Just try to relax, it’s good for you and needed.

Just adding this in about a month later:

Reposting and highlighting:


The Overwatch Development Team is taking time to test different variations:


Talking about anything newer? Like is she staying a Support? Are moving the Teleporter to an ability? Anything New?

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We’re making good progress now. I can’t share details yet, unfortunately.

But like I said, we’re trying some pretty dramatic changes:

Her rework is going to be significant and most likely will be ready sometime during the summer.


What on crazy earth is that card? 31 teleported, 6% uptime?


ho damn that portrait is sick



20 chars


if you make her ultimate teleport an ability like you did with mercy res… i’ll scream lmao


Let that be proof that Geoff Goodman actually plays the game. (That is a max level portrait border. Lv. 2500+)


OMG That portrait though…


Well considering that they’re toying around with experimental changes, I doubt that’s his live account :stuck_out_tongue:


True that. True that.


That card reminds me of the initial Mercy rework when I had 30 rezzes in one game - be careful!


Please, for the love of all that is holy, do NOT make her another dps / defense hero. MAKE HER A HEALER. Please.

I think her turrets being retuned from Dps to healing ones would be so cool. I love the concept of a builder hero - don’t ruin her.


Thank you big daddy jeff


Oh My Goodness!!! <3333


I’m trying to upvote but IT WON’T LET ME!!!


My thoughts exactly when I saw that. These guys play their game just as much (if not more than) us. They see what we see.


My guess is that they’re going to make it significantly FASTER to put up a teleporter, like so many of Tracer’s pulse bombs that you always get stuck with each match.


Stop asking every support hero into a healer I mean from all the people who main sym they don’t want to be dps heavy but neither do they want to be one of the healers.

Seriously why would anyone pick sym if she is just another dum graded version of every healer that already exists. Her core is not to heal its utility.